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  1. D

    Is this ick???

    Hey there guys I’m new to aquariums I’ve been doing good but lately my plecos have been dying off one by one and when I see the bodies there are little white spots all over I looked it up and found out about ick and now my dwarf powder blue gouramis are starting to have white spots can anyone...
  2. T

    My Betta is sick, help!

    I had my female betta, Sunshine, in a 10 gallon with 4 Rosies (that pink feeder fish) and a small algae eater(unsure of breed).my tank is heated and filtered. I came to find 2 dead Rosies and a dead algae eater the other day. I removed the filter and exchanged 1/4 of the water. I have a well...
  3. L

    Hello! Question on if my fish has Ick or not?

    Hello everyone my name is Logan and I am fairly new to fish keeping (been about 6 months since my first fish and tank) I recently got a new 20 gallon tank and allowed to cycle for a good month and a half including starter bacteria and fish food occasionally to get ammonia spikes and then see if...
  4. Tl52505


    I just saw this spot on one of my neon tetras, I have not seen anything on the fins but a small raised white spot on the side. I just picked them up yesterday. Could this be ick, and if so what should I do
  5. R

    Ick help… new owner needs help

    Hi guys, I am a very new aquarium owner and am relatively nuanced about aquariums. My 29 gallon aquarium has an ick outbreak and I responded by adding doses of ick clear and removing the carbon from the filter. I added air stones and a sponge filter. My mollies and loaches seem to be acting...
  6. Yuhui

    Cleaning ick

    Hello, so I’m currently treating ich with salt and Turning up the heat for my goldfishes. Nothing major and most of the ich is already clearly up. I’m still kinda new to the fish hobby and stuff and I’m not sure how to probably clean the filters after the whole ick treatment things clears up. Is...
  7. L

    Aquarium Salt Dosing

    Hello. I have 4 Harlequin Rasboras. I had six originally (that was all the store had so don't @ me) but 2 died. I saw that one of the deceased had ick. I don't want the rest of the fish to get ick. So how do I dose aquarium salt to prevent that ick from spreading without resorting to ick x. I...
  8. Jan Cavalieri

    Is this ICK or something else - no spots just patches

    I recently received an order from an online fish store that I've ordered from before and they breed nearly all their own stock. Huge variety of fish. Anyway - I ordered some Gourami and yesterday noticed silver patches around their mouth or eyes. I assumed it was ICK but then I looked at...
  9. jessicarf00

    betta ich? - might be resolved ?

    just tonight i noticed a speck on my betta that i assume is ich. i normally wouldn’t be so freaked out but i leave for a 6 day vacation on thursday so i know i can’t do much between now and then. i have somebody lined up to feed him but i have no medications and i can’t rely on this person to...
  10. primsloaches16

    HELP PLEASE!!!!! Angelfish declining, ick or columnaris???

    Hey yall. I've had two angelfish for about 4 months now, and recently one of them has been declining in health and acting strangely. She is the smaller of the two (they are a mated pair). She used to be super active and stay close to the male, but lately she has been very lethargic and wont eat...
  11. Dephea

    Uncurable ich / ick / white spot

    I am getting very annoyed and rather disheartened now. 150L ammonia 0ppm nitr 0ppm pH 7.5 ish temp 30 degrees Celsius live plants, bogwood and resin rocks, all in gravel (changing into sand next week). Part of the plants and decor removed to make vacuuming easier without having to disturb...
  12. Abadox

    Red Tail Shark ok to put in 5 gal hospital tank??

    Hello. Two months new to the hobby. I have a red tail shark who has seemingly got ick. He is in a 30 gallon well planted tank with 12 neon tetras, 4 Tiger barbs, 1 algae eater, and 3 black mollies. Air stone, places to hide, etc. Ph 6.8-7.2, Nitrates 0, Ammonia 0. I was wondering if it would be...
  13. K

    Angel Fish with parasite?

    We have 2 large angel fish in an established tank. No new fish for months. We thought that maybe they have ick and have been treating for this but it only seems to be getting worse. This morning I saw the attached picture. It seems like they are popping and then they go away after a few hours...
  14. Brad G

    Fish with ich/ick

    I have a 20 gallon tank the has quite a few plants. I put API Super ick cure in 5 days ago. I’m starting my 2nd round of treatment because my fish still have the white spots 1 of them are actually getting worse . I took out the carbon filter but left in the ammonia filter. Should I take that off...
  15. Brad G

    Feeding fish with ick

    Hello I noticed a few of my fish have Ick/Ich. I just started the treatment tonight and was wondering if I should feed my fish. I usually feed them in the morning but I took all my invertebrates and carbon filter out. I was wondering should I still feed them like normal or wait the 4 days till...
  16. K

    The dreaded Ick!

    I have enclosed a picture of my sword I think is starting to have Ick. There is only 1 white spot on the very end of her tail & no spots on any of the other fish. I just got this & another matching sword almost a week ago. I know it is best to put them in a separate tank & quarantine for the...
  17. E

    Medication help please!

    Hi there. Need help with medications. I have a 10 gallon freshwater with two male guppies. 2 month Fishless cycled tank that has had fish for a little over a week. Water parameters are good. These guys have been in the tank for about 8 days. Saw some light stringy poo from one of them, and now...
  18. K

    Fungus, Ick or something else??

    1 of my black mollies has some weird disease. Just noticed it this morning. All the other fish in the tank look fine. At first I thought it was Ick but then noticed it is actually bumps on his tail but only 1 side. Seems to have white spots on his body & his color is not as black. Water...
  19. R

    White Spot on Betta

    Hello all, I am a bit worried about a white spot I spotted on one of our little guy’s scales. Any idea what it could be? I’m worried it could be the start of ick but worry about starting treatment without knowing the cause. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  20. A

    Lethargic Betta

    Hi! My betta was acting weird when I came home Thursday night. He was hiding and laying on the bottom, which is fairly normal for him, but it didn’t seem right. So I fed him and then kept the lights off. Yesterday, he was breathing hard and had clamped fins so I moved him to a plastic container...