1. J

    My first tank!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and tank! For Christmas I received an Interpret 5.5 gal glow life aquarium kit. It's pretty much set up for globefish, but it's compatible with any. I washed the tank only an hour after opening it and I washed the gravel in a spaghetti strainer so my water...
  2. B

    Stocking 5.5 Gallon Saltwater Tank

    I wanted to stock a 5.5 gallon saltwater tank. What type of plants, fish, and invertebrates could I have? I really like brittle stars, Panda Gobies, and sexy shrimp, but if those won't work I am open to other types. Could I have any of those in the tank? And how many of each species should I put...
  3. B

    Rocks in fish tanks?

    Hi! ☺️ I love the look of rocks in a fish tank. My question is do you need to get specific ones for a tank? I have some outside (I don’t know is there is different types of rocks? Haha) but don’t want to hurt my fish. Is there a way to make rocks Dad or are you better off buying specific ones...
  4. B

    Betta tank mates?

    Hi there hopefully I have gotten the correct category for my question :) I have recently purchased a 22 litre tank and was looking at getting a betta. From my research this seems like a good size, but I was wondering about tank mates. Is there any tank mates that you recommend or would a Betta...
  5. S

    Good tank size for betta?

    I’m planning to get a betta fish but I’m unsure if the tank is too small. I will get a heater soon but right now I’m cycling. If it’s too small I’ll just get zebra dinos but I REALLY want a betta fish. :( any advice is welcome! P.s mini Christmas tree for scale
  6. B

    Size of tank for 3 betta fish?

    Hi There, What size of tank would work for three male betta fish, I'm thinking a 75L with dividers, or do I need something substantially larger? Would appreciate some help guys! Many Thanks! New Potential Betta owner
  7. C

    African Cichlid 195G, 750L Tank, Please help me Stock witch Suggestions

    I've gotten a new 200 gallon tank (heating, lighting, filtration, decor, the whole shebang); once it's cycled, I'd like to make it an African Cichlid community tank. Does anybody have any ideas for a good combination of African cichlids? "I´d love very bright and vibrant colors :) And how many...
  8. P

    My Betta tank

    This is a photo of my Betta tank I've been cycling for a few weeks. The Betta and horned nerite snails will be shipped on Monday!! I'm so nervous because I've never shipped fish before
  9. G

    FREE 10 Gallon tank brand new- Chicago

    My kids gave up having a fish after only 2 months into it. We are giving away the tank and all equipment for free. You just have to come pick it up. Please call 312-493-0780 if you are interested.
  10. T

    Why are my silicon seals in a newish tank already breaking down?

    Hi: I am not new to keeping freshwater tropical fish - but lately I have been having a lot of trouble with the silicon seals in the tanks degrading much faster than I think they should. Last week a 10-gallon tank sprung a leak because its silicon was shot full of tiny holes - this was an older...
  11. K

    Opinions on non rectangle tanks

    Hi, Still searching for an ideal 60 l tank. I can't have horizontal rectangle one but was looking at the fluval 57 litre or: -tetra-aquaart-explorer-tropical-tank-60-litre what's people's opinions on this tank? Many thanks x
  12. Tyler_Fishman

    Sad news

    I regret to inform everyone that I am leaving the hobby for a few years, as I was forced to get rid of my fish, they are going to new homes, besides my betta, which now sadly resides in a bowl in my sister's room. the 10 gallon has been drained, and all the fish, are going soon, until I am old...
  13. Tanya farrell

    Please help me with my mollie

    I think my mollie might have white spots can someone clarify it for me please ? If so can I treat her with the treatment whiles she is pregnant? Is she has it does the other fish and well I have to do the tank ? Thank you
  14. Tyler_Fishman


    I welcomed Cope pods greatly into my aquarium, they provide a food source for my fish, their are 100's of them everywhere. I've read they are sign of a healthy tank. Is this true?
  15. Tyler_Fishman

    Planted paradise?

    if you've ever been to a pond in the north you might not think to put anything in your aquarium, obviously as Cold water species do not thrive in warm water, but as summer is just around the corner you can find a myriad of species for aquarium use, Lakes shores are often covered in Ludwigia...
  16. S

    Free Java Fern Aquarium Plants to give away in West Cumbria

    Hi We are running our home aquarium down and hoping to move it on, with the arrival of 2 children the poor tank sadly does not get the attention it used to. We have re-homed the fish, but we do have a selection of live Java Fern plants that are available to anyone interested. Also there are...
  17. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Change

    Hi Guys, I have been keeping Discus, (9 of them), in my 450L planted tank now for just over 6 months and it has been going great. However, in order to achieve the look I envisaged for the tank I have my heart set on completely swapping my current gravel substrate for "Amazonia". How should I go...
  18. Tyler_Fishman

    Algae ID

    I recently trimmed an old leaf off my sword to find that it was covered in a carpet of this short algae, not sure if it's hair algae, id like to know for the heck of it Thanks.
  19. S

    Plants or no plants?

    Hey! Wondering whether or not to try a planted tank... I LOVE the look of planted tanks and I would love to have one! Does anyone have any opinions on what plants to use? As well as any information to a beginner on how to take care of the plants etc.
  20. Tyler_Fishman

    Importance of LED's

    About a week ago I went to Home Depot to Pick up a few things, I had no luck growing my plants to their full potential, and creating a nice soothing white light that that is visually appealing in the day time. At home depot I picked up a Philodendron plant to go into my HOB filter and a set of...