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Killifish And Gourami?

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Jul 22, 2020
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Kendal , Cumbria
Hello ,
To get straight to the point I am really interested in Killifish . But don't want a tank of just them as they seem to fight from what I have heard .
I thought about getting a group of Pygmy Corydoras as they seem a good match with the Killis . But I felt something would be missing and really like the look of the Blue Dwarf neon Gourami .
Has anyone tried anything like this ?
I was going to either get the Aphyosemion Australe Killifish or Bluefin Notho Killifish .

Thanks in advance.

My tank size is 60x30x30 (55 litre tank )
33 PM and a 7.5 PH .

also would love to see some Pictures of any Killifish especially the ones I have mentioned .
Thanks in Advance
Do Not buy dwarf gouramis (Colisa lalius) or any of their colour varieties because they regularly carry Fish Tuberculosis and or the Gourami Iridovirus, neither of which can be treated and once the diseases are in the tank, they are there forever.

The reason killifish are kept in single species tanks is so they can breed and you can repopulate your group of fish. Most killifish only live for about 1 year and breed when 3 months old. Having them in their own tank means there is more likelihood of getting young.

I would never keep gouramis or other surface dwelling fishes with killifish because they occupy the same niche in the aquarium. Pygmy Corydoras would be ok but will eat any eggs.
Oh wow I had no clue about that I will keep away from them then that could of been really bad for my tank.
Any alternatives as a centre piece fish?
If not I might put the Killifish on hold and get another tank with just them .

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