1. RRaquariums

    90 Gallon Reef Cube.
  2. V

    New Tank By New Member

    Hello,   Im brand new to this forum and brand new to this hobby.  I thought I would share some of my pictures of my tank.  I found a 29 gallon tank for very little money and on a whim I bought it.  Thus, launching me into this new hobby!  I started by roughing out a stand.     Finished the...
  3. BiggTexx

    60 Gallon Custom Cabinet Upgrade

    I have been struggling for a while now trying to decide whether I wanted to do a conversion to a FOWLR tank or doing a custom cabinet build to replace the cheap stand my 60 gallon came with.  I haven't done a FOWLR tank in a while and may eventually get back into it, but I think I have finally...
  4. BiggTexx

    Wall-Mounted Nano Build

    I have been tossing around an idea for a DIY wall-mounted nano tank for a few days and I decided to I either needed to start on it, or I would end up driving myself mad.     So, with that said - that time is now!  Since this will be my first nano build (I have been involved in larger builds) I...
  5. benthyer

    My First Tank

    Don't let the title mislead you, it is my first tank but I have been running it now for just over a year   I have considered putting up images of my tank for a long time now but never thought of it being good enough as I see so many awesome tanks on here, but I figured I could show you where I...
  6. benthyer

    Yeast Recipes

    I was wandering what Yeast Recipes you are using and how effective they are?   I am currently using the following but finding that it is sturggling to produce a steady bubble rate for a week:   About 1.75L of Water 280g of Sugar A sachet of Yeast (About 3 tsp I believe)   It starts up quickly...
  7. Ellphea

    Fish Filter Tube Broken!

    The bottom of my fish filter intake tube, the part with the little slits in it that keeps big things out of the tube got lost while I was moving. Does anyone know of something else I can put over the bottom of the tube?
  8. starlitsunrise

    How To Make Rocks Safe

    Hello,  I was just wondering what methods you guys use to make any rocks you may find outside safe for aquarium use? I have read you can boil them or bake them but I just wanted more opinions :).    Thanks!
  9. RRaquariums

    Diy 5 Gallon Bucket Filter

    Alright so I've been looking for a cheap easy way to have a large filter for my larger breeding tanks and I finally decided to go with a 5 gallon bucket. Bellow I will show you how to build this filter and what you will need I will also show cost keep in mind that the cost are in the USA and may...
  10. R

    (Small Tank) Tank Building: Glass Vs. Everything Else

    Hey fish people!   I'm new to fish forums, so hello!!     I love fish, and I'm trying to get into tank building and the world of DIY! I love building things myself, and building my own fish tank would just be awesome!!!!   I'm not at all experienced in glass work though. It seems kind of...
  11. starlitsunrise

    Diy Sponge Filter

    I just found this on youtube, and I wanted to know your opinions of it. If it's a good filter I may make it when I get my tank up and running.
  12. Maehlice

    Diy Pvc Overflow Conundrum

    I'm trying to redesign the overflow system on my aquarium and am failing miserably.  I need some help.     DIY PVC overflows don't work (well, at least not at any decent flow rate), so I built an HOB overflow box, which has so far been working great:  I pump water in, it overflows out, and the...
  13. rpgmomma8404

    Diy Sponge Filter Question?

    I'm thinking about making one for both my 10 and 15 gallon tanks to give them the extra filtration. I want to go as cheap as I possibly can with this. I noticed that the biggest things that would cost the most would be the filter sponge if I bought it from the pet store (I haven't found anything...
  14. SamB

    Led Semi-Hood Build Journal

    A while ago i tried my hand at glass cutting and tried to make a 9 gallon aquarium. the result was a 3 gallon cube aquarium at 9" by 9" by 9". I wanted to do as much of this tank as possible by myself and without buying anything. I reused an old heater suitable for 1-5 gallon tanks and make...
  15. SamB

    Ge Silicone I

    GE Silicone I CLEAR   Summary   While not specifically for use in aquariums, GE Silicone I is often used around the hobby as a sealant, both for tanks, cracks, and a general hold all. It is easy to use, and, in my experience, highly effective. While the back label does read "Not for use below...
  16. SamB

    29 Gallon Tank Stand Build

    I'm thinking this is the right place for this?   I have already made a hood for my 29 gallon tank, and its piddly metal stand has been making me nervous, so I decided just to go all in and make the stand. Since I live in a smaller apartment, I have no work area and needed Home Depot to cut the...
  17. ech0o

    First Diy Aquarium Build, Small 2Gallon To Breed Snails!

    Held water on the first try, I'LL BE DAMNED!!  I set down dowels under the bottom piece to elevate it up so the pressure wouldn't be on the long flat surface, instead on the sides which is much better I feel.   I am going to add a brace on the top somewhere probably, the glass is very thin and...
  18. Robbo89

    Diy Co2 System

    So I'm looking at giving one a shot while I've got a few weeks off from school.   I don't really have any plants which require c02:   Anubias barteri (in a few days) Hygrophilia Corkscrew Val Crypt Wendtii   but am looking at maybe adding some Rotala Wallichii which I hear does require c02 and...
  19. sputnick

    Diy Spray Bar And Intake For Canister Filter

    So I plan on making a home made spray bar and intake tube for my 45 gallon community tank. The flow in my tank is pretty low and I have an air stone hooked up to an air pump to give the tank a little more flow, but I would like to start getting serious with my plants so the air stone has got to...
  20. ech0o

    Upgraded My Fluval Chi 5G Lighting! Heyooo!

    So I was talking about it the other day, and ordered some of the SMD5050 LED light modules, and although they are no where near the high powered LED lights, they are a good DIY light that seem to run at fairly low heat, will grow low light plants very easily, and are great mostly for aesthetics...