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Sep 23, 2013
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We run three contests in which we invite members to enter and to compete. On the first of each month, our Tank of the Month contest starts. Each month we feature a certain range of sizes of tanks. We hope you will enter any of the tanks in your household in our TOTM contests. Around the middle of each month we alternately run our Fish of the Month contest and our Pet of the Month contest. You can enter any fish in your household in our FOTM contest and any pet (except fish) in your household in our POTM contest.

Please abide by all rules posted at the beginning of each contest thread.

When a contest is running, you will see a banner at the top of our forums. Just click on it if you would like to view the contest thread. Entry period lasts about 6 days and then the voting begins.

Also I want to remind our members to please VOTE in all our contests. TFF thanks our members for their participation. Without your participation in our contests, our contests wouldn't exist so please enter and vote in all our contests.

It is requested that non-staff members should not start a new thread in the contest section of our forums. This is only for mods to start and run our contests and for members to review previous contests. We request that non-staff members do not start their own contests. Contests are to be run only by TFF moderators.
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