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Oct 4, 2020
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United States
Hello! I posted a couple months ago about a white spot growing on my betta. It seems to have gotten bigger and now it looks like there’s a brownish red bump in the middle of the white. It looks like it must be hurting him :(

He’s in a 3.5 gal heated and filtered tank, water temp is usually 82 degrees. All parameters are normal and checked weekly. I’ve tried using saltwater, salt dips, and many different types of medication in the past to cure this spot, but none have been helpful and it’s only grown bigger over time. He’s had the spot since I got him about a year ago. The bump only appeared this week. His behavior is normal, he eats, bubble nests, and is quite interactive when people are around his tank.

any thoughts on what this could be or how I can help him? I feel helpless because the spot has not responded to any type of treatment and I don’t want to lose the little guy.


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Whatever you do, please do not get API Bettafix as it contains Melaleuca which can prevent you betta from breathing. I have no idea what medications you can use to treat it. Sorry...
If you are in the U.S., API Furan-2 treats bacterial infections quite well. I usually use it and Seachem Kanaplex together according to directions. :)

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