1. Circus

    Stocking a 29 Gallon

    Tell me what you guys think of my stock list? At the moment I have 10 pygmy corydoras and 2 rescued cardinal tetra. I plan on bringing the cardinals up to 12 or so and they cories up to 15 (more of both if you guys think it could work). When the tank is mature enough, I will be moving my 5 oto...
  2. Circus

    Favorite Betta Tail Type

    So, I was wondering what kind of betta to get for my tank and was leaning towards a rosetail, or perhaps an elephant ear. I have a halfmoon, a dragonscale plakat, a crowntail, and I have 2 females. I had a halfmoon king in the past. What are the tail types you all prefer?
  3. A

    very new and very confused, please help!

    i recently got my first betta fish as well as 3 kuhli loaches. the workers at the aquarium shop i purchased them from explained that it was best to acclimate them at the same time to avoid my betta from becoming territorial. when i was first observing my betta at the shop his top fin looked a...
  4. Circus

    Redoing 3 Gallon

    So, I have decided to completely redo my currently empty 3 gallon for a new betta. I already have a new light on it ($7 clip on desk lamp from target). I will be putting in black sand and some kind of centerpiece rock (if petstore has single pieces of dragonstone I will get that) and a dense...
  5. Circus

    Determined Jumper

    So I had a betta jump out of his tank today. His name was Spangle and he was a Half-moon King. I found him when I got home from work. It looked like the tank lid had been shoved over a bit, probably by my dog bumping into the tank stand. I had a kind of DIY lid on it, just a piece of plexiglass...
  6. B

    Betta Ich? Please let me know.

    I just bought a betta yesterday and I didn't notice until I had added him to my 29 gallon tank. I was watching him intently to see how he would do with my community fish and he was doing really well but then I saw this spot on him. I took him out right away, and now he's in a 5 gallon tank so I...
  7. B

    Betta with white lumps, please help!

    Could someone please help me? This is my king betta Cerberus. He has these white growths on his face. One of either gill and on right behind his eye and a very small one on his forehead. They seem to just keep growing. His tank has driftwood so he is always in tannins. About a year ago he had 1...
  8. O

    How to Set Up a 10-gal Tank?

    I am looking into acquiring a 10 gallon tank for a veiltail male betta but have never worked with a fish tank before. Does anyone have a basic set of steps and things I need to set up the tank for my fish?
  9. A

    Signs my fish has worms?

    Hi there, In one of my tanks, I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has something that looks like callamanus worms. I double checked with PetSmart and they said it looked normal. My water levels are fine and I have not introduced any new fish or plants to my aquarium for over a month now. My...
  10. Circus

    My Tanks!

    In my circus of an apartment I have several small and medium tanks. This will be a collection of pics of my tanks and fish. This first one is of the fish in my "Red" tank. It has cherry shrimp, ember tetra, a female betta, and temporarily some pygmy corydoras.
  11. Bettagills

    White Growth on Betta - EMERGENCY - unsure of what it is

    Azora is a Halfmoon female betta fish of about a year old. She is energetic, happy, colorful, eats frequently and with no issue. About a month ago I noticed a small white dot (bump) growing above her right eye. I research and began treating her for a fungal issue using pimafix. After a week of...
  12. R

    White spot on the head of betta

    Hi all, Recently I've noticed a white indent has formed on the top of my Betta that wasn't there previously. At first I thought it was ick, but this seems like a scratch or wound of some sort. The Betta has been acting completely normal however and nothing seems to be wrong with the other fish...
  13. Barry Tetra

    Is 2 Gallon tank too small for betta

    Hi TFF, I’ve seen this 2 tank on sale in my LFS, Do you guys think it’s too small for betta? @essjay
  14. Irksome

    Pineconing betta, still lively

    I thought that last night she might been but decided it was a trick of the light. Today it is definitely not a trick of the light. She is still swimming around and eating, she just jumped to take a pellet from my finger. Should I add salt to the tank? I cannot get antibiotics here. She has...
  15. S

    Nitrites Spike every water change - Any help would be amazing!

    Hi Friends I'm new to the forum, and excuse me please for skipping out on the introduction, but I've got a bit of an urgent problem I really need some help with. If you could read through and give me some advice, I'd truly appreciate it. First, I'll cut to the facts of my set-up: Tank - 21...
  16. A

    Need help emergency! Betta and cardinal terra

    Bit of a long post but please read all PLEASE NOTE I am brand new to this and have only had my fish for around 1 week : I Have got a 30L tropical tank, which was left cycling for nearly 2 weeks before any fish went in. There is lots of live plants also some plastic ones, lots of hiding spots...
  17. U

    Betta attacking new dwarf gourami

    Despite many a web page and the aquarium owner telling us it should be okay, our betta (red and blue) is attacking our new dwarf gourami (red and blue). Straight away the betta started flaring up, but it seemed like it was going to be fine. Until he started ramming and biting the very chill...
  18. L

    Betta with weird spots on his head

    My betta has these weird greyish spots on his head that kind of look like blisters. No other symptoms and he is very active, currently making a bubble nest. All water parameters and care is perfect. Can anybody identify them? Doesn’t seem like fungus at all as they aren’t white or fluffy, and...
  19. W

    I'm scared my fish is going to die.

    Hi, I have a male betta named Morty (almost a year and a half old) who has had a growth on one side of him for some time now. I originally didn't think much of it (or maybe just hoped it was fine?) but it has grown rapidly over time and now he seems to lay down very often. He used to come and...
  20. I

    Betta Fish Sick

    My betta (half a year old) is staying at the bottom of the tank and not going up to feed. I've seen him try to swim a few times and he can, but only for a few seconds before he quickly returns back to the ground. I think he can't keep his balance? He seems to move a bit sideways when he rests...