1. JackGulley

    Pygmy Corys in Hard Water?

    I have a 20 long with platys, zebra danios, WCMMs, and cherry shrimp. I recently rescaped it and wanted some bottom feeders to grace its terrain, so I ordered 6 pygmy corys at the LFS which will be here to pick up on Wednesday. But, I just read that most corys, including pygmies, prefer soft...
  2. L

    Any more cories?

    Current stocking - 29/30 gal, 12 pygmy cories, 4 pandas, 5 julii, 4 apple snails (possibly 3, one hasn't moved for a couple of weeks!), 4 ADF's (can be moved if needed but no aggression to date). Planted but not mature. My LFS has some pretty cool cories in at the moment and i wasn't sure if I...
  3. V

    Cories dying again

    This is extremely stressful. Now out of my three survivors, one is on the ground not moving again. I went on vacation so I couldn't monitor the water everyday. During the vacation, there was no food given, and lights off. Water parameters turned out fine according to the card that came with it...
  4. V

    Suspecting internal parasites - but won't arrive soon enough

    I suspect my corydoras have internal parasites. The medicine I was recommended can only get here by delivery, by then it might be too late. Is there anything I can do without having the medication? The suspected parasites kill my corydoras quickly after they show symptoms. They seem to be the...
  5. Eardz

    Panda Corydoras Eggs

    Hi all, I found a few eggs from my panda Corydoras, I’ve never seen them breed and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Should I do anything special? I have just separated them within the tank for now. I’d love to see them hatch and grow to be strong fry and eventually adult fish to join...
  6. CozyCat

    Feeding corydoras fry

    Hi My albino cories have started breeding over the last couple weeks and some of the eggs have hatched! This is my first time raising corydoras fry, I'm so excited!😄 I've done some research on how to raise them, but am still a little confused on what to feed them. They are between a few days...
  7. Bluephoenix4462

    Need help

    Hello, Ive been having a issue with my Sodalis corydoras. I've had 2 out of 5 die removed them immediately they didnt look to have anything physically wrong with them. Now I have another one thats acting off like the other 2, swims in the same spot constantly doesn't swim with the rest of the...
  8. T

    Corydoras skin disease

    Hey, I just recently got an aquarium from a reseller. The reseller had the aquarium for 1/2 months. Now I have it for 2 weeks. The aquarium is 60 liters, I have 6 corydoras and 5 guppies. Now I have just checked up on the aquarium, and ai have seen one of my corydorases skin looking like this...
  9. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  10. A

    Cory eggs what to do?

    Hello I’m new here I have been keeping fish for a while and recently I got two new bronze corydoras and what is my luck that the actually spawned the first time unfortunately all eggs were ruined by other tank mates but they spawned again today and I managed to save 8 eggs I have removed them...
  11. quinnARIUM

    How to Breed Sterbai Corydoras???

    Hi everyone, I have a 75 gal tank I would love to get some Corydoras for. It will be at 82-84 degrees F so I probably get Sterbai Corydoras. However I would really like a big school and I noticed their relatively high price. I have a 20 gal tank that I can pretty much modify in any way and I was...
  12. Mizz_MayDK

    L181 pleco and Corydoras Venezuela Black

    I have bought 5 L181 pleco - naturally they are quarantined in a separate tank, but when they are ready to be moved out of quarantine I want to place them together with my Corydoras Venezuela Black. Is this a good combo? I don’t want to risk my corys lives or their fins being bitten of
  13. Linkandnavi

    Angelfish, Amano Shrimp and Corydoras

    Afternoon all, I'll be adding some angelfish (six juvenile) to my 120 gallon tank in the next few months. Nothing in there are the moment as it`s nearing the end of its cycle and the (juvenile) angelfish will be some of the last to go in. I haven't kept angels previously but while they're some...
  14. shaziasadiqah

    Are Panda Corydoras Hard to Keep?

    So, about two weeks ago i got 6 albino cories and 6 panda cories. the albinos are staying with my betta in a 16gal tank and the pandas are staying with 12 Ember Tetra and 2 Honey Gourami in a 25gal. they were all the same size, very small like 2cm and i quarantine them for 10 days and about 3...
  15. ellamay

    Beginner tips?

    I’m really interested in aquascaping but I’ve also read a lot of different opinions on what substrate corys need so I’m wondering if there’s something that would work well for my plants AND corys? Do fertilisers for the plants affect the fish in any way? What fertilisers are best? Do I need...
  16. C

    Single species or mixed!?

    Hi just wondered what people's thought where on corie groups. I will be upgrading my tank size to up my two bronze to a group of six. And I'm not sure what will be better for the fish and have a more visual impact in the tank - 6 bronze or a mix of 3 bronze and 3 others. Thanks ?
  17. J

    Corydora seems like it got hurt scales , please help

    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me here please. Today i noticed that after, a bit more than a year, and everything has been fine, one of my Corys have something on the side, almost like if he scratched with something or crashed with something and got hurt. But im not sure how something like this...
  18. T

    70L centrepiece fish ideas

    Hi All, I’m new to this forum but not to this wonderful hobby, I used to keep and breed Malawi cichlids in a bigger tank in Italy. I was missing planted aquariums so I set up this mini forest. I love the amber colour from tannins, and I think that neon fish would be perfect for this! I’ve just...
  19. T

    Sick Corys

    In a have a sick Cory, still active feeding and seining with other Corys. Started dosing ferts and added kh/ph plus to raise KH by 1 which o think what aggravated the corys, three affected, two minor symptoms and one looks severe. Pics attached. Kindly advise on what is the condition and what is...
  20. R

    Bronze Corydoras or Venezuelan

    Can’t tell if these are bronze corys bought them under title green corys. Was thinking they were bronze and wanted to boost numbers that’s why the albinos are in there. Any help would be appreciated