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  1. PygmyMitch

    Female Betta with Tank mates

    I think we all know that usually male bettas are more territorial than female bettas and that it’s not a good idea to keep a male betta with other community fish. That being said some people have kept a male betta successfully in community tanks. However can a single female be kept with other...
  2. Slammin’ Aquascaping


    Hey fishkeepers! My name is Sammy and I am from thr GTA. I breed fish for fun, specifically livebearers (especially from the genus poecilia) and bettas. My goal on this platform is to help fishkeepers worldwide! (I may seek help as well) Fishkeeping is my favourite hobby and I have been doing it...
  3. Hmarie37

    10 Gallon tank suggestions

    Hey all! I will be setting up my second official aquarium here soon to go ahead and begin the cycling process. I believe I want a Betta in this tank, as well as providing some tank mates for ‘em. I’d love to hear suggestions on tank mates for a betta, acceptable in a 10 gallon tank. I plan on...
  4. S

    Video Onix (Pokémon) in Betta Aquarium

    Hello, I'm Sanma in Korea. I am new to this forum. I present below my nano planted tank. I'd like to show you through my channel that you can make a beautiful aquarium with just with a small fish tank without any complicated materials. Thank you so much.
  5. Kribz

    Betta with Saddleback

    This is an “emergency” that’s been brewing for a couple of weeks. This is Swimmy. Swimmy is my mom’s office betta. She mentioned that she was treating him for swim rot and that quickly turned into, “can Swimmy live in your hospital tank?” Swimmy has saddleback. And it’s pretty far progressed...
  6. The Big Figfetti

    The Big Figfetti

    Hi! I’m Candy, the impulse buyer. I’ve been watching a UK hobbyist on YouTube for a few months and really wanted to try my hand at a low tech ecosystem or wasteland style tank. I’ve never kept freshwater before. I used to keep saltwater tanks in my teens and 20’s. I got out of the hobby when I...
  7. 2tank

    Betta fish sick with a distended stomach

    hi everyone, I have got a sick fish one of my breeding Betta have become sick with a very distended stomach, and I have no idea what illness it is. he is also eating very little and his colour has faded, he used to eat 4 pellets a day hikari vibra bites. now only a bit of blood worm. PH:6.5...
  8. ellamay

    Will Popeye medication kill shrimp?

    I need to treat my betta for Popeye, I’m doing water changes every few days and need to treat him but I don’t have a hospital tank and online it says not to use the medication in a tank with shrimp. If I take him out and use the treatment in a separate container will it still work? This is what...
  9. M

    Moving with African Dwarf frogs

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I have to unexpectedly move (3 hours away). I currently am the owner of two African dwarf frogs and 1 betta. I know that this move will be stressful for them and I want to do anything I can to make it more comfortable so I have a few questions. What can I do...
  10. bettafishlover86

    R.I.P Heatwave the Betta

    I was cleaning up around my fishtank a few minutes ago and I saw this black thing on the floor. I picked it up and realized it was a betta fish. I was confused, thinking my betta was still in his 29 gallon tank. I looked at the tank and noticed he was missing, and then I had the heartbreaking...
  11. M

    Betta has been dying for months, I’ve tried everything.

    My betta was sick when I bought him about three months ago but I got him into a heated, filtered tank and his condition improved drastically. He was doing just fine for about two weeks and then it all went to hell. Out of no where his color began to fade again, he began clamping his dorsal fin...
  12. M

    Fish Sick. Possibly graphite??

    Early this morning I noticed that my betta fish had a grey streak going across the side of his body that was not there before. My fish was also laying on the bottom of the tank at one point breathing very heavily. From research I have done it looks like it could possibly be graphite but I am not...
  13. O

    my betta is lethargic i think

    he just sits in one of these positions since i did a water change 2 days ago. and i also think he has swim bladder but he won’t eat the daphnia i give him. I’ve been feeding him 4 pellets once every 4 days but no improvement.
  14. O

    Can I have any mates for my betta in a 25l tank?

    yes no maybe so? probably not im assuming and NO snails and i will obviously wait until the tank is cycled
  15. O

    what is this in my tank is it snail eggs

    i did a 80% water change yesterday and cleaned the gravel so i don’t understand. is it snail eggs? I’m going out to buy crustaceans pesticide today because im sick of this
  16. O


    why is there snails in my tank and i never bought any snails make sense. HELP ME PLEASE WHAT THE HECK. AND WORMS
  17. A

    Fish Help!

    Hey guys, first time on a forum and looking for some help and or info, i currently have a red Betta named gimbal and ive had him for roughly 6 months and had absolutely no problems, hes extremely active eats often and seems extremely happy, however that all changed recently, we had him in a 3...
  18. O

    Betta fish fins torn to shreds

    I’ve removed all the plants as soon as I noticed. He’ll have to go without for a few hours but i’m going to the pet shop in the morning to get all real plants and return the fake ones. Anything I can do to help him?
  19. O

    white stringy in aquarium

    not sure if you can see very well but there is white string like substance in the tank what is it and is it safe?
  20. R

    New Fish and Shrimp and Fuzzies

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look here at my situation and giving me opinions. A few days back I got some new fish and set up multiple tanks anew in addition to adding to one of my current tanks. The only problem is with my betta and by extension my new shrimp. Originally the betta...