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  1. R

    easy to breed

    hi guys in your opinion which small predatory fish is easy to breed ?
  2. D

    Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

    Hello all! I've been keeping pygmy corydoras for a few years because they are my favorite fish. I'd really like to see them reproduce but they don't seem to be doing so on their own. So what I'll do here is go through some of the steps I've been taking to get them to spawn and hopefully one of...
  3. ella777

    Anyone know how to stop breeding?

    Hello! How can I house 6 rosy barbs without them breeding? I already have 1 male and 2 young females and I'm getting 3 more soon. The male has been chasing the females around quite a bit and I don't know if he's trying to breed or make friends. I definitely don't want them breeding. Apparently...
  4. G

    First post on this site, risk of inbreeding guppies

    Looking to breed guppies to try breeding for profit. I have a 29 gal somewhat heavily planted tank lots of stem plants, substrate fully covered, salvinia covers almost entire surface. I was wondering if it would be possible to breed 24k gold guppies from a single pair or trio. Would the later...
  5. C

    What is this fish?

    I recently bought this fish from Petsmart. The employee said it was a platy and ended up picking a random sku because she didn't know which breed it was. I was thinking it was a very large female guppy but she's a lit bigger than guppies I've raised. (2in. in length) The black spot seems to be...
  6. S

    Dwarf Gourami Pair

    Would you be able to have a Cobalt blue dwarf gourami and a Flame dwarf gourami together as a pair as they are the same breed just different colours?
  7. B

    ram breeding

    Hi, I have 2 male and 2 female german blue rams in my 200 liter tank along with some tetras, dwarf plecos etc. I am currently trying to breed my rams but they won't even pair. My water parameters are good ph is 6.6, tds is 160ppm and the water is 28 degrees and my nitrite and nitrate levels are...
  8. Barry Tetra

    How to breed kuhli loaches

    Are breeding kuhli in aquarium possible? And if possible how to do it?
  9. Ama

    Some doubts about my new betta

    Yesterday my dad bought this pal and he didn't ask anything about her. Some of my doubts are mentioned below 1)How old is she 2 )What type of betta is this 3)when she get ready to b NB:- currently I'm keeping both of them on a small glass.... I'm actually planning to buy new homes for them
  10. J

    How long should a male guppy chase a female guppy?

    I recently bought 2 female guppies and 1 male snakeskin guppy, for a total of 4 guppies (had one female beforehand). Whenever I look at them, the male is just chilling and every few minutes chases the females, though for less than a second. Is he pestering the females to mate or just annoying them?
  11. Cameronb_01

    Discus Egg Percentage-Yield

    Hi Guys, My discus recently spawned, (around three days ago). This time round, when I came to the tank and saw that the eggs had been laid, I covered the spawning cone with a makeshift cone-guard made from gutter-mesh. I also added a half dose of myxazin to the tank to try and get as many of...
  12. Cameronb_01

    Discus Fry Feeding

    Hi Guys, My discus have successfully spawned and created 20 wrigglers, (pic attached): I estimate they will be free swimming within around 24 hours. I just had a few questions regarding feeding. How much baby brine shrimp should I buy to feed them? How much should I give them per feed? How...
  13. Whisp

    Help Identify Betta

    Hello everyone! I am new here and new to owning Betta fish and am confused as to what type of Betta fish I might have. When I got him from the pet store they marked him as a half moon tail Opal Betta Male, well I can't find any information on the breed of a Opal Betta? So I asked someone who...
  14. G

    Hybridizing corycats

    So I'm a huge fan of messing with genetics and was wondering if it's possible to breed emerald green corys with panda corys and produce a green, black, and white Cory? Need to know if it's been done, if it's possible, and if so how to do it.
  15. cooledwhip

    What Kind Of Goldfish Are These?

    Hi all, I was at a new LFS today just browsing around and maybe buy some plants and they had a massive tank with a bunch of "small goldfish" as they were labeled. I bought some plants and decided to buy these "small goldfish" Because they were $2 each... and there were HUNDREDS. I also saw in...
  16. F

    New Silver Mollies

    Hey everyone! I just thought I'd create a log to show the breeding of mollies and the community interactions in my 20 gallon aquarium.  I recently added 6 silver mollies to the bunch so now the tank is stocked as follows:  1 male skirt tetra, 1 female skirt tetra, 1 bleeding heart tetra, 3...
  17. J

    What Fish Should I Breed?

    I'm looking for a fish to breed in a 120 litre tank I want a colourful and a fish that won't eat it's own eggs the majority of the time, I want a fish that sells for quite a bit too was going to breed electric blue rams but I don't really know yet could someone give me some advice. My tank! Ph...
  18. Liv15

    Will My Danios Breed?

    So I have a female zebra danio and a male leopard danio. They are always trying to breed in my community tank and I wondered if a zebra danio would breed with a leopard danio. They are basically the same fish except one is striped, the other spotty. I read somewhere that any danio would breed...
  19. D

    What To Breed For Feeders?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and relatively new to the hobby as well! I have a number of tanks set up at the moment, but my main focus for now is my 21 gallon housing 2 warmouths. I know they aren't tropical, but i love my fish anyway :) I'm getting tired of running to the pet store all...
  20. A

    Possibly Breeding The Golden Wonder Killifish This Summer

    I have a 36g and hope to buy a 10 gallon to breed the female and male in. the 10 would stay bare, with a breeding mop, and once they lay their eggs i would take the adults out and put them back in my 36. the babies would grow up in the 10 gallon, eating crushed flakes and any homemade fry food i...