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Red striped killis and neocaridina shrimp

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Dec 31, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Quick question, I was looking at getting some red striped killis for my 60L cube (~15 gallons) as they looked amazing in my LFS. I’ve been doing research on them, but haven’t found any info on whether they attack cherry shrimp or not and was hoping someone here could give me some advice me. I already have some in the tank, so don’t want them to get decimated!

Also what would be the best amount/mix of males and females for my tank size (I was thinking one male two females and seeing if they breed!)?

Thanks in advance :)
Here's my problem. I've bred killies for 30 plus years, and have never heard the name "red striped killie" used. It could be a dozen different fish, or more, if that name describes it. I can probably help, but I'll need the Latin name.
With my Aphyosemions, I kept shrimp once, as I was going to be away and I thought maybe there's be a live food side with shrimplets. I was right - there were very few young shrimp over about a year, but the adults were fine. Red striped is probably either striatum or gabunense (or ottogartneri, or ogoense, or...) and they were what I had with the shrimp.
Oh sorry guys! connorlindeman is right I meant Aphyosemion striatum, they’re labelled as red striped in my lfs. Thanks for the replies, I have adult orange neocaridina and was hoping they’d be ok, but if they start dwindling I may have to rescue them!
Neocardinias stood no chance in my Heterandria Formosa species tank. Put em alongside each other in my nano community tank and they’re safe as houses though.
Would that work with killis? I’ve never had killis by the way.
When I caught wild Heterandria formosa, the net was always half full of ghost shrimp. Where I found one, I found the other. The little Elassoma pygmy sunfish and Heterandria livebearers look at shrimp like wolves look at buffalo.

Aphyosemion behave differently with them, with a focus on the younger, smaller shrimp. Soft and tasty adults moulting would probably be a hit. With other Genera of killies, I don't know. It's a possible mistake I still haven't made yet...

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