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White spot and fin rot!

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Jul 19, 2019
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Please be kind, New to keeping fish.. I have a 54litre tank with two goldfish they both had white spot and one had fin rot, I treated the white spot first with medication as both fish had this and the spots have fallen off them both (during this treatment the fin rot got worse on the second fish) after 4 days did a 75% water change, cleaned gravel and removed carbon from filter then dosed with fin rot meds which I think has improved the second fish but his tail fin has completely gone now and he just has a stump.. He still swims around normally though and hes in a floating isolation tank as I noticed the first fish is nipping his tail when he's in the big tank. It has been 2 days since i medicated for fin rot, not sure whether to leave the tank as it is and do the water change etc in 5 days time then re-medicate for fin rot or to change the water between this? Do I put the carbon in the filter if so and re-medicate?
Any help appreciated
Hi! I’m a fellow goldfish lover and breeder. First, are your goldfish fancy goldfish or single tail goldfish ( comet, common, Shubunkin)? The tank is too small for any of them . Fancy goldfish need 20 gallons for the first fish and an additional 10 for each additional. So at least a 30 gallon tank. Single tail goldfish are pond fish. They grow over 12” long. One single tail needs 100 gallon tank. Ok, back to treatment. All you need is to keep the tank water perfectly clean. Do a 75% water change daily for 2 weeks. Add 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt for every 5 gallons of water. I think your tank is roughly 14.5 gallons so 3 tablespoons of aquarium salt. Each day when you do the 75% water change, only add back the amount of salt you removed. In your tank that would be about 2 tablespoons of aquarium salt added back each day. That’s all you need...no meds. Let us know how the fish does. Good luck!
Hi, thank you for your reply. They are fancy goldfish, although one is now tailless due to fin rot - will this grow back?
I will get a larger tank for them, in the meantime should I change the water now even though there is meds in there? And also put the carbon back in the filter?
If you just changed the water and cleaned the tank then go ahead and let the meds stay for awhile. Perhaps this evening put the charcoal back in and then do another 75% w/c in morning with the salt. It will be a slow process but the tail should grow back. If you can post a pic I may be able to tell a little better.
OK thanks I will do the water change now and again in the morning, should I put more meds in for the water I replace or no more as the carbon will remove it anyway? I will attach a pic of the goldfish, not sure if he still has symptoms of fin rot as still seems to be cotton wool like stuff on tail.


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If you want to finish the round of medicine then go ahead. After that do the 10 days or water changes and salt. Poor little guy had an aggressive case of fin rot. Keep an eye on both of them as it can be contagious. What med are you using and what’s in it?
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I have changed 50% of the water and done another gravel clean, I'm using love fish anti bacterial and fungus med.. I cannot put anymore in until after 7 days from first dose.. Yes it was bad but it happened so quickly it wasn't too bad and the ich was worse so treated for ich firstly and as I couldn't mix the meds I had to wait until I could treat the fin rot.. I wish I had treated the fin rot first, feel really bad :( the active ingredient is phenoxyethanol
Goldfish are tough. He may surprise you and do just fine.

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