1. T

    Strange brown stuff on tank glass

    Hello, I came to my tank yesterday and there was a strange brown thing on the inside of the tank glass, I had noticed it a few days ago but it was really small so I thought nothing of it but by yesterday it had grown to almost triple the size, so today I cleaned the tank out and used a sponge to...
  2. HalfTailedOwner

    Help -- Betta Fish Not Interacting?

    Hi, last Wednesday I bought a double tailed betta. Ever since then I've noticed he doesn't interact much and is growing slower. A few days ago he only stuck to one side of the tank rather and sleep in the corner. He doesn't notice when I eat or try to interact with him. At first, I thought he...
  3. HalfTailedOwner

    Betta Fish Isn't Swimming a lot

    Hi, I am a new fish owner... but before I'll start I'll provide some information on the betta habitat: Tank temp: 26C Tank size: 10 Gallons The betta fish is the only fish in the tank Water is dechlorinated Has a biofilter Has a heater Has an air pump The betta does eat However, when it...
  4. ukdamon

    Fluval Edge 23L

    Hello, I love the look of the Fluval Edge, but I understand it can be a pain to maintain due to accessing the inside of it. Do any of you have a Fluval Edge for your shrimp and how do you get on with it? Obviously I would add a pre-filter sponge to protect the babies.
  5. ameliagb

    new tank..

    Hi everyone! got a free 20 gal and had some left over stuff anf some plants i could spare from my other tank and set this guy up... now the fun part, WHAT should i put in here ? schools of something ? or an axolotl ? or one beta fish with the best life ever ? lmao
  6. S

    Black Skirt Kept Alone - Advice?

    Hi! I recently acquired a new tank on Craigslist... it is a five gallon with two Mollies and one Black Skirt Tetra. I bought the tank for my shrimps, wasn't told it already contained fish. I know that the black skirt is a schooling fish so I was planning on moving him/her to my 10 gallon when...
  7. J

    Unsafe Stand?

    Hi all! Purchased a used stand on craigslist. Know very little about its history (even less about carpentry) and I'm wondering if it's safe to carry a glass 55 gallon tank. The stand seems to be an odd mixture of over- and under-engineering. I'll put pictures in the first reply. I'm...
  8. C

    Question regarding Swordtails.

    I have a group of swordtails in a tank at the moment 1 male and 5 females in a 35 gallon tank. One of my neon swords is possibly gravid at this point and I have a question regarding water temperatures. Does anybody have any information in regards to the best water temperatures to keep the tank...
  9. Annemarie

    Ammonia stuck at 1

    Hello! So a family member of mine decided to purchase a fish tank for my sister for Christmas. They got her a 3 gallon (after I told them months in advance a 1 gallon would not be enough) and small 2.5 inch betta. They set up the tank with her on Christmas, put in water that had been left out...
  10. fishperson100

    Bearded Dragon and Rankin's Dragon?

    Hello all! So, I just had a few questions about keeping a bearded dragon or a Rankin's Dragon (well, a lot actually:)) So I will try to make this as short as possible. 1. How big of a tank do bearded dragon's need? - I've heard it should be at least 36x18x12 in. or 4x2x2x ft. I do not have...
  11. J

    Building an Acrylic Tank

    I'm considering my own DIY Acrylic Tank build. It will only be a small cube-shaped tank possibly 15 by 13 inches in area and 13" in height. These are the choices of Acrylic I have here in the UK and I am just wondering which you believe would be the better option to go for? The prices are per...
  12. C

    New axolotls

    Ive begun the cycling process on my 20 gal tank but im not 100% sure it'll be ready for my axolotls when they arrive in 2 days. They are 3" long each. Im wondering if itd be ok to keep them in a tupperware like container and change their waters every day until the big tank is ready. Ive seen...
  13. M

    Views on using a sump system for tropical

    In addition to my tropical tank I have a 400l marine tank which obviously filters through a sump which also houses a heater, UV lamp and a protein skimmer. (I know I won’t need the skimmer) I’m looking at upgrading my tropical to an 8ft 1000l one. I really like the sump system on the marine as...
  14. J

    Moving to bigger tank

    Hello, So I have a 29 gallon with a single gold fish (kids first fish who has lived for about 5 years now), two blood parrots, a dragon eel and the king of the tank, a clown knife who has had a major growth spurt and is about 12" now. The tank seemed to suit things just fine while they were...
  15. Cameronb_01

    Hair Algae Epidemic

    Hi Guys, I have been driven to breaking point by this bloody f****** hair algae: my nitrates and phosphates and other water parameters are fine. I have been changing water 25% twice a week. I've been dosing liquid carbon. I am running a UV steriliser etc: I have poured an untold amount of time...
  16. S

    African Dwarf Frogs Water level

    Just wondering what I can do about this problem. Ive bought a 13 gallon tank back in february, its a tall tank so the water level reaches quite high. I know the african dwarf frogs arent comfortable with a high water level so I had left the tank just over half filled. However waste keeps...
  17. L

    Betta attacking cherry shrimp, what can i do?

    Hello, Ive had my male betta for around 2 months now. I decided to get 5 cherry shrimp for the betta tank. On the first day the betta did not appear to be attacking the shrimp and was just following them around and looking at them. Now it has been 3 days and I have witnessed my betta attacking...
  18. Fish345

    Are There Any Semi Aquatic Freshwater Crabs?

    What are they called? Can these live in 10 gallon? How many?
  19. Cameronb_01

    Breeding Discus

    Hi everyone, About a week ago I identified a breeding pair among my discus, (due to their constant proximity and the protective nature of the male). From that point forth I started doing 25% RO water changes daily, increased the temperature from 28°C to 30°C and also changed their food to...
  20. A

    Pacu with other fish? etc

    I am getting a 3-4 inch Pacu tomorrow and I will be putting it in a 10 gallon with 2 other Firemouth Cichlids (small) and yes I know I need a way bigger tank but for now I will keep it in a 10 gallon until it gets about 6 inches then into my 20 gallon, but what other small fish or snails do you...