1. J

    Gourami "illness" - Please Help Identify!

    I've been having "issues" with the Gourami's in my tank...  Originally, I had 2 Golds, 1 Pearl, 1 Opal, and 1 Paradise.  There was no bullying or fighting because all the fish were added at the same time and were only 1-2" each when added.   A few months ago, I started battling what I thought...
  2. H

    Another Stocking Question (46G)...

    Hi all!   I have almost completed my first fishless cycle in my 46 gallon tank and I am excited to finally get some fish in there! My ph is between 8.0 and 8.5 on my test chart, and that seems to have limited my options a bit as most common fish I see, seem to prefer it a bit lower. I'm looking...
  3. Ciddire

    New To The Hobby And Have Some Questions.

    Greetings all!   I have no prior fish experience and was assured by the fish expert everything would be okay...however I decided to look on the internet (and stumbled on this forum) I think I might have made a horrible mistake. I wish I would of been informed about the much safer fishless cycle...
  4. S

    Please Help! Gourami Having Difficulty Breathing.

    Please help... My Giant Gourami is having difficulty breathing. She seems to gasping for air, and recently has not eaten much for a few months now. She also seems weak, not moving much starting from yesterday until today. I just tried a water change and added an additional oxygen pebble. Is it...
  5. B

    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    I bought these 4 fish to give to my friend but now I'm keeping them. There's two tiger barbs and two other fish that idk. I have a 1 gallon and they get along but today I'm going to pet smart to buy a $15 ten gallon. Ik tiger barbs need at least 20 gallon now after purchasing, but ten is the...
  6. AquaPit

    A Variety Of Gouramis In One Tank?

    What do you guys think? Any experience keeping such stock?
  7. AquaPit

    How Many Dwarf Gouramis In A 60L Tank?

    My tank dimensions are 60cmx30x35 Approx. 60litres (17 US gallons) So... the question is, how many Dwarfs can I put in there? Future tank mates (most likely): 1) 10x Hasborus Cory Or 2) 6x Panda Cory Or 3) Just Dwarf Gouramis :)
  8. C

    Hiding Gourami

    My male powder blue gourami is apperently really good at hide-&-seek. Any idea why he's hiding?
  9. mrstwalker

    Angel Fish/gourami - Help!

    My husband and I have recently aquired a 55 gal tank. We are rigorously doing research trying to decide on what to stock the tank with.    We are interested in doing around 3-4 angels and 3-4 gourami's in the tank, we have done a lot of research on how these fish do together and for the most...
  10. Y

    70 Gallon Corner Tank+Outdoor Plankton Tank

    Hello everyone :) this is our new journal following our updated upgraded tank we moved all our fish and such from our 45 gallon bow which will be used to house a Merauke Island Blue Tongue and a Red eyed Crocodile Skink probably turned into a double layer tank with some diy shelving added in but...
  11. newtofishs


    I would like to start by saying sorry as I know I didnt really get off to the best start with a few of the members on this forum, sorry :(  I really need some help sexing this gourami as my sister might buy him but wants to know what sex he is, we are pretty sure he is a male although we arn't...
  12. RossC

    Pair Of Female Gouramis?

    I've currently got a single female opaline gourami and I'd like to get another but only one so a male would not be suitable due to aggression but could I get another female?
  13. P

    Tons Of Questions

    So i started my tank about two months ago,  55 gallon with two quiet flow 50s (Yeah the guy at Petco was a real slick talker), i have a german ram and two electric blues (had another blue but mysteriously died), 5 von rio tetras, 3 congo tetras(plan on getting 2 or 3 more once the pet store gets...
  14. 0

    Dropsy Or Pregnancy

    Hi everyone. Im relitivley new to the forum experiance, so i might be a bit off here   my female dwarf gourami (sofie) has puffed up around her chest, as if she swallowed a marble. ive been looking for the signs of dropsy ( the pinecone scales) but all she seems to be doing along that is staying...
  15. WhiskeyHands

    Sexing Gouramis

    Hey guys, I went to the pet store to stock my 10 gallon and for now, i bought a what I think to be a Sunset Gourami? I think he's a male because i've read that male are brighter in colour but a confirmation of its sex and the species of Gourami he is is truly appreciated.  
  16. mrstwalker

    New To Gouramis! Help!

    I have seen some Gouramis in the local fish hobbyist store and have seen some on here. I am interested in adding them to my 20gal. tank as a community fish. What fish pair well with them? What is the best tank size? Basically I need general information about Gouramis   THANKS!
  17. ReMz

    Old Member - Reintroduction

    Hey - have chatted with a few of you guys.   Old member from back in the day. Back on the forums and loving what this community has turned into. Definitely has grown, but the core of the forum is still the same.   My tanks have changed a bit over the years I have been off the forums.   When I...
  18. Kabernick30

    Looking For A Centerpiece Fish

    Ihave a 26 gallon (24x14x20) community aquarium with a pleco and 4 danios. What would be the best centerpiece fish, iam currently thinking of either a.. -honey gourami -angelfish -opaline gourami What is your centerpiece/favourite fish in your tank and what would you recommend?
  19. T

    New Here

    I have a 55 gallon tank. In it I have Opal gourami Blue gourami Pink kissing gourami Gold gourami Dwarf fire gourami Dalmatian Molly Black skirted tetra Neon green tetra Silver dollar Denison bard Blue mystery snail It is a very lively tank. All the fish have there own personality. I...
  20. W

    Stocking 20G High Tank

    I am getting a 20 gallon tank tomorrow. I am planning on the fish I would stock it with and how I would cycle it?   My current plan for fish is: 2 Dwarf Gourami's 3 Guppies 4 Albino Cory Catfish 5 Silver Hatchet fish I ran this through aqadvisor.com and it sad 99% stocking capacity.   I was...