1. E

    DIY Cement Background won't stop raising tank pH

    In mid-January I finished a diy aquarium background using this tutorial. It's a 30 gallon tank, but the background only goes up halfway so I only need about 20 gallons of water to cover it completely. For two weeks, I did 100% water changes every one or two days. Within less than 24 hours, the...
  2. L

    Planning a DIY canopy

    Hi all I've not been on here for years. Started fishkeeping about 15 years ago and this site was invaluable when I was starting up. I've stripped down a tank and currently cleaning it ready for a new scape. As part of this, I'm going to build a whole new hood. I need the whole set up to be...
  3. Z

    6ft Project

    G’day fish folks, This is my first post here, so I hope it’s going up in the right section. I just wanted to chat about my current aquarium project and maybe get a few ideas from y’all in the process. So, around June of 2020 I picked up a second hand 6ft tank for 100 bucks. It was pretty...
  4. Ellie Potts

    Filter flow WAY too high -suggestions please!

    I recently got a marineland internal canister filter for my 55 gallon only to find out the flow is WAYYY too high for my tank. If I point the spout upwards, the water goes flying out of the tank. I currently have a sponge on the spout and have it pointed at a tank wall but it still bounces off...
  5. Ellie Potts

    Cheap aquarium lid

    I'm looking into getting a peacock eel for my 55 gallon aquarium, but the tank doesn't have a lid and has an overhead light. I've looked into ordering an acrylic sheet to go on top (I'm thinking 1/4" extruded acrylic although I really have no idea), but I'm not sure how I'd secure the sheet to...
  6. C

    DIY ferts for planted tank?

    It seems like such a waste to just keep buying and adding root tabs to my aquarium. Is there a cheaper option I can make myself, or else improve the ecosystem in the tank so the plants continue to get nutrients and grow? They aren’t doing much at the moment and are far from flourishing.
  7. S

    Will this work?

    I want to swap my internal filter and heater for a DIY all in hood set up. I want to put stick insects above the tank to. My tank is under the roof line but I think my design will work, aesthetically. Do you think I'll be able to put the heater and filter material in the pyramid above the tank...
  8. Aynia

    Sculpey Clay for Aquarium Decor

    Hey all! I'm back with another question. So I'm a pretty artsy type and I have a few pounds of sculpey clay that I haven't used yet. I was just wondering your thoughts on whether this is safe for aquariums, or would it be safe if I painted it with aquarium sealant after baking and cooling to be...
  9. J

    Building an Acrylic Tank

    I'm considering my own DIY Acrylic Tank build. It will only be a small cube-shaped tank possibly 15 by 13 inches in area and 13" in height. These are the choices of Acrylic I have here in the UK and I am just wondering which you believe would be the better option to go for? The prices are per...
  10. SgtSparkles

    Anybody else beef up the floor under their tank?

    I think I'm being paranoid but I put 3 jackstands under my 90 gallon setup. Pretty confident it'll be sturdy now. Lots of old tarantula tanks in this video. None of the reptile ones though.
  11. Gebus

    3D Background Question

    As the title says I'm doing a 3D Background for my 90Gallon. I'm using Polystyrene/styrofoam as the base for it. I know all the steps, and how some people use Quikrete and some use DryLok. I'm here about a different product that gives the same look and texture. I have built two backgrounds for...
  12. Gebus

    DIY 3D Background Question

    Whats shakin bacon?? I'm new to the forums and plan on probably being active and posting pictures and what not. I'm not new to the hobby but new to the DIY category. Not sure if this is the place to ask as I browsed the forum topics and couldn't find the appropriate one to post in. As the...
  13. Halie201

    DIY Rock work (perfect for cichlids)

    Made these myself.. They're small for now as I didn't have a whole lot to work with. But after getting in touch with my crafty side, I'd like to make more. They're held together with Marineland sealant and it'' s pretty strong stuff. These rocks are much darker in the water with notes of orange...
  14. Bazouteast

    Safe fixative for DIY plastic plants

    I found some nice looking, inexpensive plastic plants on line. These are not intended for aquariums - but for floral arrangments. They are 100% plastic, no internal wire, and they look very realistic. Now I'm considering what to use to mould a base to secure the stems in an upright position and...
  15. cooledwhip

    Cooledwhip's Diy R/o Water Unit: Harvest Hundreds Of Gallons Of Fr

    HELLO EVERYONE. I'm sure if you have had multiple tanks you wanted to keep certain species of fish, but could not because they needed low pH water which you simply don't have. I don't have low pH water. My tap is like 7.8 I think. Lots of people can't have Red Cherry Shrimp because of their high...
  16. SO19Firearms

    Make Your Own: All-In-One Aquarium Plant Food

    Here's a link to the All-In-One plant food calculator that will show you how to make your own plant food similar to the more expensive brand names. If you get stuck with the calc, you can ask questions here,   Ta
  17. simonero

    Pantyhose - For Cheap Filter Bags, Etc.

    A marine biologist friend once ranted to me about how there's no use buying expensive filters when all you need is some carbon and pantyhose.   Well, I ran out of bags today and tried this out.  AMAZING.  I replaced the broken sack of an Aquaclear Biomax bag and 3 Whisper filters filled with...
  18. RRaquariums

    Diy Frag Plugs. My Experiment

    So I'm downgrading from my current 300 gallon reef tank to a 75 gallon frag tank. New job and less time made me choose to do soemthing a little smaller. But I've had a lot of fun growing and selling my corals and I'm looking forward to really focusing on getting the corals to grow fast and have...
  19. S

    Few Filteration Questions

    I have a 55 Gal Breeder WIDE tank that I want to make into a crayfish dedicated tank. Looking to get some Electric Blues to Breed hopefully (if you have any sites that sell that and would like to recommend please do). My tank is ment to house animals like snakes and lizards but I am pretty sure...
  20. jmeeter

    Are My Plants Pearling?

    Last Saturday (so three days ago) I made a DIY CO2 kit for my aquarium and let it go to work. I've got a steady stream of bubbles coming out now (although it seems a bit slow) and now today I've noticed that a bunch of my plants have bubbles all over them and some plants are releasing a steady...