Is this guppy male or female


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Jan 5, 2023
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I am just wondering if anyone can confirm the gender of this guppy. As i thought it was female but the way it behaves has me confused. It’s chasing the other females and nipping there’s the fins . The male in the tank isn’t interested in trying to breed with either . Which seems weird .

Just want to keep the male to female ratio balanced .


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Looks like a female. The females have a fan/ triangle shaped anal (bottom) fin. Mature males have a long straight anal fin.

The male might not like her. Fish have personal preferences and don't always like each other. While most male guppies will breed with anything that swims, some guppies like to choose their mates. She might be a meany and he doesn't like her because she bullies him or the others. She could also be like my sister, a crazy nutjob.
Definately a female. It's a flamingo female guppy, to be precise...
Thank you for confirming it was the behaviour that was confusing me hopefully she will settle down soon
She's just a dominant female. Not all males are fans of dominant females.
She's just a dominant female. Not all males are fans of dominant females.
sorry my dirty mind kicked in. imagine a female guppy in black leather with a whip and high heels. come here little man (cracks the whip) :)

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