1. T

    Real kit starter need

    Hi, Browsing, there are many kit starters with more or less long list of items. Don’t know anymore if a kit is a good idea. I am living in South East Asia, 1 season per year, humid a lot, 35 degrees all year. Will choose between Luminous Tetra or Goldfish, one or the other. Will equip with...
  2. Nells250

    Do I need plant specific substrate if I use liquid fertilizer?

    I know a good amount about OUTDOOR gardening, but am learning about aqua-gardening. Since most of the readily available planted tank substrates either look too silly, come in too large a quantity, or cost a LOT, I'm curious if it MUST be used IF I am already adding a little liquid fertilizer to...
  3. N

    Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (Red Tail Black Shark)

    Hey folks on advice outside of here I've purchased a whole 37 Gallon tank setup because I wanted a Red Tail Black Shark from the local store. Now I'm reading online in some places mixed signals. Some sites say closer to 30 gallons some say 55+. The tank is unfortunately already filled and...
  4. A

    Strange Dwarf Gourami Behaviour

    So I've had a male and female Dwarf Gourami in a 60 Litre tank for 4 months and had zero issues, but the last couple of days I've noticed them on the floor of the tank and the female seems to just rest on the bottom almost panting. I thought that they were supposed to be mid to top dwellers in...
  5. A

    can I see your substrate?

    Out of interest, can I see the amount of substrate you put in your tank? Thank you :)
  6. T

    I need help with finding good tank mates

    Hey guys, I have a 55-60 gallon tank, I’m looking to get another mate(s) for the tank. I have 10 tiger barbs about an inch or less in length and 2 3 inch Pictus catfish. All are doing well together. I have two pleco as well.
  7. B

    Guppies at top of tank

    Hi, I have a cycled 15 gallon planted tank. Today I added 6 guppies that I bought today. After 4-5 hours I added in my male Betta from my 5 gallon tank. Now my guppies are at the top of the tank (not dead.) Is it possible that I’ve added to many fish at a time? Is there anything I can do?
  8. Couwu

    Honest opinions on my tank?

    Hello there! So, my tank is a 150litre tank with 1antenae Placo, 1 Mosaik placo, 1male dwarf gourami, 2swordtails and a ton of guppies ( due to reproduction, can't estemate how many, but at least 30+ Inc. Fry) So I only had a big rock in the back which was the antenna placos territory and 5...
  9. A

    help me.. please!

    Hi, I'm relatively new to keeping fish and although I haven't had any problems with establishing my tank (60L) - I've noticed that my filter (Superfish AquaFlow 200) is a bit too strong, and although it comes with a spray bar, it seems to be pushing air through creating lots of bubbles and my...
  10. R


    Consider all as group of 6 are gold tetras as nippy as Silvertip ? Are bloodfin tetras nippy? I know all tetras can be nippy kept in small numbers, however I'm talking about in general. Are black line tail tetra anymore nippy than any other? Are they as nippy as silvertips?
  11. F

    Is my pH too high? Help please

    Hello :) I have a planted 24l tank with four male fancy guppies. The pH in the tank is 8.2, I have read that guppies like it between 6.8 and 7.6. I have a bottle of API pH adjuster, it says 1ml for 38l but it doesn't say how much that actually lowers the water by. I know that sudden changes in...
  12. Gemmsy

    No Electricity Eco Shrimp Tank

    My old shrimp tank ended up getting decommissioned before it has got going as we had an issue with the electrics in the shed. So everything was cleaned and put away for another day. My main tank is doing well, but the number of fish in there means it’s unlikely I’ll get the shrimp population...
  13. S

    Tank Size Question?

    I keep many tanks at home and I just bought a baby endlicheri bichir a month ago. I just moved back to college for my second semester and I decided it would be cool to take my new baby bichir with me. Right now it’s in a 10 gallon tank all by itself at home. It’s about 3.5 inches right now and I...
  14. Linkandnavi

    My new 193 Gallon Planted Build

    So my custom sized.193 (us gallon/731 litre) tank arrived on Friday, for the second time. It first arrived the week before Christmas but they'd damaged one corner during delivery and it leaked. Collected with argument, replaced over Christmas and now delivered once more. Manhandled through an...
  15. F

    Turning established tank into a palludarium?

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but this seems like a DIY project. I currently have a 60 gallon tank (a good mix of width and height) that’s been running for a couple weeks now, it only has a few cherry shrimp and some live plants (aluminium, dragon flame, purple...
  16. Narideth

    First time rimless tank question

    Hi, I've been testing the seals on my new 14 gallon aqueon rimless cube, and it came with the mat which I definitely used immediately. With the tank full of water and otherwise empty, I can see all of the hotspots from the tiles on my counter top. I'm concerned that the mat may not be taking up...
  17. R

    First Fish Tank . Believe My Southern Platyfish is pregnant

    I have had him/her since July 2021 and no babies yet but I’ve recently started noticing how big she’s getting . Should I start looking out for babies ? I don’t even know if it’s a girl or boy .
  18. S

    Free tank and fish to give away!

    Hi everyone, Need some help ASAP if at all possible! Sadly, my Mum passed away earlier this year. She left behind a decent sized tank with a few tetras and other tropical fish. I haven’t lived at home with her for a while but my brother still lived with her, however, he has no intention of...
  19. Honey Fish

    What is best tank size for my goldfish?

    I have a goldfish who now has been for 4 years happy In a 5 gallon tank (but probably 4.5 gal of water) so I heard I need to move him a 3 inch long goldfish into a larger tank now a have in length 39 inches to spare in width I have 8-9 spare inches what tank size should I move to I only really...
  20. Cuileann

    Measurements for a newbie

    I am very new to the hobby and we have bought the Tetra 105l starter kit. We plan to cycle it and move the fish we rescued into it. (they were going to get flushed down the toilet) It advertises as 105l. (H48cm, W76cm, D37cm) I used a calculator here and with the measurements it says it holds...