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fin rot

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  1. L

    Betta White Patches on Fins and Fin Loss

    Hello all, This is my first post, and I am desperate for help with my 2 year old betta with the white patches on his fins and finn loss. Please see the attached photos from a year ago and now. It all started about a year ago with fin rot. We used Maracyn and it seemed to stop the fin rot for a...
  2. P

    Angel fish fin rot

    Sigh… So one of my adult angel fish died recently and I decided to get a new one. The angel fish had a pair that got along so well, they used to hang out together. Seeing the counterpart lonely, I got a new fish.. a baby veil Well the adult did not like the baby and was chasing it around.. So I...
  3. S

    Platy top fin frayed?

    Hey, I've noticed the top fin of one of my platies has changed in the past week or so.It looks frayed/splayed out, almost as if you've taken a few threads from a woven material if you get what I mean! I have attached a pic of anyone could help me understand the change, thanks ☺️
  4. J

    Is this fin rot???

    Hi all, below I have posted some photos of a fish that I presumed had fin rot. It’s a bristlenose pleco (longfin variant). You might see in the photo that the fins almost look torn, and the tail fin is half it’s length. I noticed it a couple weeks ago and just did some research with some saying...
  5. GuppyPerson89586

    Is This Too Much?

    Hi everyone!, I'm new here and recently, I bought 3 new Guppies (1 male and 2 females) Blueberry, Poseidon, and Pineapple. Both Blueberry and Pineapple each gave birth to about 20-30 fry about last week, and in my 6 gallon tank, there is now about 30-60 guppies (all fry), 2 pygmy corys, and 2...
  6. S

    New guppies some with fish rot - separate?

    Hi all, I’m new to here and new to fish 🐠 We have just bought 6 new guppies (2 days ago), one has already died from fish rot (the yellow)- he had it when we brought them home but being new didn’t notice until yesterday due to is slow behaviour and a thought that it’s fin was very short...
  7. F

    Fin rot, lethargyc behaviour, fish stays at the top of the tank. I need help.

    Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great day. I'll start by writing about my tank setup: Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5gal Does it have a filter? yes, sponge. Does it have a heater? no What temperature is your tank? 80F stable (live in tropics) Does your tank have an air stone...
  8. L

    Betta fish is sick

    Hi everyone, I’m new to owning a betta and he isn’t doing too well. We’ve had him over a month but the last week he’s getting worse and worse. I’ve checked the levels in his water and they’re fine but I’ve also made sure to do regular water changes incase. He has been spending more time at the...
  9. ellamay

    Setting up a hospital tank for fin rot

    I think my betta may have fin rot as his fins are looking pretty ripped around the edges. Im doing regular water changes and using aquarium salt first. I know I can get medication if this doesn’t work, I was thinking of moving him to a smaller hospital tank if he doesn’t improve. Do I need to...
  10. connorlindeman

    Should I be worried about this?

    should I do anything about the fins on my guppie or will they correct themselves?
  11. bettafishlover86

    Is this fin rot?

    Attached is a picture of my betta fish. I am worried that he has fin rot. Can anyone tell if it’s normal or bad?
  12. A

    Worried about my Betta

    Hello everyone. Recently I got a new Betta from my local pet store. I'm new to keeping Bettas but after doing research for around the past year I finally decided to get one myself. He's just a common Betta but after a few days I realized the reason his fins didn't look the best was he had been...
  13. jessicarf00

    help- betta fin rot?

    just this week i noticed my betta, harry’s, fins looking jagged/ a little shredded? nothing else seems very different about him, so i don’t know if something is wrong with him he’s my first and only fish, by himself in a cycled and heated/filtered 10g tank. he has live plants (swords, floating...
  14. M

    Clamped fins & tail, swim bladder or bouyancy issues

    1. Water parameters. (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, PH, temp', Hardness etc) currently doing 100% water changes daily for small holding container floating in a tank for heating purpose. Fresh water with fresh indian almond leaf piece, a small live plant, Prime treated, temperature matched. 2. A...
  15. R

    Betta with fin rot and signs of dropsy?

    Hi everyone, I have had a betta fish since February with no problems, he lives with 3 African Dwarf Frogs and there are no issues with his tank mates. I went away back to university for 10 days and (did my usual 25-50% water change before I left) when I came back he was hiding in one corner of...
  16. M

    Fin rot

    Hello I need some help with fin rot on 2 of my fish. 1 silver tip and 1 guppy so far. The silver tip lost it's tail and the guppy part of tail and top fin. I just used eSHa treayment for the first time tonight 20 drops as I have aprox 80l of water in the tank. I have a comunity tank with various...
  17. A

    Gourami Fin Rot or Fin Nipping?

    So... This has been a really horrible year with my fish tank stocking. My 30 gallon tank has 6 tiger barbs, 1 Dalmatian molly, 4 albino corydora catfish, and a dwarf gourami. There's a little background to how I ended up with this mix of fish. At first, I wanted a species-only tank with tiger...
  18. J

    Could he have fin rot?

    Hi, I got my betta two days ago and had him put into a tank which had been conditioned and running (filter & heater) for 3 days. The water temperature has been between 25-27 degrees celcius with the water filter running non-stop. I took a look at his tail today and saw that it had been frayed...
  19. K

    Tiger Barb fin question - fin rot??

    I have a 36 gal with 8 tiger barbs, 2 tetras & 2 swordtails. Everyone has been very peaceful & no issues. They have all lived together for about 6 months. There is 1 that appears to have shimmies but after looking further I have noticed it is missing most of his fins. Not sure if he is getting...
  20. P

    Help with Fin Rot

    Hello everyone, I have my betta in a 5 gallon tank and I've had him a while but now he has fin rot. I was having trouble with the filter in his old tank and unfortunately he got fin rot due to that, but now he's in a new tank with a much better filter. I've dealt with fin rot before and was able...