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  1. S

    Ich / White Spot?

    Hi all, Help required please. I just noticed that one of my black mollies has some white bumps on it's top lip area. Is this white spot? Photo's attached and youtube video link here Kind regards, Mark.
  2. L

    White spot on black neon tetra

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new at fish keeping I set up my tank last October and then hadn't put anything new in for a good long time until about 10 days ago when I added a Betta, 2 new plants and a piece of drift wood. I just noticed that my black neon tetra has a white spot on his head and...
  3. R

    My pregnant red tailwag has white spots on her

    I cleaned their tank yesterday and all seemed fine. But I wake up this morning and the newest fish to the family has white spots on her. It’s on her belly and some near her face. Though her colors are little different from the others I’ve never noticed the white on her before. I’m new to owning...
  4. E

    White spot on platy?

    Hi! I have noticed that one of my platies has a white spot on her nose, she didn't have it before. Should I be worried? A real beginner! Thank you
  5. K

    Trying to Figure Out if This is Ich or Not?

    Okay, so I’ve had a small 5 gal with glofish for years, and I upgraded to a 15 not too long ago. Maybe a month ish? I let it sit with plants and filter for a while before acclimating the 4 glo tetras I had into it (plus some snails), and about a week ago I got another tetra and 5 cory cats. I...
  6. C

    White Spot on Green Terror! URGENT!

    green terror(VIDEO HERE). I need help saving my green terror. He hasn't been eating for the last 2 days and is always hiding. There are these white spots on his head and I've tried using the blue drops but it doesn't seems to be working. Please help me get rid of this and save my green terror...
  7. Dephea

    Uncurable ich / ick / white spot

    I am getting very annoyed and rather disheartened now. 150L ammonia 0ppm nitr 0ppm pH 7.5 ish temp 30 degrees Celsius live plants, bogwood and resin rocks, all in gravel (changing into sand next week). Part of the plants and decor removed to make vacuuming easier without having to disturb...
  8. Dephea

    White dots on glass

    Hi (disclaimer: English is not my first language and I am new to the fish hobby so please go easy on me) I currently own a 150L tank with tropical fish. It is still a work in progress thing but I am taking it slowly as until about 3 months ago I truly believed I can't keep fish alive. Inside...
  9. Cassiee303

    Sick Betta?

    Hello! I posted a couple months ago about a white spot growing on my betta. It seems to have gotten bigger and now it looks like there’s a brownish red bump in the middle of the white. It looks like it must be hurting him :( He’s in a 3.5 gal heated and filtered tank, water temp is usually 82...
  10. back2thelotus

    Does my platy have ich? Please help!

    Hi, As mentioned in the title of this thread, I’m wondering if my platy has ich. About a week ago I noticed that the fish didn’t seem to be pooping, and seemed very lethargic. I fasted the tank for a day and fed peas afterwards. Then she seemed to perk up. Then, unfortunately she started to...
  11. Juliak

    Ich Medication safe for peacock eel and kuhli loaches

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon planted aquarium that has been set up for about two years now, I recently bought new kuhli loaches for my LFS and unfortunately didn't quarantine them.??‍♀️ I now have ich and it is starting to spread among my other fish... here is my stocking: 55 gallon planted: 3...
  12. D

    Using white spot treatment with filter

    Hi there, I have a 3 week old 180L tank with 18 small fish. I have noticed my 5 black neon tetras have got white spot. I bought some Interpet Anti white spot treatment and on the bottle it says “Remove all carbon and Zeolite filter media, rocks and decor from the aquarium.” Does this really...
  13. L

    White Spot (only one)

    I’ve had guppies on and off. I recently purchased this one and she was fine in when I got her. Few days later she developed this big white spot on her tail, both side. She moves around fine and all the other fish are clear. I wonder if it’s just something that happens or if I need to do...
  14. Tttay89

    Is this 100% white spot? Or a pattern

    I bought an upside down cat yesterday. I could have sworn I didn't see this pattern on it and when introducing to the tank. But was pretty fast moving. Woke up this morning and noticed this. Does it look like white spot? If so what steps shall I take? Many thanks
  15. A

    White spot and fin rot!

    Please be kind, New to keeping fish.. I have a 54litre tank with two goldfish they both had white spot and one had fin rot, I treated the white spot first with medication as both fish had this and the spots have fallen off them both (during this treatment the fin rot got worse on the second...
  16. M

    White Spot or Sporozoran?

    I need a few opinions and some advice! I have two loaches (Nimrod who, despite his name, is very loved and probably my favorite, and Priz). I had them for about three weeks in my planted tank when I noticed white spots form on their fins and sides. Originally I thought it was Ich (even as a...
  17. C

    Platy with Whitish Spot on Chin

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: don’t know ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: <5 ppm kH: don’t know gH: don’t know tank temp: 75 F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Ok here’s the story folks. I’ve been planning to add another platy to my...
  18. W

    Pin holes and white spot on black moor

    I purchased a black moor 6 days ago from my local PetSmart to add to my oranda tank, but as I got home from the store I noticed many holes in her fins. I decided to quarantine her and treat with pimafix and melafix. After 6 days I have noticed no changes in the holes on her fins, and the other...
  19. H

    Tetra white snout

    Any advice would be appreciated. I have 1 neon tetra with a white, lumpy looking snout(pic attached), one with whitish lips. All 3 of my original tetra have some signs of fin rot but the 3 newest tetra, 3 guppies, 11 cherry shrimp, plants look good. History: Planted 20 gallon tank Original...
  20. C

    White spots on side of Synodontis?

    Hey guys! This is my Synodontis Whiskey and I was just wondering if anyone knows what there's white spots on his side eye? They do not look like ick to me which I have delt with alot in the past. He's still eating fine and active just never seen these on him before also they'e more noticeable...