Cooledwhip's Diy R/o Water Unit: Harvest Hundreds Of Gallons Of Fr


Feb 7, 2016
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HELLO EVERYONE. I'm sure if you have had multiple tanks you wanted to keep certain species of fish, but could not because they needed low pH water which you simply don't have. I don't have low pH water. My tap is like 7.8 I think. Lots of people can't have Red Cherry Shrimp because of their high pH water. I am only a teenager and living in my parents' house, it's hard to convince them to install an RO unit. Even then, those cost a couple hundred dollars which I don't have.
I also can't install a massive vat to collect rain water, so I came up with this plan which involves virtually no tools. Anyone could do it. 
I have a video explaining what I did, and it's very easy to follow.
1. Materials list: small net (reuse an old tank net),($1)
largest tub you can find with a top. Make sure the plastic is at least 1/8 inches in thickness. Don't use a clear tub, use soft plastic and not hard plastic. $10-$50
Small hand saw, ($4, or borrow one from a neighbor)
Screwdriver(To take off the hinges on your gutters. you can put them back on whenever you want, and aren't damaging them at all)
Bricks (to put under the tub to stabilize)
Powerhead or pump, some tubing, and a bucket (for extracting water)
1. Cut a hole in the top of your bucket lid the size of your gutters. This is different for everybody, and everybody has to play with it to figure it out. You then need to unscrew a latch that holds your gutters to the side of the house. This is ok, it is only meant to secure the downspout. Since it is in the bucket, it will already be secured.
2. Insert downspout through lid and into tub, then take an old fish net and wrap it around the end of the downspout. This is to collect leaves and crap.
3. WAIT. It will fill up over time. The water will be a brownish yellowish color, that's just the leaves. It's fine to use.
4. To take the water out, attach some aquarium tubing to the output of your powerhead and throw it in the tub. Pump the water, and take the output and put it in a 5 gallon bucket or something to carry the water to your tank. You could also just buy a really long tube and put it directly INTO your tank.
Thanks much.
Here is the video:


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