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Corydoras Nearly Dead?!

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Jan 2, 2013
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So I bought 4 new Corys (pretty sure the shop advertised them as Corydoras sp. columbia). And the past few days one in particular has been looking off - paler than normal, and noticeably smaller in size than the others.

Yesterday when I looked in the tank it looked dead - was upside down on the bottom of the tank, so I went to fish it out, then it turned the right way up and swam off, but it's looking increasingly worse. I have also noticed that its eyes are significantly sunken in and there are small red flecks on its tummy (not sure if they were there before) I'm 99% sure that it's going to die but if anyone has any suggestions to help strengthen that 1% I would be so grateful!

Oh, I'm also currently treating the entire tank for white spot at the moment with Melafix, so maybe that's the issue? (although I can't actually see any signs of it on him)
How big is the tank, how long has it been set up and is it cycled?

Have you tested the water and/or done a large water change?

:hi: to the forum, btw.
Tank is 60l, is cycled and has been set up about 6 months now. Haven't done any water tests (have run out at the moment), and the most recent large water change (about 50-60%) was about a month ago.

Original fish has died now :( However I'm keeping an eye on another one, he looks fine physically and still eats, however he has started to isolate himself and doesn't move as much - I hope I'm just overreacting on this occasion!!
What other fish are in the tank? A 60l isn't the biggest tank and could be quickly overstocked.

Also the majority of people on here would reccommend a 20-30% water change once a week so 50-60% about a month ago is probably not frequent enough - especially of your stocking is on the high side.

The only way to be sure is to get a new test kit and see what the results are.

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