1. Tyler_Fishman

    Trouble reading thermometer

    Hi, I've had this thermometer for s long while but I'm confused if my tempature is at 75 or 80 degrees. Thanks
  2. dopey696

    beware Aqueon equipment

    Aqueon does not honor their own warranty, it is an empty promise that will never be fullfilled. I recently purchased a size 29 Aqueon tank and lid that did not fit together due to a manufacturing flaw. I contacted Aqueon customer service who responded to my concern by saying the lid not fitting...
  3. N

    Platy Disappearance

    Hello everyone, I discovered this site and decided to join, as everyone here seems helpful and friendly. I have a question about a mysterious disappearance. I have a 20 gallon betta community tank. In the tank is a crowntail betta, platies, cory catfish, and kuhli loaches. A few days ago, I...
  4. T

    What do you think? --Tank Stand Design--

    Hey I just got into the hobby an am having lots of fun with the diy aspect. I've gotten a 30 gallon and a 55 gallon stand builds under my belt. So I decided to try to do something a bit more... lets say ascetically pleasing lol. Here's what I've come up with. 2 designs. you can either add the...
  5. cooledwhip

    CooledWhip's Dirted Tank Guide.

    I will be updating this guide multiple times. This is the first section that I have created and the second sections will be coming soon, as soon as I get hardscape and stuff to set it up and plant it. Hey everyone, I have mentioned that sometime in the future I would make a dirted tank guide...
  6. F

    240g tank with sump and stand

    I have a glass 240-gallon aquarium with sump that is running as a freshwater setup complete with extra high capacity return pump, lights, heater, etc. You can use the freshwater setup or drain it and start your own saltwater setup. To build this system would cost at least $5,000. Includes: 240...
  7. M

    Community Fish Tank

    Hi! I have a 100 litre (22 UK gallon, 26 US gallon) Tropical Fish Tank which I Have had set up for a few years, but now, most of the old fish have died. I'd now like to start afresh, with a community tank. Currently, All I have in there is a bulldog catfish. Ideally, I'd like to have a tank...
  8. Flubberlump

    Wanted, tank with black cabinet

    Hi all. I'm looking for a tank with black cabinet/stand as above. This is for a betta I have reserved at my LFS so needed asap! 30ltr minimum but not huge due to stock plan to be the betta and maybe some Pygmy corys. Also not looking to spend over £40 ideally. Thanks
  9. BOGaming_

    Do I Need A Filter? [Important]

    Hello all, So basically I'm expecting fry anytime this week. This is a repeat of my preg fish from about a month ago but sadly they all died because at the time i was new and did not meet the fry requirements. I currently have 1 fry i am raising in my main tank (in a hatchery) who is doing very...
  10. FroFro

    Betta Flaring Again, Tank Background?

    I recently bought a new aquarium for my betta, still five gallon but a bowfront that fits easier on the stand, yes his tank is cycled and he is doing fine :D   My question though, I purchased a new light to help a small anubias plant start to grow and it illuminates the tank nicely, however my...
  11. Cameronb_01

    All My Plants Are Dying

    Hi Guys,   I was going to post this last week in Tropical Discussions but I think that now it is an emergency. As seen in the second picture the bottoms of my plants are all black and I think they are dying? Also as seen in the first picture there is stuff on all the leaves which I don't know...
  12. Cameronb_01

    Fuzzy Algae Identification And Treatment

    Hi Guys,   The stuff attached in the picture has been growing in my planted discus tank. What is it? And how do I treat it?   Best wishes,   Cameron
  13. Cameronb_01

    Plants For Discus Tank

    Hi Guys,   On the 1st of September 3 Discus fish, (Leopard Snakeskin, Checkerboard and Red Turquoise), are arriving for my 450L tank which is empty apart from substrate and gravel 5 cm deep. I was wondering if I could please run some ideas past you guys regarding the planting of the tank. My...
  14. smithyithy

    220L / 48G Custom Made Aquarium Tank + Stand

    Hi,   I am selling a custom-made 220 litre / 48 gallon tank with stand.   I had the tank professionally made to my measurements a few years ago. The dimensions are 900mm W, 550mm D, 450mm H. It is made from 8mm OptiWhite glass, rimless, clear sealant, and has a white vinyl backing.   The stand...
  15. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Proflora M603 Not Working

    Hi Everyone,   A couple of months ago I bought a brand new JBL pro flora m603 complete unit. I have now come to the time for setting it up and yesterday I followed all the instructions, did the calibration etc… However it does not inject any CO2 into the tank. The only way of me getting it to do...
  16. Cameronb_01

    Planted Discus Tank Emergency

    Hi Guys,   So basically I have been impatient and made a mistake. 4 weeks ago I filled my empty tank with RO water and rasied the Kh to 4 and then began the cycling process. My tank is fully cycled and ready for fish as of yesterday, (I tested the Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia levels). And so I...
  17. A

    Moving To A Bigger Tank

    I've had my fish for just a little over a week now. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I got them and the tank that I learned a 1.5 gallon tank was much too small. I'm looking to upgrade to a 20 gallon as soon as I have the money and can clear out the space. I've been looking around on the...
  18. BettaBettas

    The Insanely Boring Tank..... T-T

    So I have a 5 gallong fluval spec (long) tank and I have 1 anubias afzeli to the left, couple low growers in the middle area. and one Asian water fern to the right side of the tank. the soil is a sand like substrate... Plz someone suggest something and save this boring glass rectangle plz omg. I...
  19. FroFro

    Best Driftwood For My Tank?

    What is the best driftwood choice for my tank? None of my fish other than a small pleco can benefit from it, but I read its good for the overall health of the tank. What is the easiest kind of wood to cure/boil/soak of tannins before putting it into the water? I work nearly full time so a wood...
  20. W

    Adding Ghost Shrimp/mystery Snail To 5G Betta Tank

    I have had my male Betta for 14 months and recently moved him from a 1G to a 5G Aqueon MiniBow.  Eventually I'd prefer a 10G or larger but for now want to make the 5G as comfortable as possible.  In the meantime I was hoping to use the 1G as a plant tank and before doing proper research added 10...