1. P

    Is this ick?

    Hey everyone! We just got our first aquarium! I’ve noticed the gourami is stressed out and had these white spots. It’s ick right? If it is should I be worried about knocking out my cycle when I treat? How should I avoid an ammonia spike ?
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Is this ICK or something else - no spots just patches

    I recently received an order from an online fish store that I've ordered from before and they breed nearly all their own stock. Huge variety of fish. Anyway - I ordered some Gourami and yesterday noticed silver patches around their mouth or eyes. I assumed it was ICK but then I looked at...
  3. C

    New Tank Parameters, please advise

    Hey all! New to the forum. I have a 75 gal tank running with an Fx6 filter and heated to 74 degrees. Tank is decorated with little pebble stones and a huge piece of driftwood. That’s all for now. Tank was cycled for at least two weeks and fish were introduced. It’s been running for about a month...
  4. Tippersloth

    What is this behaviour? Honey dwarf gourami

    They do this every so often since I got them, they go side by side and then start shaking and circling round another, Both females and have had for about a year now. I can’t find anything online about this behaviour, anyone got any ideas? I do have a video but can’t seem to find the right area...
  5. Tippersloth

    Sparkling gourami bump

    Hey guys needing some help before putting these guys in the main tank, I’ve noticed that one of them has a bump on the side, not sure if a disease or just a bit of damage from the shop etc Any advice would be helpful
  6. D

    20 g high tank

    So I have a 20G high tank and I think I want some gouramins or ram. I want fun active fish and looking for stocking advice. I do have hard water with a ph Around 7.6. I also have a single dalmatian Molly I plan on moving into the tank as well. Side note: I have a 10G long with 4 Cory catfish (I...
  7. G

    Dwarf Gourami - Not breathing normally

    Hello guys, I am a beginner to fishkeeping... I have a 100 liters tank with 2 Tin foil barb 2 Angel Fish 1 Marble veil Angel 2 Dwarf Gourami 4 Silver Shark last week i forgot to turn on the filter after feeding and then found out that the 2 tin foil barb and a silver shark is dead. I moved...
  8. A

    Gourami Fin Rot or Fin Nipping?

    So... This has been a really horrible year with my fish tank stocking. My 30 gallon tank has 6 tiger barbs, 1 Dalmatian molly, 4 albino corydora catfish, and a dwarf gourami. There's a little background to how I ended up with this mix of fish. At first, I wanted a species-only tank with tiger...
  9. J

    Honey Gourami Discoloration

    I have 2 Honey Gouramis that I thought were turning black because I read that they’ll turn black when they want to mate, but I’m not so sure anymore as to what is going on. Any help is appreciated.
  10. F

    Gourami skin infection

    Hi everyone, my female gourami has what look like a rash on her for a while and I can’t figure out what the disease is or how to treat it. Attached below is the picture of the gourami, if anyone know what it is that’d be really helpful.
  11. D

    30 Gallon tank, stocking

    So I currently have a 10 gallon tnk for my betta and snail. I recently got a 30 gallon tank that I'm still waiting ti start to cycle but I'm trying to plan out my fish tank while I wait. I've been looking into Dwarf Gouramis. I also recently found "fresh water angelfish" and read they could be...
  12. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Should I get another honey gourami?

    Hi everyone, I need some advice on my gourami situation. I have a 240L (understocked) community tank with a female Pearl gourami, and a single male honey as his partner passed away last month. The two get along well and don’t fight or compete for territory, but I’m concerned that if I introduce...
  13. M

    Gourami not eating

    I have a 60 gallon planted tank with a dwarf gourami, two opaline gouramis, a veil angel and 6 Von Rio flame tetras. I’ve had the gouramis and the angel for about two and half months without a problem, and the tetras were added 3 weeks ago and have been doing great. Then a week ago, my dwarf...
  14. Circus

    Sexing Pearl Gourami @ Petstore

    I am aiming for 2 male and 3 females, what do you think of this lot?
  15. Circus

    Room in the 55 Gallon?

    I would like to get a Gourami of some kind for my 55 gallon acrylic tank. It is pretty stocked up, but I think I have enough room biologically. At current I have: 13 Black Ruby Barbs 12 Harlequin Rasbora 8 Yoyo Loach 2 BNP (one adult, one juvenile) 1 Bolivian Ram (a rock fell on the other of...
  16. SAChichlidLover

    50 gal Gourami tank?

    As the title suggests.. I have given in to my mts and going to setup a mainly gourami only tank with the exception of a red tailed shark. Which gourami do you guys think would look the best in a group together? I was thinking three spot gouramis as I kept them with a RTS before and they got on...
  17. G

    Gourami developing large sores and scales disappearing?

    Hi all, I am afraid yet another issue has arisen with my last remaining dwarf gourami. She had begun to bloat quite a bit a few weeks ago, but she fed and swam normally. However, I noticed odd changes in her behaviour lately and begun treating her with anti internal bacterial medicine. This has...
  18. T

    55 gallon stocking questions/suggestions part 2

    Hi I set up a 55 gallon aquarium and I have some stocking ideas from a previous post. - Already cycled * Ph = 7.8 - 8.52 units. * GH = 159 - 164 ppm * Calcium = 47 - 78.5 ppm Fish I'm thinking about stocking with: - 2 Large schools of tetra (probably cardinals and something else) - 3 oto cats...
  19. Kate182

    Dwarf Gourami losing scales

    Hi all, I am fairly new to the fish hobby and I have noticed that one of my Dwarf Gourami seems to have scales missing on their head. What could be causing this? I don't think they are being bullied because the tank is very peaceful (2 x dwarf gourami, 2 x albino corydora, 6 x neon tetra, 6 x...
  20. TotallyTropical

    Melafix Hoax?

    Hello everyone! (wow, I'm back? :oops:) After (almost) finishing the first semester of year 2 in my aquaculture studies at Dalhousie, I've found I've learned more about finfish and shellfish than I've bargained for, and a notable subject has crossed my path while caring for my own fish that I...