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Ellie Potts

Sep 12, 2020
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North Carolina
I have a 20-gallon long tank with one dwarf gourami, some neon tetras, and a pleco. I've recently been interested in adding a Gardneri Panchax. I was initially concerned about the fish interacting with my gouramis but have found quite a few articles saying they get along ok. I haven't, however, been able to find anything concrete about how many garneri's to get. I don't want to breed them, and I know keeping multiple males will lead to aggression. Can I just keep one of them? If I need more than one, what ratio of males to females should I get? Do I need to sell any of my current fish enable to keep killifish?
@Barry Tetra is right. Killies are not community fish at all for the most part. Fundulopanchax gardneri are little devils. They harass their mates to death and are always sparring with each other. Treat them like Bettas. I have one male Gardneri left and I pray for his death.
I have a friend who keeps gardneri killifish and here is what he has to say:

"Hi, I keep a trio of Fundulopanchax gardneri in a 36 gallon community tank which includes neon tetras a bn pleco and a gourami like you said as well as a few other species. I started with just a m/f pair but they spawned and I removed 1 egg and raised the fry. I have had no trouble in terms of aggression with them, of course if it is a small fish that can fit in their big mouth i would not recommend you keep them together but none of my fish have had any issues apart from the odd snap at a longfin danio. Definitely no issues with the gourami or bn pleco. They are always to busy with breeding interest to interact with the other species in the tank so mostly keep to themselves. They are a beautiful fish and I highly recommend them for a community tank to add some interest, colour and personality as long as there are no nano fish in the tank because they will be eaten-not attacked but just seen as food. Its not out of aggression. They would only be aggressive if there were 2 males in the tank."
@Crispii That just goes to show you that there are two sides to every coin. Since that guy had those results under those conditions then I would use those same conditions as a starting point if I wanted Killifish in a community setting.

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