1. G

    Bonding with Dwarf Gourami?

    (I’m new here, so I’m not exactly sure how this site works, :p) I just bought a beautiful dwarf gourami yesterday, because I was told that they are affectionate towards their owners. I love fish, especially those that recognize their owners. I was wondering how long it takes for a Dwarf...
  2. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Tropical fish for a 20 gallon?

    Hi, I have been doing research on fish for many years and have kept freshwater tanks for ever. This is my first time setting up a tropical tank and I’m struggling to find small ‘feature fish’ for my 20 gallon high. Just a note: I’m definitely going to keep some guppies, neon tetras and...
  3. RedSarah

    Help with Possible Parasites??

    Hello folks! I'm getting worried about my honey gourami buddy, Cheese... I have had him for just over a year and noticed that his color has been fading slowly over the past month. He is in a moderately planted 5.5 gallon (will be upgrading in the next few months after I move). I struggled with...
  4. A

    Gourami tank mates and numbers

    I’m cycling my 55 gallon and have a few ideas of things to stock it, but I’m not sure. I was thinking for sure some pearl or dwarf gourami. I do enjoy angel fish and barbs as well. I was wondering how many I should stock along with finding male/females to help keep the aggression down. I’m...
  5. C

    Wart-like lesion on Dwarf Gourami

    Hi there This is my first time posting here so apologies if I make any faux-pas. My boyfriend recently got a male and female dwarf Gourami. Originally they were both very lively and seemed happy, but the male has been acting off recently. He often hides in the back, and is generally quite...
  6. 3

    What do i get!!!

    I`m new to the whole tropical fish thing and i cant find the information i want so i thought i would come here. So i got a new tank 2ft About 44l 10 Gallons. And i don`t no which fish will get along together, I Originally was going to get two Blue powder dwarf Gouramis (But apparently they...
  7. V

    My Dwarf Gourami is acting strange

    So, I have Dwarf Gourami that I've owned for a few months now, and as the title says, is acting strange. He sometimes lays on the bottom of the tank, but when I walk over to check on him, he'll get up like nothing is wrong. Also, he won't eat, and he has a white splotch on top of his head above...
  8. Annemarie

    29 gallon stocking

    Hi! After a long wait I’ve finally convinced all those I live with to allow me to keep a larger tank. It’s goimg to be a 29 long and I was going to take a look at filters later depending on how the stocking idea proceeds. I’ll have smooth pebble substrate for the loach (mentioned later) and I...
  9. TheCoolWolf

    What to do if Bettas accidentally bred?

    As the title says, I want to know what I’m supposed to do if my Bettas accidentally bred? A male of mine has built a large bubble nest between an object and the wall of my pond. I don’t know what to do... On a side note, one of my croaking gouramis has also built a bubble nest in a sheltered...
  10. D

    Betta and honey gourami?

    I have a Betta that is currently living in a 2 gallon bowl. I was wondering if I could move him to my bigger tank (20 gallon) that holds a pair of honey gourami’s. Are they compatible?
  11. S

    Happy Tanks

    ok so I’m new here. We all need help from time to time ..... this is why I sought out a forum in the first place, was for advice. On the flip side .... I would like to see everyone’s happy fish, your proud moments, your aquascapes, your monumental centrepiece fish, anything like that. Something...
  12. S

    3 Dotted Gourami male or female?

    Please help end a long mystery for us. Is this a male or female gourami?
  13. Fish345

    Stocking Ideas For 55 gallon

    I have so far... 1x Angelfish 2x Dwarf Gourami 1x Rainbow Shark 3x Mollies 6x Albino Cory Thinking of maybe some tetras?? Idk. The tank is planted with sand and manzanita wood.
  14. A

    Honey Gourami emergency!!

    Tank size: 240L pH: 6.5 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 40 tank temp: 24 C Help!! I've been on holiday for two weeks (neighbour has been popping over to feed and do a water change), done a quick health check on everybody and noticed this on the bottom of my honey gourami!! I have no idea what it...
  15. T

    Sick (Possibly Beaten Up) Dwarf Gourami

    Hey everybody, so yesterday me and my girlfriend were walking around in wal-mart when I decided I'd pop in to take a look at the fish since I was grabbing some food anyways. We saw a group of dwarf gourami in a tank, which I thought was unusual so I took a look. I found one who was kind of...
  16. NathanWilliams415

    Dwarf Gourami Fin Rot?

    I've had my fish tank for around 2-3 weeks now and the gourami for about 2 weeks. A few days ago I noticed my favorite fish has what looks like decay on his fins. It seems to be white on the tips but maybe you guys can see better in the picture. I've added a small amount of aquarium salt as I...
  17. Vengified

    Are these eggs?! No bubbles anymore, but unknown orbs remain?

    Like title states, my male gourami seems to be guarding these eggs, if that is what they are? Background: Yesterday, my wife saw the male, and BOTH the wild honey and yellow honey, doing circular dances. I had to leave for a while, asked when I came back if they did it more, or if they got...
  18. Peepss

    Opaline Gourami White Poop

    My Opaline gourami has been having normal poops lately but tonight I noticed he has this long white/clear string hanging. I’ve seen some people suggest internal parasites as well as just general poor water quality or from a crustacean? We do have shrimp in the tank & one recently died. Should I...

    HELP!!! Gourami with tail problem!!!

    Hello everybody in this forum, This is my first post in this forum, I'm relatively new to this hobby, I mean, I have had a 29 gal tank before without a problem but due to other activities I had to give it away, now I'm back to it with a small 20 gal high tank, inside there are 6 zebra danios, 1...
  20. rogue_betty

    Gourami Troubles

    Tank size: 75 gallon pH: apps 7.4 ammonia: nitrite: 0 nitrate: app 60 kH: app 100 gH: app 200 tank temp: apps 76 degrees Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): 3 Spotted "Blue" Gourami (her name is And): She (?) will swim fine for about 10...