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Oct 20, 2019 at 3:18 PM
Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA

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Member, Male, from Perth, WA

Colin_T was last seen:
Oct 20, 2019
    1. Back in the fold
      Back in the fold
      I just now put black paper on the back and 1 side of my Killie tank. Instant positive change ! You always say to do that. Keep saying it.
    2. Ingrid
      Colin is very helpful and imformative thanks colin
    3. Back in the fold
      Back in the fold
      Colin, you are dead on correct about the Python water changer. I refuse to own one. It's like something out of the Inquisition.
    4. Russjw
      Colins been a huge help to me since ive started fishkeeping. Very knowledgable and extremely helpful.
      His a credit to the fish world.
      1. Ingrid likes this.
    5. JMuth
      Colin is an absolute beast when it come to fish! He knows so much, and willingly shares it! He also manages to give his advise in a very friendly way, which can be tricky over just text were it’s really easy to come off as condescending or rude.
    6. Fishguy13
      Yes very helpful
      1. JMuth likes this.
    7. PheonixKingZ
      Excellent information, and very friendly. :)
      1. JMuth likes this.
    8. Brinn2397
      How do you know so much about fish? Do you work with them for a living??
    9. Jana
      Hi do you have any advice for operation on tumors? You've recently responded to my threat (thank you again) but I've seen videos of people preforming surgeries and removing the tumor. If so what products do I need to make the procedure safer?
      1. Gail Marot likes this.
      2. Colin_T
        There is no safe way to operate on a small fish. You need an anesthetic like MS222 (from a vet) and a clean area to work. If you give the fish too much anesthetic you kill it. It would be very risky because the tumour is located near the brain and the labyrinth organ. Even if you remove the tumour from the outside of the fish, there could still be some left behind in the bone and it will simply grow back.
        Jan 16, 2019
        Fishguy13 likes this.
    10. Ben coombes
      Ben coombes
      Great information advisor
      1. Gail Marot likes this.
    11. Guppylover3x
      Excellent advisor very knowledgable. Thank you for your help.
    12. Alli
      When you get the chance I really need help with my Betta, Morty
    13. Maggies Momma
      Maggies Momma
      Thanks Colin...another question. I now have a bunch of free swimmers in my 50 gal. When to remove momma and daddy??
    14. finfayce
      hi again Colin
      platy still huge. she is an active eater and other than the huge size acts normally
    15. Ryan_F
      Absolute legend. Very helpful and extremely friendly.
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  • About

    Perth, WA
    My Aquariums & Fish:
    Been keeping freshwater fishes since the 70s & saltwater since the mid 80s.
    Been working in the pet/aquarium industry since 1988.
    Had a fishroom with 40 tanks in before moving house.
    Currently have 6 x coral tanks with clownfish in.
    Studied aquaculture and have an interest in ichthyology.
    Managed several aquaculture facilities for breeding aquarium fishes. Also worked at an aquatic plant farm.
    Have been a member of ANGFA and ANGFA WA for 15yrs. Also been a member of the WA Aquarium & Cichlid societies.
    Specialised in Australian native fishes since 1988.
    Have written and published several articles on native fish.
    Used to collect fish and inverts for the aquarium trade.
    Kept most fish available to the hobby.
    fish, birds, dogs, native animals, plants, photography, cycling, bush walking, hunting humans o_O (jaws theme), politics - changing laws, the list goes on.


    I'm so messed up, when I go to the psychiatrist he asks me if I hear voices in my head. I tell him to hang on a moment while I ask them... The solution to pollution is dilution (I like this so much I stole it from AbbeysDad) :) ... If in doubt, water change it out.