1. S

    Free tank and fish to give away!

    Hi everyone, Need some help ASAP if at all possible! Sadly, my Mum passed away earlier this year. She left behind a decent sized tank with a few tetras and other tropical fish. I haven’t lived at home with her for a while but my brother still lived with her, however, he has no intention of...
  2. Honey Fish

    What is best tank size for my goldfish?

    I have a goldfish who now has been for 4 years happy In a 5 gallon tank (but probably 4.5 gal of water) so I heard I need to move him a 3 inch long goldfish into a larger tank now a have in length 39 inches to spare in width I have 8-9 spare inches what tank size should I move to I only really...
  3. Cuileann

    Measurements for a newbie

    I am very new to the hobby and we have bought the Tetra 105l starter kit. We plan to cycle it and move the fish we rescued into it. (they were going to get flushed down the toilet) It advertises as 105l. (H48cm, W76cm, D37cm) I used a calculator here and with the measurements it says it holds...
  4. B

    Broken tank!

    Had a bit of a disaster moving home, on placing the tank in its new position it cracked while full and I had to quickly drain the tank, luckily there were no fish but loads a lot of plants! I’ve attached an image and just wanted to ask is this tank a write off or can I fix the crack in the...
  5. F

    Help! Need to rehome 9 goldfish. Brighton

    ***UPDATE: Maidenhead Aquatics in the Marina have agreed to take them ❤️*** Hi there, Apologies for registering just to post a classified ad, I understand this is not too popular but you guys were recommended to me as the best starting point. I am trying to rehome 9 (I think!) lovely goldfish...
  6. Anonymous Fox

    Constructive criticism?

    My grandfathers tank size: 35-40 gallons tall bow front tank Stocking *warning, pretty bad*: 2 boenus aris tetras, 1 glow light tetra (probably gonna end up getting), 2 Glofish/tetras, 10+ fancy guppies No live plants, two filters ( one built into the log/ tree thingy), heaters, slate hides...
  7. C

    Plant Identification

    I just bought a couple of plants from my LFS and need help identifying them.
  8. FishFinger90

    Lid won’t close

    I’ve had the Ciano 60 (57L) filled with water and substrate in place for about 4 days. The lid was loose on the top so I could adjust the placement of the filter etc. Having now clipped the lid onto its hinges it won’t close properly as if it doesn’t fit. What do you think could cause this? Hope...
  9. C

    Unidentified Worm-Looking Creatures in Tank

    I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but I just found some white worm-looking creatures on the glass of my 10 gallon. I’m not sure whether or not I should be concerned, but I thought I would ask if anyone is able to identify them anyway. An image has been attached, it’s the best one I could...
  10. C

    Unusual Testing Results

    I have a planted 10 gallon tank that I have been trying to cycle for over a week now. At first I was adding beneficial bacteria to the tank, but then I got a hold of filter media from an established tank. Before I put the media in the filter, my ammonia was at about 2ppm from dosing a small...
  11. Anonymous Fox

    Using old water for knew fish?

    Is it safe to use the same water as your old fish for new ones? As long as you clean everything inside, hides, fake plants, gravel, etc?
  12. Chloem07

    All advice appreciated

    Hiya, im new to the tropical fish life, i currently have a fresh water tank- although im changing to tropical shortly. I have a 100 L tank- what would the best filter be for a 100L tropical tank? Ive been looking at “FLUVAL U4 internal filter” - has anyone got this or have any feedback? Any...
  13. C

    Stocking 10 Gallon Tank

    I have a 10 gallon (approximately 20" x 10" x 12") tank that I have used for fish in the past. Recently, I have been looking into getting some fish now that I have time to take proper care of them. I'm not familiar with many different species of fish and need help deciding on how to stock my...
  14. carligraceee

    Tank questions, getting planted tank set up, etc

    Hello! I will be upgrading sometime in the near future to a 36g TopFin aquarium that will sit on a stand. I have a couple questions! How much could I sell a 11.5g tank for? It would include all filters, filter media, and heater! I was thinking 70USD? I want to purchase a black moor...
  15. Falconwithaboxon

    Cloudy Tank

    My tank is rather cloudy, an off-white cloud to be specific. It is a 45-gallon tank with a Tetra Whisper 60 IQ. The readings are just as they should be, straight 0s and a PH of 7.4 at 80 degrees. I am using rocks and driftwood I found at a local park. Could it be those releasing something? Could...
  16. PlasticGalaxy

    Advice on Stock Redux

    So here I am, back again to ask about my stock. However, this time I'm asking before I plunge myself into the deep end and blindly start picking out fish for my tank. Overstocking has quickly become my greatest fear after one, quite frankly, rude reply I received concerning my stock (I'm a very...
  17. Moopoo

    Frog and Rocks

    Hi I have noticed that a lot of people that have aquactic frogs don't have any places to hide on the bottom of thier tank. My Bert who is a african dwarf frog loves his many rocks in the tank... Lots of places to hide!!.. who does the same??
  18. agusf

    Will my countertop support more weight

    Hello all, I've been running a 20 gallon / 75 liter tank on my kitchen countertop for several months now fine, but I wanted to upgrade to a larger 36 gallon /136 liter tank, since the space to accommodate it is available in that spot. I already acquired the 36 g tank, but haven't swapped them...
  19. Barry Tetra

    How to get rid of this filter?

    So my friend giveaway one of his tank and there’s this filter thing stick on the side of the tank with silicon, how do you get rid of it completely? I really hate the look of it, why did they made this!?
  20. MagicGirl33

    Tetra for my Aquarium

    I also want at least 2 different schools of tetras in my aquarium. Please vote!