Pantyhose - For Cheap Filter Bags, Etc.


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May 7, 2013
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A marine biologist friend once ranted to me about how there's no use buying expensive filters when all you need is some carbon and pantyhose.
Well, I ran out of bags today and tried this out.  AMAZING.  I replaced the broken sack of an Aquaclear Biomax bag and 3 Whisper filters filled with carbon and/or aragonite.  I will NEVER put aragonite in a regular filter bag again - you can't get all of it out to make sure you're maintaining the amount, and so eventually you end up with these terrible, gross, delicate bags of yuck.  With pantyhose/tights, there's no gross bag and no "leakage" because it holds in even the finest of grains.
I tied it at the bottom (if not the foot), twisted it at the top, and reinforced it a few times by turning it inside out after the twist and wrapping it again in the opposite direction.  Even a very heavy/full bag of aragonite was perfectly reinforced/strong.  Each leg was worth 2 filters, so if I didn't already have this lying around it would have cost me only $0.50 a bag.  If you wear pantyhose/tights, there's no reason that you can't use the "spared" portions of ripped ones to make this a $0.00 expense!  But regardless of price, this works awesome and is worth a try.
I also plan to use the remaining material to keep little pieces of java moss out of my Aqueon filter and gravel vac.


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Oct 24, 2011
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you can use thin cotton socks aswell. I have a stocking in my filter with some alder cones inside it. Now, if I have a pair of tights that are laddered or past their best I cut the legs off and keep them for media bags. As you've noticed - they are just as good as expensive media bags


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