1. H

    Blondie needs help!

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I have a elephant ear betta that I can’t figure out what is wrong with his eyes. At first I thought it was pop eye but now I’m wondering if it’s diamond eye. I’ve looked at pictures of both conditions and neither look to me like his condition. I’ve been treating him...
  2. M


    i just got this betta a few days ago right now the betta started to lose a bit of its tail it used to be like this now its like this does anyone know whats wrong with this betta? it will be appreciated
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Betta 2.0

    I made a post a couple weeks ago about my girlfriend's betta fish not doing too well. Well the day has finally come, Arthur is dead. I have to assume it's just that he was a PetSmart fish who is in one of those little cups. Water is how it should be and the same as my other tanks. This post...
  4. S

    Betta and Super Ick Cure

    Hi, I'm a little new to this. I recently cycled a ten gallon Betta tank, (0ppm Ammonia, 0ppm Nitrites, 10-15 ppm Nitrates) after a water change, I added some Neon Tetras to it. Well, all the tetras got stressed and developed Ich. After I noticed it, I immediately bought some Super Ick Cure...
  5. Natabettas

    Betta glass surfing all day.

    I recently got a few new bettas. They all seem to be doing well. But one boy is just. Constantly swimming against the back of the tank glass. It is a 10 gallon tank that is divided into 2 five gallon sections. The fish on the other side of the divider is doing fine. Swimming around and coming up...
  6. H

    How to handle betta while bladder disease heals?

    I recently got a betta from Petco to be rehabilitated, who appears to have swimbladder disease since he was only swimming at the bottom of his cup. He doesn't look bloated or anything, but he hasn't been able to swim up without his lower half immediately falling back down. And I know this...
  7. H

    Is this betta a dragonscale?

    Hey, I have a newer hobby of rehabilitating bettas from pet stores and getting them to good new homes. There's this guy in Petco who looks like he could use a chance, and he's only swimming along the bottom of his cup so he might have some swim bladder disease to treat. But my main issue is that...
  8. V

    Swim bladder help

    My betta has swim bladder which im pretty sure is due to overfeeding, i’ve left him alone for three days and have been trying to feed him peas and he just wont eat.( Ive already checked the ammonia nitrite and nitrate) I don't know what else to do? He just sits at the bottom of his tank
  9. S

    105 litre stocking

    Hi all, I currently have a 105 litre planted, community tank that houses 12 cardinal tetras, 7 ember tetras and one male betta. The tank looks a bit sparse so I was wondering if I could fit in any more fish (tetras if possible)? Thanks in advance!
  10. B


    my fish is still recovering from fin rot but i noticed his belly is a bit bigger than usual and he’s not energetic. i read if you diagnose it wrong, it’ll kill the fish. i’m new to this fish thing so i don’t know if it is or isn’t dropsy. here are pictures. pls help
  11. R

    How many red cherry shrimps with a betta and 6 neon tetra?

    Hey everyone, First time poster and I am new to the forum - I have been a lurker for a few weeks and appreciating all the info shared. I have had a look online for the answers to my questions (which I couldn't find) so apologies if I am repeating something here. I am new to keeping tropical...
  12. carligraceee

    Decided to get Kevin a friend and need help!!

    hey guys! i recently bought a pink orchid male and put him in a ~7g tank! he was happy but i noticed him start to get lonely and decided to get him a friend. i learned males can usually live well with females, especially well if i got a seperater. all i had was a breeding tank so i put my new...
  13. S

    How many dwarf neon rainbowfish for 23 gallon?

    Hi all, I will be upgrading my current 10 gallon which houses only a male Betta to a new 105 litre/ 23 gallon tank. I'd like to get some Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish for the new tank and I'd like to know how many I could keep? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  14. Barry Tetra

    Does this betta have pop eye?

    Hello, I was just wondering if my betta have popeye, the thing is both of the eyes is the same size... @Deanasue
  15. V

    Advice on fake plants

    Im looking to get new artificial plants for my betta because ive been worried about his fins getting ripped on the current ones any recommendations?
  16. C

    Are my betta's fins okay?

    Hi, I've had my betta since 3 years ago when I rescued him from poor living conditions in a neighbor's house. His fins have always been droopy, but I've recently noticed they're a little stringy/ torn looking. I don't know much about fish keeping but I try to make sure I get the basic stuff for...
  17. bettafrog

    Tankmates for betta

    Are there any other animals I can add to a 5 gal without overcrowding it? I've got snails and live plants right now, and planning to get a betta for it soon. Could I add ghost/cherry shrimp or would that be too much? Any other recommendations?
  18. H

    How to help betta with possible ammonia burns?

    Okay, I posted about a betta fish I took from a pet store yesterday, since he had some pale coloring on/by his fins and lips that worried me, but I only got one reply that said I shouldn't worry. Now though, I definitely have something to worry about, mainly because my tank had an ammonia spike...
  19. H

    Is this betta fish sick?

    I've decided that I'll try fostering bettas, taking them from terrible pet stores in an attempt to get them healthy enough to find a new home. Even if I don't succeed, I figure I can at least give them a nice big home to spend their final days in, instead of dying alone in a tiny little cup...
  20. Yo-Yo

    Help With A Rescued Betta

    could you give me a crash course on how to rehabilitate a rescue betta? Its been a long time since ive kept betta fish and im not sure where to start. For some quick background. friends of mine were trying to get rid of a small betta they've had for 10 months I have general knowledge of some...