fin rot

  1. G

    Help!! Betta with fin rot!

    Hi all, I am completely new to this forum, but thought I would ask you all for help as I am completely stuck on what to do! I brought a betta fish (my first time owning one) October last year and mistakenly took the red on his fins as his natural colouration. Eventually I realised that it was...
  2. A

    Betta's fins shredding?

    I'm just wondering if anyone might know what's going on with my bettas fins, at the bottom they look like they are shredding. There is no discolouration where they are shredding, they've never looked like that before. I've had him for 7 months. Thanks
  3. E

    What is this disease?

    One of my mollies has what looks like a bite out of one fin, but it seems like it's gotten bigger over the past week, so I was wondering if it is "fin rot" or maybe some other kind of infection. Also, I noticed a white spot near his tail. I don't think that the spot is ich, because it's not...
  4. Meesh

    Does my betta have fin rot?

    My betta recently has been depressed and pale compared to the usual, so I have added a new plant (as opposed to a plastic leaf) and heater which he seems to enjoy. While he is looking better (and his water is also looking better), I am wondering if anyone knows if this is fin rot, or if it is...
  5. Chris1075

    Treatment Medication Recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for some advice for treatment or medication to use to treat fin rot. I have been to my LFS, which advised me to do 25% - 50% water changes every other day and aquarium salt and use Seachem's Garlic Guard. It looked like it had cleared up, and the tetra was getting better. A...
  6. E

    New 125 gallon tank, lost 5 fish in 3 weeks

    So I recently bought a used 125 gallon tank. Cleaned it up real nice with zero chemicals. Transferred majority of water from my 55 gallon tank (cycled) and still using the same cycled filter on my 55 so I know I have plenty of beneficial bacteria. I did add a lot more decorations, but dunked...
  7. B

    Major Fin Rot, Progressed To Severe Body Rot! Need Advice Asap

    This betta is in really bad shape, I've never seen a fish with fin rot this severe. So I got the fish a little over two weeks ago from a prof at my university who uses Betta in behavior studies. When I got him he was already missing about 50% of his fins from a previous bout of fin rot but the...
  8. Bazouteast

    Fin Rot

    I have three new Angel fish (approx 5cm height) which after two weeks in the tank appear to be showing signs of fin rot. I have looked at the usual suspects - water quality, overfeeding, temperature, overcrowding and conclude it is probably stress-related, following their introduction into the...
  9. eslingerl10

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    Hello! I am fairly new to this hobby (about 3-4 months in), and I've begun my hobby by purchasing a 3 gallon half-moon tank with a whisper filter and a heater to keep the water at 78 degrees. I figured this would be the best environment for my Crowntail Betta after I did some research saying...
  10. T

    Butterfly Betta Fin Curl And White To Pink Fins

    I have had my Betta for about 3 months now. I started him in a 1 gallon tank without any filtration system but I've then (about October 1st, so 1 month after being in the first one) moved it up to a 2 gallon tank for the past 2 months and that is when I began to notice the tips of his fins...
  11. P

    Help: Betta Fin Rot?

    Hello everyone, glad to have found this forum.   So my betta has been displaying a weird fin condition for the last couple of weeks. I've tried to google it online but have not been able to identify the ailment. Have any of you seen this issue before? I thought it may be fin rot, but it doesn't...
  12. A

    Betta Turned Brown,looks Dead-Barely Swimming

    So today i went to go feed my betta but i noticed yesterdays food looked like it was spit out.He refused to eat the additional food i gave him today.I looked at my fish and it looked dead.Its body went from a nice blue to a brown,his fin are all ripped up,hes not really swimming,he is bent...
  13. fish_food

    Fin Rot

    Tank size: 20L Temp: 23 oC Ammonia: 0-0.25 ppm (I use seachem prime which may give a slightly higher ammonia count) pH: 7.6+ Medicine: Cephalexin 500g Problems: Fin rot, turned on side     My bubble eye goldfish has severe fin rot, which started because his tank mate had been nibbling on his...
  14. Cramer719

    Help! Fin Rot And Costia!

    Please help me. I have been fighting off Costia in my tank for about 3 days now. It seemed to be clearing up ok until now they have a very aggressive fin rot. I have no idea what to do at this point. I was told you shouldn't combine medications. Please help me. Also I am new to the forum so hello.
  15. C

    Sick Betta

    Hi, I'm new and very happy to be able to speak to people who understand how someone could fall in love with a fish! I bought my betta (Blu) for my son but quickly was very taken with him myself. Long, sad story short, he has finrot and is going downhill very quickly. I've treated him with...
  16. C

    Help Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    can anyone tell me if my betta fish has fin rot or am i just worrying to much? its his lower body it looks a bit pointy btw I'm new to this so please help :(  
  17. mrstwalker

    Fin Rot Or Something Else?

    So I have two bettas, one is a male crown tail and the other is a male veil tail. Both are in their own 1.5 gallon tanks both with silk plants.    The crown tail I purchased from wal mart and the veil tail i purchased from pet supply plus.      I know that 1.5 gallons is a bit small for a betta...
  18. L

    Male Guppy With Fin Rot And Camallanus Worms Possibly!?!

    Hi, I'm really worried. My guppy that I've had for about 4 months in a 10 gallon with 4 other male guppies and nothing else is acting strange. I moved two guppies that had been in their own 5 gallon tank for 2 months over to my 10 gallon about 2-3 weeks ago. My guppy had a rocky relationship...
  19. SunnySkies

    Fin Rot?

      Male Crowntail Betta I got a week and a half ago. I've been worrying he's sick and been keeping an eye on him the whole time. Today I happened to notice there was a bit missing and finally managed to get him to hold still and flare long enough to get a really bad phone picture. I really can't...
  20. crunch7

    Help Needed To Save My Socolofi

    Hi all,   I found that my Socolofi had developed a red spot a week earlier. Despite doing water change and treating the fish with salt the red spot is increasing and now the fin is tearing apart. I have separated the fish however I dont know what to do. Please help me identify and cure this...