1. W.R

    New Clown Killifish In Established Tank, Lethargic after ICH treatment

    Hey all, about two weeks ago I've purchased 8 Clown killifish for my 20L, 2 year established tank with a few neocaridina, I could not quarantine them because my QT was taken up that same day by a friends sick beta fish (who is fine now :D), the store did not want to keep the killi's any longer...
  2. BBfishes

    How to gender green killifish?

    Is there a way to tell the gender of green species of killifish? I will attach a photo below to which kind I’m speaking of. Abs how do you tell fighting from a breeding behavior?
  3. K

    Golden wonder breeding

    So... After making and putting a spawning mop in with my two golden wonder panchax killifish last night, tonight I have a total of 23 perfectly clear little eggs. I have separated them from the mop and placed them into a hang-on breeder box and replaced the mop in the hope of more eggs! Until...
  4. April_ht

    5 gallon killifish tank

    I have a 4.2 gallon tank that was used to house platy fry for about 2 months and was only emptied this weekend, however the tank or sponge filter have not been washed as I don’t want to remove beneficial bacteria. If I were to get this set up and cycled again, would it be possible to have a pair...
  5. Selby

    First forum post

    So, this is my first time ever using a forum, I did join to ask a couple questions about my girlfriends pregnant guppy which I had to foster due to her tank getting cracked, but a couple minutes after creating the account she started to pop out her babies. I've haven't kept guppies for a long...
  6. W.R

    Clown Killifish, good idea?

    Heya all, recently I've had my established 20L/5Gal tank emptied out (bare a few pregnant shrimp), and I've been thinking about what to stock it with, the filter flow is minimal, very many floating plants (red root and salvinia, frogbit) as well as some vallisneria gigantea, mosses etc. Ph is a...
  7. C

    Killifish in higher temperatures

    I recently decided to make use of the space in my Discus tank by introducing a killifish. I maintain my Discus at around 82- 83°F. Do you think its a good idea. There are lots of good hiding places for the killifish.
  8. Barry Tetra

    So....what should I do next?

    I just hatch Nothobranchius rachovii eggs and I got the fry, what should I do next? Do they need aeration during this time? When can I move the tank? Tank size? @Colin_T
  9. Ellie Potts


    I have a 20-gallon long tank with one dwarf gourami, some neon tetras, and a pleco. I've recently been interested in adding a Gardneri Panchax. I was initially concerned about the fish interacting with my gouramis but have found quite a few articles saying they get along ok. I haven't, however...
  10. Barry Tetra

    How to hatch killifish eggs?

    I just bought Nothobanchius rachovi, I wanted to know how to hatch them.
  11. newmag1659

    Upgrading to a 20 gallon!

    I'm very excited as I am upgrading my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. I currently have three adult (two female, one male) gardneri killifish and 6 corys (4 albino, 2 emerald), and two nerite snails. The tank is heavily planted and I intend to do the same with the 20 gallon. Cycling shouldn't take long...
  12. newmag1659

    Gardneri Male won’t breed?

    Hi! At the end of June, I purchased 4 killifish: two males and two females. One of the males was larger and more dominant, and so he was the one breeding to the females, and he did so often. Within a week, he died mysteriously. Tank parameters were normal (don’t remember but around 0/0/10-30) so...
  13. TomRadford12354

    Killifish And Gourami?

    Hello , To get straight to the point I am really interested in Killifish . But don't want a tank of just them as they seem to fight from what I have heard . I thought about getting a group of Pygmy Corydoras as they seem a good match with the Killis . But I felt something would be missing and...
  14. Barry Tetra

    What should I add in 20g tank? Killifish???

    So recently my goldfish died after the vacation due to fungus or “white mucus” :( Can anyone suggest what should I put in the tank? as there are nothing in that tank rightnow Questions 1. How many Nothobranchius rachovii can I add? 2. How do I hatch the egg? My LFS sold 30 killifish eggs for a...
  15. newmag1659

    Substrate Help

    Hi! This is my 10 gallon killifish and corycat tank. Everyone is doing well, but I'm having trouble with my plants! I thought I'd really like fluval stratum but I don't... the plants won't stay put. Even in my other tank with 3+ inches of substrate, I'm constantly having to replant. Is there a...
  16. Barry Tetra

    My first ever Killifish and updates (Blue Panchax)

    Hello TFF, let’s start the journal, for those who don’t know; April 19 I found Blue Panchax school and Anacharis in the polluted river on the back of my house (which is next to clothing factory and people’s houses where everyone dump oil and weird stuff in the river :/) I don’t catch them...
  17. Barry Tetra

    Killifish hatchery???

    Is it okay to buy this Killifish hatchery kit with killi eggs from LFS? @Colin_T
  18. fishperson100

    Killifish choices?

    Hello everybody! So, I was thinking about getting a killifish in the future. Is someone able to tell me, what types are the best for a killifish beginner, the tank setup, care, and where to get them? Currently I have a 10 gallon tank with a nice HOB filter. Also, are the Corydoras aeneus...
  19. chrisdenyer

    stocking 45L tank

    Hi guys, so my 45L tank had been housing a dwarf gourami, but sadly he died this week. I have three purple harlequin rasbora in there at the mo (originally 6), and am trying to decide how to restock it. (I can move the rasbora if need be depending on what I go for, or rebuild the shoal) My...
  20. K

    Pictures: Fundulopanchax Gardneri Aquarium Strain

    Hello all!   I bought a pair of these fish 3 months ago and while they were pale and colorless back then, they've really grown in this past quarter and I thought I'd share pictures here as well! Also, if anyone is interested I can send eggs when the winter is over :D     Another shot of the...