1. quinnARIUM

    How to Breed Sterbai Corydoras???

    Hi everyone, I have a 75 gal tank I would love to get some Corydoras for. It will be at 82-84 degrees F so I probably get Sterbai Corydoras. However I would really like a big school and I noticed their relatively high price. I have a 20 gal tank that I can pretty much modify in any way and I was...
  2. Mizz_MayDK

    L181 pleco and Corydoras Venezuela Black

    I have bought 5 L181 pleco - naturally they are quarantined in a separate tank, but when they are ready to be moved out of quarantine I want to place them together with my Corydoras Venezuela Black. Is this a good combo? I don’t want to risk my corys lives or their fins being bitten of
  3. L

    Angelfish, Amano Shrimp and Corydoras

    Afternoon all, I'll be adding some angelfish (six juvenile) to my 120 gallon tank in the next few months. Nothing in there are the moment as it`s nearing the end of its cycle and the (juvenile) angelfish will be some of the last to go in. I haven't kept angels previously but while they're some...
  4. shaziasadiqah

    Are Panda Corydoras Hard to Keep?

    So, about two weeks ago i got 6 albino cories and 6 panda cories. the albinos are staying with my betta in a 16gal tank and the pandas are staying with 12 Ember Tetra and 2 Honey Gourami in a 25gal. they were all the same size, very small like 2cm and i quarantine them for 10 days and about 3...
  5. ellamay

    Beginner tips?

    I’m really interested in aquascaping but I’ve also read a lot of different opinions on what substrate corys need so I’m wondering if there’s something that would work well for my plants AND corys? Do fertilisers for the plants affect the fish in any way? What fertilisers are best? Do I need...
  6. C

    Single species or mixed!?

    Hi just wondered what people's thought where on corie groups. I will be upgrading my tank size to up my two bronze to a group of six. And I'm not sure what will be better for the fish and have a more visual impact in the tank - 6 bronze or a mix of 3 bronze and 3 others. Thanks ?
  7. J

    Corydora seems like it got hurt scales , please help

    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me here please. Today i noticed that after, a bit more than a year, and everything has been fine, one of my Corys have something on the side, almost like if he scratched with something or crashed with something and got hurt. But im not sure how something like this...
  8. T

    70L centrepiece fish ideas

    Hi All, I’m new to this forum but not to this wonderful hobby, I used to keep and breed Malawi cichlids in a bigger tank in Italy. I was missing planted aquariums so I set up this mini forest. I love the amber colour from tannins, and I think that neon fish would be perfect for this! I’ve just...
  9. T

    Sick Corys

    In a have a sick Cory, still active feeding and seining with other Corys. Started dosing ferts and added kh/ph plus to raise KH by 1 which o think what aggravated the corys, three affected, two minor symptoms and one looks severe. Pics attached. Kindly advise on what is the condition and what is...
  10. R

    Bronze Corydoras or Venezuelan

    Can’t tell if these are bronze corys bought them under title green corys. Was thinking they were bronze and wanted to boost numbers that’s why the albinos are in there. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Meg0000

    Hardy small/medium size corydoras

    Hi, as some might know 2 of my bronze corydoras died, now I am left with 6 cories. I would like to add 6 other cories but I don't know what specie... I would like a specie that could live with the bronze cories (pygmaeus couldn't for exemple right?) and that is small like around 2 inch also the...
  12. Meg0000

    corydoras problem something is wrong

    Hi, there is a problem my corys are so often at the surface and not just to take a gulp of air, they litterally stay at the surface vertically sometimes they even stop moving and just float vertically at the surface. It's been a month or so since they started doing this, I was really busy and...
  13. mbsqw1d

    Get another tank

    I've recently added 13 Odessa barbs to an existing 12 peppered cories, and the barbs have since made the tank their own. Which is perfectly fine. I'm very fond of corydoras, and before the barbs, they were thriving and spawning. But I'm now noticing some of the cories have slightly nipped fins...
  14. TomRadford12354

    Killifish And Gourami?

    Hello , To get straight to the point I am really interested in Killifish . But don't want a tank of just them as they seem to fight from what I have heard . I thought about getting a group of Pygmy Corydoras as they seem a good match with the Killis . But I felt something would be missing and...
  15. Meg0000

    2 questions (one about corys and the other one about pearl gourami)

    Hello, I have 6 bronze corys all about 1.5 inch and I was wondering if at this size they are already mature and able to breed. Also I have 3 Pearl gourami 1 male 2 female and I would like to have probably one or two more female. Do these kind of fish establish a hierarchy and then I can no...
  16. I

    Will salt & pepper and peppered Corys school together?

    So I currently have two peppered Corys and two panda corys. Naturally I need more, as everyone on here is so adamant to remind me that I really need 6 of each. My LFS doesn’t have any peppered corys but they do have salt & pepper corys and I was wondering if they schooled together because they...
  17. Hamdhan777

    Additional Fish or Shrimp ideas for 50L?

    Hi all, Was hoping to get some thoughts on a centerpiece fish, shrimp or other fish I can get for my aquarium (unless I'd be overstocking); I've had a look at the other "centerpiece fish" forum posts, but every tank is different so wanted specific thoughts to reduce the chance of any issues. I...
  18. Snoyo1

    2/4 of my corydoras found dead :(

    Hi everyone I just wanted to find out why my corydoras May have died suddenly. I’m from Aus btw. They seemed pretty healthy I’ve had them since October last year and I have a 60L tank with 8 neon tetras, 2 gouramis and had 4 corydoras (now 2). They all seemed pretty happy but my tank started...
  19. Meg0000

    corydoras or loaches + stocking

    Hi I am planning the stocking of my futur 30 gallon and I would like your opinion on the best fish (corydoras or loach) I could have. My dream aquarium: -There will be the paradise fish I already have (female so less agressive and territorial) -I love biotope aquarium so I think I have a...
  20. K

    Will corydora catfish eat young fry?

    Today, I had five 1" guppy fry in my 10 gallon tank, along with six neons and two corydoras. When I came back this evening I could only find four guppy fry. One disappeared! My guess is that the catfish ate it. The neons definitely wouldn't touch them. I was under the impression that corys...