Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

Ooohh, grabbing the popcorn for this thread!
Me too!
OK, I will bite, why are they mean little turds and why did you not tell me before I went out and bought 22 more of the "turds:nerd:
had 10 and they constantly fought with one another, nipped each others fins, and even bit one of the face off one of them. Nothing but conflicts with them and they've started going after my other fish in the tank too, so I ended up rehoming all 10 lol

Theyre meaner than my skirt tetras and cherry barbs combined haha
Someone I knew asked if her male splendens could live together in the same 2 gallon :oops:
I know someone who just went ahead and did that. With 2 cory catfish in the 2 gallon too.

You know how it went.

And guess who has those cory catfish now... lol

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