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glow tetra

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  1. J

    Is something wrong?

    One of my daughters glow fish has what appears to be a small raised bump on its bottom fin. It’s the same color as the fish. It seems to be eating normally and the last water change was almost a month ago. The other two fish do not have a bump. It’s kinda hard to tell since I can’t get a good...
  2. K

    Glow fish tetra has seriously large stomach

    Hi all, new here. This glow tetra we’ve had for about 6 months has had this large stomach for a few months now and never shows signs of dropping eggs if she is a female. Is this bloat? Or does she just have a ton of eggs in her abdomen that she hasn’t dropped yet. What can I do to fix this. Fish...
  3. P

    Help Glow Tetras Not Eating Please

    Hi I posted another one of this but nobody replied so i am trying again. I got some glow tetras on Thursday and fed them that day and they did not eat. That day the blue powder gourami was chasing the glow tetra around alot. The blue powder gourami still does it now. I tried feeding them...