Help Glow Tetras Not Eating Please

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Sep 7, 2013
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Hi I posted another one of this but nobody replied so i am trying again. I got some glow tetras on Thursday and fed them that day and they did not eat. That day the blue powder gourami was chasing the glow tetra around alot. The blue powder gourami still does it now. I tried feeding them yesterday and they did not eat. I assume it is because they are scared of the blue powder gourami the funny thing is the gourami doesn't chase the zebra danios around so the zebra danios eat. Please I need help the glow tetra are going to die. By the way they are in a 20 gallon and I use tropical flakes. Please somebody help me.
I am new to all this and I am sure that others on here will be able to help you much more than me, but the reason I am answering you is because I have glow tetras who too were not eating because of my silver tipped tetra bullying them into the corner, they never dear come out of the corner......I removed the two tetras i had to another tank and within hours my glows sensed the silver tips were not there and now swim all over the place 'very hungrily' waiting for me to feed them. Their colour has enhanced over the last few days and they are actually looking like they have a bit of fun...something I never saw while the silver tips were in with them. The guys on here suggested I remove them...and for my glows it was the best decision. The silver tips are now with lots of others and I feel better as I'm sure they do too. My answer may not be the reason behind their not eating...but thought I would just share my little story with you.
Good luck
Normally I would say that with them being newly introduced they might just need to adjust to their new home and will come round.

However, it most certainly sounds like your dwarf gourami is freaking them out far too much and is putting them right off food.

The DG must see them as a threat somehow, their colours, perhaps. And the only way to solve it is to re-home either the gourami or the tetras...sorry.
Gouramis are territorial so imagine this is part of the problem.
Try moving the decorations around so it's not quite his territory any more, see if that helps.
Sometimes when adding new fish it takes a while to get them to eat while they adjust to their new home.
If it is worrying you overly much or the gourami starts to hurt them then certainly do as fm recommended. :)
I have read some people have found success in keeping gourami in community tanks
pr20smith said:
I have read some people have found success in keeping gourami in community tanks
Yes, you're right, I'm one of them. I have 2 males with Head and Tail Light Tetras, Cories, Ottos and a Flash pleco.

You just have to be mindful of their tank companions. In general, something with a lot of colour or flowing fins are probably a no no. For example, you wouldn't put highly coloured guppies in next to your gourami.
Tried feeding them bloodworms and pellets and they won't go for that either i don't think the gourami is the problem anymore how long can fish last without food because i am running out of time and the petstore won't let me return them
Have heard they can go a week or two without.
If you want to return them then do so, I probably would but I'm a worry-wart :/
They're probably not eating because they're stressed. Possibly from the move to a different tank, maybe because of the gourami harassing them in the beginning, or maybe they are sick!?
I have a few questions: How many fish are all together in the tank and what species of fish? Do you have any plants in there with them or decor to give them places to hide in? Is your tank cycled? Asides from them not eating do you see any spots or fuzz on any of them? Are their bellies sunken in? Are they hovering near the surface? What temperature do you have the tank at? Do you know the pH of your tank? 
You could try taking the Gourami out, re-organize the tank to make it look different and then re-introduce the gourami. While the Gourami is out, you could try feeding your glow lights, maybe they will eat then.
If you have the lights on when you feed them and they're not touching anything, you could try feeding them with the lights off. 

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