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Building an Acrylic Tank

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Aug 11, 2018
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I'm considering my own DIY Acrylic Tank build. It will only be a small cube-shaped tank possibly 15 by 13 inches in area and 13" in height.

These are the choices of Acrylic I have here in the UK and I am just wondering which you believe would be the better option to go for? The prices are per Meter squared which is just over a yard squared in normal measurements.

Clear Perspex Acrylic £18
Clear High Impact Acrylic £24
Clear Cast Perspex Acrylic £31
Clear Anti-Reflective Acrylic £33
Recycled Clear Greencast Acrylic £39
Glass Effect Green Edge Acrylic £59
Clear Scratch Resistant Perspex Acrylic £87

I am ruling out the last three options above due to price and also why would anyone pay more for a glass effect acrylic instead of just getting glass? Makes no sense to me. And why pay more for recycled when you can buy new? This leaves the first four options.

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