1. F


    Okay guys this might be a weird question but do fish get sad when one of their tank mates dies? I noticed that, about a month ago when one of my mollies died, the other mollies in my tank were not as active for a few days. I assumed it was sickness but they didn't show any symptoms except the...
  2. F

    New Tank

    So I just got a 125 gallon tank for free, found on roadside. I was talking to previous owner and she said it was filled about 3 months ago but she couldn't take care of it after her husband died. I need to clean and and do a leak test before I do anything with it. It came with the tank, stand...
  3. F


    So I have way over stocked my tank and I'm looking to get a new one. I have 2 angelfish, 3 dwarf gourami, 2 mollies, 4 platies, 10 neon tetras, 4 cories, 4 algae eaters, 4 danios, and 3 snails. I had 20 ghost shrimp but I'm pretty sure they got ate by my other fish as there's no bodies from...
  4. F

    Tank questions

    So me and my buddy are getting a house in the spring and we are wanting to get a bigger tank, we both currently have 29 gallon tropical tanks. We were looking to get ~150 gallons and won't go smaller than 100 gallons, kind of want it to be a centerpiece decoration so that's why we want that...
  5. Eziofezio

    Eziofezio thanks you for being accepted.

    Hiya! Hope I shall be communicating with many of you shortly, I have 2 tanks and a pond; the 4gallon soon to be 12 has 2 endlers, a few shrimp and snails. My 26 gallon has 8 Neón tetra, 5 rummy nose tetra, 5 mollies, 2 Mexican dwarf lobsters, plenty of snails and 2 platty. Instead my outdoors...
  6. S

    Lighting Schedule

    PLEASE READ!! What would you consider to be a good light schedule for a 10 gallon tank with guppys? And if there anything else I need to know that has to do with lights? I have already bought the lights though so there's no worries in having to recommend me any lights. Any recommendations will help!
  7. kittyclown

    My guppy tank

    I took some photos of my guppies today and wanted to share! I only have 4 right now (2m 2f) and I'm raising 3 fry at the moment ^ This is a sandwich! shes shyer than the other fish usually so its hard to get a lot of photos of her. ^ This is my FAVORITE guppy I have, I think she's so...
  8. Jan Cavalieri

    Why oh Why do these two tanks look so different!

    Sorry this is so poorly written but we're doing a water change later today and would like at least a couple comments: The first example is 'TANK A" the second example is 'TANK B" both taken today about 4 hours after feeding - the debris you see on the ground in both tanks is mostly empty snail...
  9. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello I am fairly new to this forum, I am now a owner of four male guppies. They live in a 6.7 gallon tank and unfortunately I feel like it’s my fault for not noticing that when I brought my three new fish to add to the tank one of them was acting odd. I’m talking about swimming by the filter...
  10. Tttay89

    Thinking of starting a cichlid tank... In a 100 litre?

    Hi I have a spare tank which I am thinking of having a cichlid only set up consisting of maybe a tropheus duboisi, julidochromis and maybe a couple labidchromis. I'd be happy with just 3 or 4 fish in there to not overstock it. Main question is.. Although small as juvenile and no worry of...
  11. Circus

    A Quarantine... Bucket?

    Instead of using a glass tank, could I possibly get a bucket to qt incoming or sick fish? One I could pull out when needed and just seed the filter with gravel and sponge media from an established filter. I am thinking a rectangular 5 gallon (or so) container I can store in the closet when not...
  12. newmag1659

    Upgrading to a 20 gallon!

    I'm very excited as I am upgrading my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. I currently have three adult (two female, one male) gardneri killifish and 6 corys (4 albino, 2 emerald), and two nerite snails. The tank is heavily planted and I intend to do the same with the 20 gallon. Cycling shouldn't take long...
  13. onefieshcedrick

    How to Set Up a 10-gal Tank?

    I am looking into acquiring a 10 gallon tank for a veiltail male betta but have never worked with a fish tank before. Does anyone have a basic set of steps and things I need to set up the tank for my fish?
  14. 3

    New 40 gallon tank (Community tank)

    Hey, so i am trying to create a community tank in my new 40 gallon tank i am up for suggestions and help... So in my 40 gallon tank i am wanting to inhabit it with 2 angel fish, 6 honey Gourami, Neon Tetras 10-15, 5 Cory catfish and a few bristlenose is this going to work is their going to be an...
  15. T

    Help please.. filter airlock

    I am hoping someone might be able to help me. I have a jewel vision 180 with its inbuilt filter unit. when running my pump my filter seems to be getting an airlock in it. If I turn off the power to my pump large bubbles come out the top of my filter unit. I have dismantled it and put it back...
  16. nowonder

    Normal Platy Behavior?

    Tank is new.. just went through the first water cycle. I just got the two other platys to keep my single one company. All females. They’re like hiding?? Just wondering if this is normal. The pic shows all three, also in the tank is a betta (not bullying them, I watch them all day) and two dwarf...
  17. Barry Tetra

    What fish can live in 4 pH and lower?

    I need fish for 5 Gal that can live in 4 ph or lower with kuhli loaches.
  18. T

    Lots of Aquatic Plant Questions

    Hi, I'm planning to start my first planted aquarium but I have alot of questions even after doing a week of research. I wanna make sure to do this right, so if anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! 1. What hardy beginner plants can I tie on wood and rocks? Is there...
  19. Hamdhan777

    Additional Fish or Shrimp ideas for 50L?

    Hi all, Was hoping to get some thoughts on a centerpiece fish, shrimp or other fish I can get for my aquarium (unless I'd be overstocking); I've had a look at the other "centerpiece fish" forum posts, but every tank is different so wanted specific thoughts to reduce the chance of any issues. I...
  20. C

    Male or Female Betta?

    A few months ago my girlfriend and I purchased a female Betta for our fish tank. Over the last couple of days she/he has been making what looks like a bubble nest? I have attached some pictures, can anyone confirm the gender of our Betta fish please?