1. T

    Is three gourami in a 20 gal tank to many?

    I had a tank full of different fish, but my male Gold Gourami was bullying the smaller fish and my other female Blue Gourami, so I moved him into a new tank. He seemed lonely so I went and got a female Gold Gourami for him to hang out with, as well as two snails, they have been fine but it...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    I should have known better -is it true that you can't use most kinds of red rocks in an aquarium?

    Bought a new 55 gallon acrylic tank and they are so slow shipping I've been buying accessories for months - bought some red sandstone like rock and just opened it and realized this should probably not go in an aquarium but it was a bargain and said "sized for building caves" which is exactly...
  3. A

    First time owning Dwarf Gouramis!

    Hello, Although I’m not a total beginner in fish keeping, I’m not the most experienced and i am definitely looking for some advice on a couple questions that I’m having a hard time getting solid answers to anywhere else. I recently purchased 3 dwarf Gouramis and i am so happy I did! Prior to...
  4. I

    Difference between blue paradise fish and red paradise fish?

    My LFS has some paradise fish marketed as "blue paradise fish" and "red paradise fish" but I can't find anything substantial about any differences online. Is there a difference? I currently have a male paradise fish and was considering getting two females as I've heard that ratio works, but I...
  5. I

    Sexing my gourami/ will a gourami and betta be okay together?

    Firstly, I’m not quite sure what to look for when sexing my paradise fish. Secondly, I know bettas are technically gouramis and you usually don’t want two gouramis in the same tank, but I was wondering if this case was any different because bettas look strikingly different than other gouramis. I...
  6. M

    NEW TANK :)

    Hi everyone ! I would like to start my first Community Tank. I've read A LOT of information about tropical fishes and Im very exited to have some of them. Im struggling with how many Liters/Gallons needs every fish that I would like to have. Due to the difference of equivalencies and "mistakes"...
  7. D

    40 gallon pearl gourami

    Would a pearl gourami be fine with a small shoal of Buenos Aires tetra in a 40 gallon breeder?
  8. Hamdhan777

    Additional Fish or Shrimp ideas for 50L?

    Hi all, Was hoping to get some thoughts on a centerpiece fish, shrimp or other fish I can get for my aquarium (unless I'd be overstocking); I've had a look at the other "centerpiece fish" forum posts, but every tank is different so wanted specific thoughts to reduce the chance of any issues. I...
  9. S

    Serious help needed diseases

    This pearl gourami seems to have pretty bad fin rot on it's too fin and what seems to be fungus on it's eye and on it's front two fin bases. treating with eSha gdex and eSha 2000 any ideas
  10. R

    Bloated gourami

    Hello, super new to the group and first time gourami keeper . We woke up today to one of our females (Our gourami’s sexes are just an assumption) looking quite large . Don’t get me wrong, Perla has always been thicker but she’s uncomfortably bloated looking today . She isn’t lethargic at all...
  11. T

    Potential Fungus on Dwarf Gourami?

    Last night I noticed a small white spot on my dwarf flame gourami. I had recently had a flagfish in the tank for about a day and he had ended up nipping the fins of my other fish, so I removed him immediately. My first thought was that perhaps the slight fin damage compromised my gourami's...
  12. Y

    Unknown fish disease

    Hi, I noticed my Gourami had small hole on its side and a brown string was coming out of it. The string drops and continusly keeps dropping. For 3 days now.The fish is eating and swimming like normal. I just added API general cure to my tank last night hoping it stop. Just incase it was...
  13. M

    Gourami breeding

    Hi everyone, I need advice's from you regarding the gourami fries care, I have bred 3 sets of gourami fries and all of them died,please help on this to save the kids for my next breeding.I am breeding blue gouramies,using 2*1 feet box,with 15cm level water after bred i am losing fries after 1...
  14. S

    Gourami won't eat or move

    Hello everyone, I've looking after my wife's fish while she's away. There is one honey gourami who has not eaten for about a week. He just stays in the top corner of the tank. He doesn't too pale. Certainly not at the moment. Because of the way the tank is built, he seems to have chosen this...
  15. HevvyC

    New 20 Gallon Starter Tank - Advice? :)

    Hey guys, I've just bought a 100L/ 20 gallon tank and I'm waiting to pick it up at the moment. Very excited! It comes with 2 internal filters (both Aquael 700) and a heater which is great. I was looking into keeping some honey gouramis, platies, neon tetras and maybe some leopard cory's? Nice...
  16. Jan Cavalieri

    Bladder Disease - Is it time to Euthanize? But I don't want to!

    My powder blue dwarf gourami has had this for 4-5 weeks now. First and second time it was a distinct tilt and inability to swim straight, this time it's hanging vertically, with the head at the top. I can snap her out of it for a few minutes by repositioning her. She cab even straighten...
  17. C

    How to tell which one is a female or a male?

    i'm new to having fish (Please excuse my english I normaly speak french). 2 of my gouramis are making a bubble nest.. and I was wondering what should I do about that.. I have 3 gouramis. The only one not making a nest is a dwarf (blue) and he couldnt care less about the two other lol. My...
  18. T

    Suspected dwarf gourami illness PLEASE HELP!!

    So I bought 2 dwarf gouramis about 5 months back and after around a week one died. I put this down to stress as I didn't see any symptoms, he just died but now, the remaining one has recently had a long string of white poop coming out of him constantly so I fed mashed peas for a few days. We now...
  19. Jan Cavalieri

    What kind of Gourami is this?

    Got her about 8 months ago from a small local fish store that didn't have names on half the stuff. Anyway - the owner said it was a "Chocolate Gourami" - so I bought 2 took them home and one died immediately along with other fish he had. I actually have two real Chocolate Gourami's - and their...
  20. Jan Cavalieri

    Swim Bladder issues in a Gourami - going on 3+ weeks now

    a couple weeks ago I noticed one of my dwarf powder blue Gourami was not coming up to the top to get air. Interestingly, I had JUST read an article that insisted that Gourami are "obligatory air breathers" meaning they must come up for air while Betta's are "Facilitative air breathers" that...