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Oct 21, 2019 at 11:30 PM
Aug 16, 2009
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Nov 25, 1989 (Age: 29)

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Jack Dempsey Enthusiast, Male, 29, from GB

Verminator89 was last seen:
Oct 21, 2019
    1. Toology88
      how do i post pics of my cichlids. not sure exactly how this site works?
    2. mattlee
      i would be very suprised if you didnt hear us in the store tbh.... lol
      (couldnt fit it in the last comment)
    3. mattlee
      yeah it was a bit weird tbh.... i had no idea it was you until you turned your head either otherwise i would have said hi earlier. good to see you again albeit very very brief! glad your ok. our afternoon at ikea was an absolute nightmare as my youngest daughter wouldnt stop crying, i think she was just so tired she didnt know what to do with herself. im would be very suprised if you didnt ...
    4. kizno1
      Ive only just noticed your message. i still try to pop in for a check every now and again but just dont have the time for it like i used to. Hope all is going well for you
    5. hackmaster
      Yea a while ago... :( he was eating to many fish, I couldn't keep nothing with him
    6. Verminator89
      Having spent the last three months homeless, on the floor of my mums spare room with the other half and her cat on nothing more than a single bed - i'm very much looking forward to moving into the new place this weekend and getting my tanks set up again. Three months with just glass, fish and water hasnt been very inspiring. New project with new fish on the way. Watch Wiseys Space
    7. walkers101
      where are you mate?
    8. Verminator89
      Devastated at the loss of my beloved EB Jack Dempsey - R.I.P Jack
    9. Verminator89
      Devastated, gutted. Its a hard pill to swallow for sure :/
    10. walkers101
      i feel for you mate he was a beaut
    11. meee
      wow thats the best looking Dempsey
      iv seen he's a beast ;)
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    Nov 25, 1989 (Age: 29)
    My Aquariums & Fish:
    280L/63G - x5 Red Head Tapajo's (3M/2F) x1 L160 Pseudacanthiscus Spinosus, x2 L340 Mega Clowns, x1 BN Male, x4 Cory Metae, x5 Barbs (unknown)
    <p><span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-size:12px;"><span>Name:</span> James <br><span>Nickname:</span> Wisey<br><span>Location:</span> Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom<br><span>Occupation:</span> Not what i'd like it to be <img src="http://www.fishforums.net//public/style_emoticons/default/hehe.gif" title=":fun:" alt="hehe.gif"><br><span>Years in hobby:</span> 10 years<br><span>Favourite Fish:</span> Rocio Octofasciata (Jack Dempsey Cichlid)<br><br><span>Fishy facts:</span><br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- I got my first tank (Rio 180) on my 15th birthday<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- My love for aquatics stems from my love of the Jack Dempsey cichlid (see my journal)<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- I'm an adequate plant keeper, currently delving more into this side of aquatics<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- I currently have 1 tank running, my main 280L which currently has 5 Red Head Tapajo's and a L160 Pseudacanthicus Spinosus in, plus a couple lodgers. Soon to be re-done<br><br><span>Likes:</span><br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Jack Dempseys<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Japonica Shrimp<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Hemianthus Callitrichoides<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Java Fern<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Low light &amp; CO2<br><br><span>Pet hate:</span><br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Abbreviated text - use propper english "plz"<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- People who are ignorant to the basic principles of fishkeeping<br><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">"tab"</span>- Dyed and deliberatly disfigured fish<br><br>
    I certainly do not know everything, and what i say may not be 100% correct, if this is the case others will correct my mistakes. I'm here to assist on matters i've experienced and give my opinion, what i say should not be taken as "the law", but more of a guidance <img src="http://www.fishforums.net//public/style_emoticons/default/good.gif" title=":good:" alt="good.gif"><br><br><br><br><br><br><span><strong>TFF Fish of the Month Winner December 2010</strong></span><br><br>
    8" Male Electric Blue Jack Dempsey.<br><br><br><img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b352/Verminator89/DSC_0102.jpg" alt="DSC_0102.jpg"></span></span><br><br>
    R.I.P Jack, gutted doesn't even come close. July 2008 - August 2011 :'(</p>

    Aquatics, Cars, Music, Football


    Verminator _James
    Aquatic fanatic and keen learner of aquascaping
    The canvas is what you make it...​

    /-_-\James (not me) Algae Guide/-_-\Fishless Cycling Guide/-_-\DIY FE CO2/-_-\70L Planted Tank Journal/-_-\My Jack Dempsey Biotope Journal/-_-\