Possibly Breeding The Golden Wonder Killifish This Summer


Apr 28, 2013
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I have a 36g and hope to buy a 10 gallon to breed the female and male in. the 10 would stay bare, with a breeding mop, and once they lay their eggs i would take the adults out and put them back in my 36. the babies would grow up in the 10 gallon, eating crushed flakes and any homemade fry food i can find on the internet. when the babies are big enough, i would decorate the 10 gallon and i would take out all but 2 of them for my 36 gallon. the pair will stay in the 10 gallon for the rest of their lives, and my project will be complete.
any tips you have about breeding this particular fish? i would love to hear some, as i am just basing this on what i know from breeding other fish. is a 10g too small for an adult pair?
let me know!


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