1. Connershawzz

    Male or female gourami

    My buddy just got his fish after I gave him my old tank , he wants to breed dwarf gourami , he already has one , I’m pretty sure it’s a female but I want to make sure before I tell him to get get the wrong gender picture below!
  2. GothFishKeeper

    My fish just got fed A LOT of peas

    Okay so I originally thought my platy was pregnant, but it’s been well over a month since she’s been so big so I’m pretty sure she has bloat. I heard that feeding fish peas would help bloat, so I thawed a handful of frozen peas in water and dropped a few in. Then I went out for a couple hours...
  3. GothFishKeeper

    My name is Payton

    Hi, my name is Payton (GothFishKeeper) and I currently have a 20G tank with 7 live plants (1 Amazon Sword, 4 Anubias Barteri, and 2 bundles of hornwort wrapped around a medium sized spider wood branch in the center of the tank) and 10 fish (1 Dwarf Gourami M, 5 Mollies 4F & 1M, 2 Platys 1F & 1M...
  4. A

    Advice please, is my dwarf gourami ill?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can offer me some advise. I have a 200 litre tank with some cardinal tetras, mollies and dwarf rainbow fish. All had been going fine untill a couple of days ago when I added two dwarf red gourami's. Initially one was very unfazed by the introduction the other went and...
  5. S

    Help! Gray Spots on Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami and Boesmani Rainbowfish.

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to share something concerning my aquarium today. It appears that my neon blue dwarf gourami has developed a gray spot on its head, and one of my boesmani rainbowfish has a similar gray spot on its side. These spots were not there previously...
  6. D

    Is this ick???

    Hey there guys I’m new to aquariums I’ve been doing good but lately my plecos have been dying off one by one and when I see the bodies there are little white spots all over I looked it up and found out about ick and now my dwarf powder blue gouramis are starting to have white spots can anyone...
  7. Kirysek

    Honey Gourami with weird underskin issue

    Hi all! Maybe anyone here would have any advice or seen anything similar... We bought 3 honey gourami from a local aquatic store. When we were buying them, a guy in a store changed one of them since he noticed white patch on its side. Rest of them looked good in the store. When at home, we put...
  8. R

    Help, Emergency fry tank setup

    So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m wondering if someone can give me some advice. I have a pregnant swordtail in my 20gallon community tank and I also have a pair of (what I believe to be) sunset thicklipped gourami’s, which up until yesterday were in my community tank. However a couple of fish had...
  9. R

    Help! My honey gourami’s are turning black?

    So I got my “honey gourami’s” a few weeks ago and since I have had them they have gotten darker, with almost a black colour on them. I have been trying to find out what might be wrong with them and I’ve came across a few posts saying that they might actually be thick lipped gourami’s? Can anyone...
  10. HevvyC

    A dwarf gourami query..

    Hi guys, I have a female cobalt blue gourami and a new male dwarf (standard type blue with red stripes) in a 30 gallon with 8 neons. The female was glass surfing as she was alone in there with just shrimp, so I added company which I intended to do anyway. The male started making a bubble nest...
  11. G

    Pearl Gourami Tailfin Deformed?

    Just picked up a beautiful pearl gourami for my centerpiece a few days ago, but unfortunately just noticed her tailfin is quite different looking than images I found in my research. I'd like to know if this is indeed a deformation, and if so whether this might be a long-term health issue for her.
  12. Z

    Liquoric Gourami identifying

    Hello, I have a group of liquorice gourami, and wondering what type I do have, thanks. Shipped as P. Deissneri - however that seems very unlikely. I've tried to get the best photos that I can. (hope this works https://photos.app.goo.gl/8nVS3DYpDpyHVYnRA as this has videos that will help...
  13. G

    Is this a dwarf gourami?

    Help. Is this a powder blue dwarf gourami? yesterday was shopping at the local fish store and saw this fish in a tank of kuhli loaches. there was no sign on the tank but I loved his inquisitive and curious behavior, so I asked the shop worker what he was. She replied dwarf gourami. I purchased...
  14. Y

    Male or Female

    Can anyone help me identify if these ones are a female or male?
  15. R

    Bloated Gourami

    I have a male dwarf gourami named salsa, and recently he has grown very bloated. It seems more concentrated on his left side. I don't think it is iridovirus, because he has no discoloration or spots, or constipation, because whenever I feed him he poops it out a couple hours later, and when I...
  16. W


  17. S

    Need help with Dwarf Gouramis please!!

    I have a large community tank, water parameters are good, just did a partial water change a couple days ago, and most of the fish have been happy, healthy, and active for months. I added 2 black mollys about a week ago, I only quarantined them three days (apparently not long enough) and...
  18. H

    Surprise explosion of fry!

    So I've been working on my newest project which is a 75 gal planted tank over the past few months. So far, everything is going absolutely wonderfully and apparently a little too much so! Currently, I have two adult gold gouramis (both male and female) and woke up the other day to an explosion...
  19. B

    Long white string from Gourami

    Hey guys! Anyone know what this white stringy thing is hanging from my gourami is? She was doing great and then last night she started pooping and it had these intermittent white stringy spots and then today there was that super long white string. She has always been a very hungry fish, eating...
  20. B

    Ich problems

    Hey all, new to the forums (and fish keeping in general so don’t bash me too hard lol) I have about a 1 month old, 37 gal tank. It’s not fully cycled but getting close. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.25 Nitrate: 5 I know now about the nitrogen cycle and cycling a tank but in the beginning I just...