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  1. C

    Deworming ill fish - health declining

    Hello! I am posting an update concerning my betta, Cornelius, who has been developing a bulge on his side and whose fins have been deteriorating. First pic is when I got him, second and third are from about a month ago, when I made in my last post. @Colin_T advised deworming, which is what I...
  2. C

    Help me stock my tank!

    Hey! I’ve got a heavily planted 15 gallon tank which currently has 4 guppies, 3 amano shrimp and two snails. What else should I put in there? I’ve been looking at small schooling fish like chilli rasboras and maybe a female Betta? Any ideas?
  3. L

    Betta red gills

    Hi all I've woken up this morning to find my betta Zazu with red inflamed gills and am looking for some advice as to potential causes. I tested the water and found elevated nitrite (see pics) so I'm not sure if there's been an ammonia spike for some reason? Tank and filter have been...
  4. L

    What's this on ny betta

    I don't think this is an emergency but I noticed this on my betta this morning. It almost resembles a flap of skin (which I know it wouldn't be but that's the only way I can describe it). Sorry the pictures aren't great as he doesn't keep very still! Ph - 7.5, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all...
  5. C

    Seeding new sponge filter without running HOB at the same time?

    Hello! I got a new sponge filter for my betta in his 10 gal as he didn’t like the flow of my HOB. I was wondering if there was any way to reliably transfer beneficial bacteria without having to run them both for a month together? I have been doing that, but my little man really doesn’t like the...
  6. L

    Is my betta underweight

    I've had this guy a week, he gets 4 or 5 hikari betta bio gold pellets most days (he came with this food so I haven't changed it), he's also had a few bloodworms once, plus a fast day each week. I'm not sure if he's a little skinny? I don't want to overfeed and I know how good bettas are at...
  7. OMG_FL

    What exactly is this breed of betta?

    I brought a betta from my local fish store two days ago I forgot to ask what was it's breed called Even though I know a few betta types this poor guy's fins are bit damaged so and I can't identify it correctly I asked someone I know and he said it was a mustard gas betta but he wasn't so sure...
  8. L

    Betta White Patches on Fins and Fin Loss

    Hello all, This is my first post, and I am desperate for help with my 2 year old betta with the white patches on his fins and finn loss. Please see the attached photos from a year ago and now. It all started about a year ago with fin rot. We used Maracyn and it seemed to stop the fin rot for a...
  9. kahlen.m

    Male or female plakat betta

    Do we know if lil dude is male or female I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me
  10. Nells250

    Greetings and salutations!

    (I thought that would sound a little different than just "HI!") Unless you count the goldfish we had when I was a kid, I bought my first fish in August 2023, a white female Betta. In November, I bought what I thought was a baby MALE betta, but is now starting to look like a female! I don't...
  11. L

    My new 5 gallon

    So I think MTS has officially struck! Picked up a 23 litre/5 gallon tank (edit- 6 US gallons) which comes with integrated filter and light. Am thinking of making it a betta tank, I know it's a bit tall but I've never filled my tanks all the way to the top. There's a lid but I hadn't realised...
  12. Hmarie37

    Showing off my tanks!

    I just am loving my fish babies so much lately and can’t take enough pictures of them and wanted to share them somewhere! Please don’t judge my browning plants, I’m still learning 😂 I hope you all enjoy my babies as much as I do🥰
  13. J

    White Growth Erupted

    Hello, a while ago I noticed a small white growth on my betta. I treated it with a few things including salt and other things and it didn’t seem to go away and only got bigger over time. I came home the other day and noticed it looked like it was shedding. Today it seems to have burst and is red...
  14. B

    HELP! Betta fish staying at bottom of the tank

    Hi all, I’ve noticed my betta fish is staying at the bottom of my fish tank a lot and only coming up for air, she sometimes comes up once daily for food but that’s it. I have also noticed her top fin is rather droopy and some red has appeared on her head which I have attempted to treat with...
  15. atarah

    Mustard gas male betta

    Hi! Say hello to my new male mustard gas. I called him Napalm. He arrived today. Living in a mature aquarium with shrimps (ignoring them for the time being). He is really cute! :) Ignore the floating dead duckweed. I'm trying to get rid if it (I know I'm naive X''D) Pic is not the best. He is...
  16. I

    Java Fern stems broke and leaves discoloring, should I trim and propagate or leave to heal itself?

  17. S

    Seeking Advice for Lethargic Male Betta Fish in Distress

    Hi there! My male betta fish has been exhibiting concerning behavior for about 2 weeks now. He appears lethargic, doesn't come up to eat, and spends long periods of time laying on his side at the bottom of the tank in a curved position. I am not sure what he might be going through and how to...
  18. S

    Help! Betta Fish with Split Fins: Possible Fin Rot? Need Advice!

    Hi everyone! I need some help with my betta fish. His fins look splitted apart. Does he look normal? I think it might be fin rot, but I'm not sure. Can you help me identify the issue and provide treatment advice? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  19. J

    Growth on Betta

    Hey everyone, I’m not sure what this is/what to do about it. My betta has a growth that started about 2 weeks ago and has been growing, it’s white and beside his head and above his forward fins. I’ve been treating with salt but it hasn’t been doing much. Any help would be great.
  20. Lanpenn

    Small hole on dorsal fin.... would be pH?

    Then, today I perceived a small hole on my lovely betta's dorsal fin, as you can see below: This is the setup: • Size: 15.74" length x 11.81" height x 9.84" width, 7.29 gallons; • Substrate: 11.02 lbs gravel nº 0 (Aqua Pedras); • Heating: Roxin® HT-1300/Q3 50 W, adjusted to 26 ºC; •...