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Nov 28, 2006
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Teesside, UK
In the middle of November last year I bought some mixed colour cherry shrimps on eBay. Since fish are the main focus of my main tank I am not worried about them all being brown eventually and the mixed colours were cheaper than the same number of a single colour. I paid for 10 and there were 11 in the bag.

These shrimps were pale having been in a bag overnight but they appeared to be -
1 x deep orange (bright red when settled in)
1 x light orange (now bright orange)
1 x pale blue
1 x deep blue
1 X black
3 x red rili
1 x dark rili
2 x green

The only dead adult I have found is one red rili but as I have not seen any blue or green recently I suspect they were eaten before I found the bodies.

The tank now has a large number of orange and red shrimps, including several juvenile rilis, one adult black shrimp and a group of odd coloured shrimp which appeared a month or so ago. I have no idea what colour the parents were but there are about half a dozen juveniles. This afternoon after finishing a water change I noticed three of them at the front of the tank so I grabbed my camera. They almost look like tiger shrimp, but those are not Neocaridina and there were no striped shrimp amongst the batch I bought.

shrimp 1.jpgshrimp 2.jpg
Yes, they are the wild type Neocaridina, they appeared in my thank when a blue shrimp crossed with a pumpkin.
Their colors can vary a lot.

I thought they must be, knowing what happens when colours are mixed. I'm curious to know which colour pairing produced these. The only colours which seem to be thriving are red, orange and red rili, though I still see the single black shrimp regularly.
It's the same for me, the oranges are taking over the tank at least 10 to 1 and second are the rilis followed by fire reds. 3 kinds of different mutts appeared tho.

At the moment this occurred the only males I had where orange and rili all the others where females.

Both my deep and light blue female over molted to death after giving birth once. They both looked like they hated water changes. And where somewhat harassed by the orange shrimps, they both croaked in a period of a month, over molting to the point they where soft and nearly colorless. I stated giving mineral supplements, but it was too late for them.

The Rili male seems to have succeeded crossing with the fire red, And both blue did with an orange male.

So in my case, I'm pretty sure the mutts came from an orange male and the blue females.
I did have blue shrimps from the original shipment, I saw them for a while on and off but not recently. These wild type could be the progeny of one of those with a red or orange.
Unlike the red/orange/rili shrimps, the blue and green ones were hard to spot as they mainly stayed inside a hollow piece of wood - I would see them peeking out of there and very occasionally on a leaf. I can only assume they died inside the wood and were eaten. There are red and orange shrimps all over the tank and I see the black one often.
I concur on that point, both the blue shrimps where a lot more shy than the others and sometimes went weeks without showing up.

At some point you never find any shrimps that dies, they are processed fast enough that they don't have the time to turn in ammonia.

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