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So....what should I do next?

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Barry Tetra

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Dec 23, 2019
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I just hatch Nothobranchius rachovii eggs and I got the fry, what should I do next?

Do they need aeration during this time?
When can I move the tank?
Tank size?

Googled that, what a stunning fish! Would you be able to share pics of the parents and the fry please? :D
Googled that, what a stunning fish! Would you be able to share pics of the parents and the fry please? :D
Nope....I bought the eggs from ebay and they shipped eggs in the bag
Feed them egg yoke as my thread " first food " . aeration not that important. what tank are they in photo please. We need to make these guys comfortable
Should I put the light on first?

theres not much of them hatching yet
I see your photo. What tank have you got for them
It’s a 1 gal tank.
I hope you see killifish in the video, they are so small.
Should I fill the water? I’ve heard that killifish fry will not survived in deep water. @itiwhetu
Over the next week add more water slowly. No more than a 25% increase at a time, when you have enough volume, set up your sponge filter. Don't panic these guys are small and delicate. Slow is best. Take your water from an established tank if you can.
@Barry Tetra Oh you lucky guy ! No ! No aeration for a few days and then only lightly. Keep them in a small container to maximize their contact with food. They may need very small food for a few days before newly hatched brine shrimp. Make yourself some green water. Get a clean fine cloth and wipe the insides of an algae ridden tank then squeeze it out into some tank water. If you don't have an infusoria source or active paramecium culture that will get you going. Keep us posted. This is really a feather in your cap !
@Barry Tetra How did you hatch them ? Did you put the peat right into water ? If you don't have enough fry for the eggs you got then gently squeeze the peat semi-dry (heavy emphasis on GENTLY) and put it in a plastic bag for a week. Wet them again in 72 degree water. They hatch better at cooler temperatures. You may also want to add some R/O or rainwater to cut the hardness. How cool ! You could be getting eggs from your own fish by Spring. They grow fast.

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