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  • i would be very suprised if you didnt hear us in the store tbh.... lol
    (couldnt fit it in the last comment)
    yeah it was a bit weird tbh.... i had no idea it was you until you turned your head either otherwise i would have said hi earlier. good to see you again albeit very very brief! glad your ok. our afternoon at ikea was an absolute nightmare as my youngest daughter wouldnt stop crying, i think she was just so tired she didnt know what to do with herself. im would be very suprised if you didnt ...
    Ive only just noticed your message. i still try to pop in for a check every now and again but just dont have the time for it like i used to. Hope all is going well for you
    Having spent the last three months homeless, on the floor of my mums spare room with the other half and her cat on nothing more than a single bed - i'm very much looking forward to moving into the new place this weekend and getting my tanks set up again. Three months with just glass, fish and water hasnt been very inspiring. New project with new fish on the way. Watch Wiseys Space
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