1. xipo817

    What is this fish?

    What do you think the fish in the middle is? She was born from golden(japanese tiger) strain. Is she blonde or blonde golden(cream)? I can't tell( she is still small).
  2. xipo817

    melanin in vienna emerald double sword

    I bought vienna emerald from a shop 2 month ago and raising children. But they are not as beautiful as they used to be 10 years or so ago.(I regret I didn't keep the old strain.) Their emerald color got less vivid and they got micromelanin stain in its caudal fin upper base(the place I want the...
  3. xipo817

    Is this fish golden(Japanese tiger)?

    I bought these fish as fullblack. But the former has much lighter color. Is the above fish golden?
  4. xipo817

    Relation ship between golden and blonze

    I gained about 30 fry from golden( japanese tiger) guppy strain. And one of them found out to be a blonde. Is this often happens? Is there any genetic relationship between autosomal golden and blonde gene? Does anyone know well about this?
  5. M

    Gold Rams

    I have two male golden ram and my mother got me 2 female rams. Now at the moment my two male rams are separated and I am wondering if i can introduce both males after I have introduced the two females into a tank were the one male is. Does any one know. Thanks
  6. J

    Golden Sevrum

  7. NomNomTiger

    Golden Dojo Pregnant Or Hurt?

    I have to Golden dojos that I BELIEVE to be both Male, (Karl and Franchesco)   Karl is a lot bigger than Fran, but I got them around the same size and not too far apart. They have been buds for a while now, around 5 months at min. Franchesco follows karl, like right beside him, like he's stuck...
  8. F

    Yo Yo Loach / Golden Sucking Loach

    Hi all,    I have already posted about this a good few months ago but thought i'd ask something diffrent about it. Unfortunatley I had three yo yo loaches two of them 6" and the other around 4" I came down one morning and the two biggest loaches were floating at the top dead along with my...
  9. A

    Possibly Breeding The Golden Wonder Killifish This Summer

    I have a 36g and hope to buy a 10 gallon to breed the female and male in. the 10 would stay bare, with a breeding mop, and once they lay their eggs i would take the adults out and put them back in my 36. the babies would grow up in the 10 gallon, eating crushed flakes and any homemade fry food i...