1. Barry Tetra

    My first ever Killifish and updates (Blue Panchax)

    Hello TFF, let’s start the journal, for those who don’t know; April 19 I found Blue Panchax school and Anacharis in the polluted river on the back of my house (which is next to clothing factory and people’s houses where everyone dump oil and weird stuff in the river :/) I don’t catch them...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Killifish hatchery???

    Is it okay to buy this Killifish hatchery kit with killi eggs from LFS? @Colin_T
  3. fishperson100

    Killifish choices?

    Hello everybody! So, I was thinking about getting a killifish in the future. Is someone able to tell me, what types are the best for a killifish beginner, the tank setup, care, and where to get them? Currently I have a 10 gallon tank with a nice HOB filter. Also, are the Corydoras aeneus...
  4. chrisdenyer

    stocking 45L tank

    Hi guys, so my 45L tank had been housing a dwarf gourami, but sadly he died this week. I have three purple harlequin rasbora in there at the mo (originally 6), and am trying to decide how to restock it. (I can move the rasbora if need be depending on what I go for, or rebuild the shoal) My...
  5. K

    Pictures: Fundulopanchax Gardneri Aquarium Strain

    Hello all!   I bought a pair of these fish 3 months ago and while they were pale and colorless back then, they've really grown in this past quarter and I thought I'd share pictures here as well! Also, if anyone is interested I can send eggs when the winter is over :D     Another shot of the...
  6. E

    Norman Lampeyes - 5 Dead In 5 Days.

    Hi everyone,   I'm having some issues with my Norman Lampeyes and am looking for some advice.   I have a 30l tank - cycled and been up and running for around 14 months now. It has sand substrate, bogwood and live plants/moss in it. Water is kept at 24deg c and changed once a week (about 30%)...
  7. K

    School Project: A Killifish Aquarium

    Hi everyone   I'm a student and my class has been given a project about making an aquarium for several species of fish. As you maybe already have read, I have to design an aquarium for killifish. After a bit research, I now know this is not a simple task because they're so many different...
  8. Y

    Link To Killi Buy

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your help. Would love to have a link to buying aphyosemion gardneri killifish Makurdi. Or purchase of Fundulopanchax nigerianus. With delivery to Israel. Better comes with tools and food for the first period. At a good price. Can anyone help?   Thanks...
  9. Squatchmen

    Any Large Fish (8-12 Inches) That Can Get Along With Smaller Fish (3-4

    Hey everyone, so I'm not stopping till I get a fish that can be housed in my 60gal aquarium with these other fish:   > Rams > Apistos > Killifish > Gouramis > Rainbowfish   I was really excited to get them, and would like to know if there is such a thing for SOME larger fish that can be in the...
  10. A

    Possibly Breeding The Golden Wonder Killifish This Summer

    I have a 36g and hope to buy a 10 gallon to breed the female and male in. the 10 would stay bare, with a breeding mop, and once they lay their eggs i would take the adults out and put them back in my 36. the babies would grow up in the 10 gallon, eating crushed flakes and any homemade fry food i...
  11. Boyden

    My Killifish 'fundulopanchax Gardneri Jos Plateau' Journal

    The Idea   Well, I originally stumbled across 'Tropical Fish Forum' looking for some Killifish information.  Gathering information on 'fundulopanchax Gardneri Jos Plateau' has not been easy but I've got there in the end.   After some deliberation I decided to purchase the eggs of 'fundulopanchax...
  12. Boyden

    Hatching 'fundulopanchax Gardneri Jos Plateau'

    Hi,   Is it possible to take the eggs of 'Fundulopanchax Gardneri Jos Plateau' from the peat they're be delivered with and place them into petri dishes with aged water?  If so do you have any advice for antibacterials that can be used in the water to prevent any nasty's?    I hope this is a...
  13. RCA

    Aphyosemion Gardneri Golden - Saw These Today And Thought...

    I have a Juwel Vision 180 and I have been thinking what to put in it and was thinking maybe Killifish? I went to my LFS today and they have a new batch in, plus they also have two left of the Aphyosemion Gardneri Golden, which looked an interesting fish.  They both looked plain orange with one...
  14. L

    Non Annual Killifish Wanted

    Im after some killifish preferably australi or other beginer killifish Im in teesside closer the better or posted if possible Thanks Liam
  15. K

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I just got a new 5 gallon tank that I want to set up as a planted aquascape with either driftwood or stone. I was hoping to get some amano or ghost shrimp, however I wasn't sure what else to add to the tank. I know it's a small tank and therefore I have limited options. These are the various...
  16. K

    5 Gallon Too Small?

    I just got a new 5 gallon tank, I've yet to set it up but I'm planning on making it a planted aquarium. The planned set up is for some driftwood in the corner, carpeted baby tears (HC), a Ludwigia hybrid species and maybe some star moss. Mostly fluval stratum substrate and a portion of it sand...