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  • I have a 5-gallon freshwater tank and there are these white stick-like things on the side of the tank there moving around and wiggling in my tank I have two neon tetra one rummy nose tetra and two dwarf frogs I also have a living plant in my tank I have a filter and a heater you can't really see in a pic so there's no point.
    Hi Colin, I was referred here on my post from another member and I'm hoping you can help me out with my betta.
    Dear Colin,

    Greeting from Greece. I was wondering if i could ask you some questions referring to Blue Guramis breading.

    How can i know when a female blue Gurami is having eggs?
    How often do they produce eggs?
    Is there any method to make them produce eggs and be ready for meeting a male?

    Thank you very much
    Dear Colin

    I got a recommendation from a forum member about a big problem I have in my cory fish room. Please see link to the post below. Would really appreciate some advice. Thank you!

    Hi may I ask you questions bout my crayfish. Water parameters and weekly water changes are done. But my crayfish haven’t been eating, or occasionally will eat peas but not pellet food. There’s white tiny worms that look like threads in the water and he’s been having Long stringy poop, may I know what’s the cause? Or is anything wrong?
    I just now put black paper on the back and 1 side of my Killie tank. Instant positive change ! You always say to do that. Keep saying it.
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