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Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (Red Tail Black Shark)

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Nov 15, 2022
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Hey folks on advice outside of here I've purchased a whole 37 Gallon tank setup because I wanted a Red Tail Black Shark from the local store. Now I'm reading online in some places mixed signals. Some sites say closer to 30 gallons some say 55+. The tank is unfortunately already filled and running. Have I just wasted a whole ton of money on bad advice, or can I still get 1 or 2 Red Tail Black Shark's? If it is 55+ does that mean I'd need a 110+ Tank for just 2 of them? Also, I'm not sure what to put with them as I've been told they try to kill everything suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Would something like shrimps or maybe snails not bother it, or would they become snack food? I'm totally new to this beyond owning a beta fish or snails
Well, you could use that tank but it's more that they can grow up large and they live quite long. Which means that at some point, it's better to have them in a bigger tank. if you'll use those bigger Amano shrimps, they should be okay but smaller ones, but they could try to eat those smaller shrimps. I myself haven't had that much success to keep labeos or botias with shrimps and snails. They would eat them (at least, overhere they did). But they've left my bigger Amano shrimps alone.
This is not a "community fish" as such. The following data may help:

Compatibility/Temperament: Not a general community fish especially for beginners. Very aggressive with its own species (it probably lived in solitude except when breeding) and as it matures is often aggressive with other fish especially those resembling it and those with vertical stripes. Should be kept solitary (one fish per tank) with carefully-selected upper-level tankmates like the larger barbs (non-vertical stripe species) and rasbora. Bottom fish (loaches and most catfish, and cichlids) should not be included with this species.


A strikingly attractive fish, though one usually with a tenacious attitude. It requires a large aquarium with several good hiding spots. A good water flow from the filter will be appreciated by this fish. It is intolerant of poor water conditions and high nitrates. In a large tank with good water conditions, it will live for 15 years.

It is well known for being territorial in some way; this can be in the form of "guarding" some kind of object in the tank--this could be an ornament, filter, plant bunch or simply an area of the tank--and attacking fish that come near it.
The fish attains 5 inches/13 cm and is relatively active swimming so it needs a 48-inch/120cm length tank. And for just one of them. As noted above, two is asking for real trouble.

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