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  1. T

    Moving soon not sure what to do about my shrimp tank.

    Me and my fiancé are getting a place together (whooo!!! exciting!!) that brings the feared and dreaded event… Tank relocation (dun dun dunnnn), I have a 10 gallon with a betta and 6 ember tetras,and a few hiding baby neos. That should be an easy move since im aware of the number of occupants and...
  2. Tacocat

    Blue bolt

    My shrimps are finally getting comfortable and now they’re looking really pretty
  3. moonmist

    Showing off my cherries and show me yours

    I got a few good pics of my cherry shrimps!! Take a look 👀 And show me yours!!
  4. T

    Transparent White Specks on Aquarium Glass

    Hello, I just got Ich (verified,) and have moved my fish (6 white skirt tetras) from their 20L to a 10g hospital tank. This will be their home until the Ich is gone from the main (now shrimp only) tank. I'm beginning to notice these on the tank glass. Any idea as to what they may be? From what...
  5. Z

    Breeding Amano shrimp

    Has anyone else here attempted to breed and raise their amano shrimp larvae into full freshwater shrimplets? I am giving it a shot, using a refractometer to make sure I have the correct salinity. Wanting to see if anyone has any helpful tips. Sadly no algae formed within the salt tank as...
  6. Thebobcats

    Are these Amano shrimp or did I get ripped off?

    I have giant amano shrimp in my 30 gallon and they don’t look like this. The color is red and blue but it could be what they were eating. Their patterns are VERY differant from normal Amano shrimp. These guys have tiger stripes instead of dots and dashes. Plz help.
  7. Sian57

    where to get shrimp?

    Hi there! I was looking to expand the amount of shrimp I currently have, only got 2 at the moment (both cherry shrimp sized if that is the correct terminology). Is there anywhere that sells shrimp at a good price so I can afford to get a good number? At my local shops, they only seem to have...
  8. B

    Fertilizer with shrimp

    3 days ago I added about 20 RCS to my 10g tank and I was wondering of it's alright to continue adding liquid fertilizer to the tank. I was thinking that about 1/3 of the recommended amount ones every other day should be fine. I have some epiphytes and they need some ferts. It's my first time...
  9. B

    Filter for shrimp tank

    Hey there, I have a 10g tank to which I will add some cherry shrimp. I tried to aquascape it as good as I could and I also added all kinds of plants, moss, floating plants etc. The thing is that I really need to inject co2 with these plants and the tank has a sponge filter at the moment. I...
  10. BabyBlue

    URGENT: First Time Aquarium Owner

    Hi everyone! Please I need some help!!! Yesterday I got 2 Ghost Shrimp and 4 Neon Tetras for my new tank and was ecstatic to see that one of the shrimp were carrying eggs. So I set up the tank and conditioned the water. I acclimated both the fish and shrimp for a good few hours before adding...
  11. C

    Can I Add a Single Cherry Shrimp Alongside Amanos?

    Hello 👋 I have amano shrimp in my guppy tank. I originally chose them over other shrimp species because they will not be able to successfully breed and I don’t want to be overrun with shrimp. Cherry shrimp are obviously much more striking. I have read that they prefer to be in groups but does...
  12. lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    my halfmoon male (chub) lives in this tank with 2 anubias, a java fern, java moss, driftwood and some Petco log decorations. a few shrimp along with a shrimp filter, a small air stone and a 10 gal heater. sitting about 76°f. aquasoil, black gravel, volcanic rock substrate.
  13. Slammin’ Aquascaping

    Mixing neocaradina

    Hey guys. I have been selectively breeding wild type neocaradina for 3 years now, and I absolutely outdid myself with acheiving store-grade pumpkin shrimp! Anyway, that is besides the point. I was wondering if anyone would know if I could mix them with orange rilis. If so, what would the...
  14. Finn1231

    2.5 gallon shrimp?

    Hi everyone! Its been a bit since i was last on here, but i have a 2.5 gallon that housed a betta a long while ago (they got an upgrade) and my sister wants to use it. Its a small cylindrical 2.5 gallon, and i added a sponge filter and a nice piece of wood. Do you guys think it would be ok to...
  15. G

    What’s wrong with my pregnant neocardinia shrimp

    It’s hard to tell in the pictures but her eggs have like a white fluffy casing and it’s almost like bursting out of her. Is this some sort or parasite? Is she molting? She is very acting and otherwise seems healthy but in my hundreds of shrimp i’ve never seen this. Thank you
  16. danajs

    Raising KH?

    How can I raise my KH to a more suitable level for RCS? My tank is currently reading; - 2KH - 8GH - 6.5/7.0pH RCS are currently living with Amano Shrimp and a Nerite Snail (who seem to be absolutely fine) and I seem to be finding one or two dead every/every other day. Tank has been running...
  17. Neondoras

    Red striped killis and neocaridina shrimp

    Hi all, Quick question, I was looking at getting some red striped killis for my 60L cube (~15 gallons) as they looked amazing in my LFS. I’ve been doing research on them, but haven’t found any info on whether they attack cherry shrimp or not and was hoping someone here could give me some advice...
  18. ellamay

    Will Popeye medication kill shrimp?

    I need to treat my betta for Popeye, I’m doing water changes every few days and need to treat him but I don’t have a hospital tank and online it says not to use the medication in a tank with shrimp. If I take him out and use the treatment in a separate container will it still work? This is what...
  19. N

    Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (Red Tail Black Shark)

    Hey folks on advice outside of here I've purchased a whole 37 Gallon tank setup because I wanted a Red Tail Black Shark from the local store. Now I'm reading online in some places mixed signals. Some sites say closer to 30 gallons some say 55+. The tank is unfortunately already filled and...
  20. Aqua67

    Scutariella Japonica?

    This shrimp tank was started 7 months ago and is a 5.5 gallon tank. I use RO water and remineralize with GlasGarten Shrimp Mineral. There is a sponge over the intake and I squeeze it out weekly to improve flow. The filter is for a 10 gallon tank and the flow is adjustable, so the filtration...