fin rot

  1. D

    Fin Nipping or Fin Rot on my guppy

    Hello, i am looking for some advice. I have noticed my male guppy has a few marks on his tail. Like a silvery whitish patch here and there. Is this fin rot, fin nipping or something else? Currently i have only 4 male guppies together in the tank. I don't want to dose him if not necessary with...
  2. C

    Fin rot or nipping? HELP!

    Hello, I have three male guppies and two female guppies. They are separated by a divider, and I am trying to move the females to a new tank soon. For the last week or so, I thought one of the males might have had a swollen abdomen, but I also thought it could just be fat. However, I just...
  3. K

    Does my betta have fin rot?

    Hello, I’m worried about my black mustard betta. I might be paranoid but I just want to make sure that’s he’s ok. I’ve noticed some of his scales are a little bruised up and on top of his eyes, there’s like a white clear dot. I got rid of the plastic plant that might have caused damaged. I’ve...
  4. Irksome

    does columnaris have to be introduced?

    Hello. I was asking earlier about red fin rot. It was a small patch this afternoon and now it is much worse. Half his tail is down to the rays in the space of a few hours. I suspect a bacterial infection. He was quite badly injured and nothing new has been added to the tank, could it be...
  5. Irksome

    Can fin rot be red?

    Hello. My guppy sustained a bad tail injury during cleaning last week and I have been keeping close eye on him since for fin rot. It appears he may have a little but it is bright red. Is this something worse than fin rot? I have not seen red on torn fins before.
  6. C

    Please help! Fin rot

    Hi I am new to the forum, I have a 29g tank that has been fully cycled for about 4 months. I have sand but no live plants. I have 5 guppys and 5 bronze corys. About a week and a half ago I noticed one of my corys looked like it had the early signs of fin rot. I checked the nitrates with the...
  7. Tap Water

    White Fungus/Rot on Corydora

    I noticed some white starting to appear on some of my bronze corydoras fins, and I cant quite figure out what it is. One cory has it worse than the rest, and it looks as if the fin is actually beginning to rot away. I've had these cory for over six months now, and I've owned cory for about four...
  8. S

    Serious help needed diseases

    This pearl gourami seems to have pretty bad fin rot on it's too fin and what seems to be fungus on it's eye and on it's front two fin bases. treating with eSha gdex and eSha 2000 any ideas
  9. S


    So I have a 58 liter tank an ehiem classic 250 which as a slower flow than most also hoping on getting a tidal 35 or 55 to help it out a bit it seems to be struggling. It's stocked with 3 albino corys one bristle nose and two pearl gouramis. One of the pearl gouramis has a sort of fluffy small...
  10. K

    Possible fin rot or fin nipping? What is the best course of action?

    Good evening all! I have a long fin danio that I noticed today has his back fins separated into three parts, all my other leopard danios don’t have fins like this so I got concerned and separated them from the others in my quarantine/hospital tank. I checked my water parameters and my ammonia...
  11. Phishphace

    Fin rot, I think not?

    I'm not sure what's going on with my guppy tank. The parameters are perfect: no nitrites, nitrates are extremely low, no ammonia, the pH is like 7.5ish, I keep the temperature at 78. I do a water change once a week, it's a 10 gallon I take out 3 gallons and replace it. I use API stress coat plus...
  12. Irksome

    Fin rot and lethargic yet again

    I have had this happen a few times recently as some of you have already advised me and I appreciate any help and advice. My toxin levels have finally stabilised and my overly ambitious stock reduced to a more sustainable level, (7 male guppies in 10 gallons), I’ve added many more plants -...
  13. F

    Betta developing dark spots please help!

    Pictured below is my male betta in the store (20 December 19) followed by his first days in his new home. He instantly became much more vibrant which I was very happy about. However he then developed a dark spot by his lip - starting off as a small grey dot. He was also glass surfing for...
  14. Irksome

    Skinny guppy, still deteriorating after months

    I’m quite new to the hobby. I have a 54ltr cycled tank with 8 male guppies and snails. A couple of months ago I lost 2 fish to an ammonia spike and a third survived but with massive loss of tail. He has been getting thinner ever since, still eats and swims but compared to his companions he is...
  15. Vignette

    Fin rot, stress or nipping?

    Hello. So I have a 20 gal hex freshwater tank. I cycled it with some gravel and a cave from my old tank for 3 weeks. A couple of days ago I added 2 platies. The man at the aquarium store said it’s help cycle the tank and these fish were hardy. They seem to be adjusting fine to the water, I added...
  16. M

    Betta Sick for Several Weeks

    Hi there, I've had a beautiful betta for about 8 months now. He's been doing great--had lots of fin rot when I got him, but recovered and is a super active little guy. About two weeks ago I noticed some signs of fin rot. Nothing in his routine had changed. Switched to 25% water changes daily...
  17. HalfTailedOwner

    UPDATE: My Betta Died... What Exactly do I do now?

    My Betta, Bo, has unfortunately died. I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little crushed. I got him when I struggled with both emotional and physical problems, and it was nice to see him around even though he slept a lot--but otherwise, he swam around and explored my tank when he was awake. If it...
  18. HalfTailedOwner

    Rotting + Nipped Fins?

    So if you didn't know already... my betta's fins ended up being ripped because of other fish my dad bought. We returned them and he seems to be doing fine. However, I noticed after a few weeks what appears to be fin rot? What exactly should I do about it? Parameters are as follows: 10 gallon...
  19. B

    Pea puffer with white fin

    I got a group of 3 pea puffers today from a store that’s pretty far from where I live because they were doing a deal 3 for 10$. After I got the fish home and put them in a tank I realized one of them has a pectoral fin that is entirely white. I think it’s fin rot but I’m not sure. Have any of...
  20. A

    White spot and fin rot!

    Please be kind, New to keeping fish.. I have a 54litre tank with two goldfish they both had white spot and one had fin rot, I treated the white spot first with medication as both fish had this and the spots have fallen off them both (during this treatment the fin rot got worse on the second...