1. SapphireChaser

    New to the hobby - few questions

    Hello all, I'm new to this hobby though we've always had fish when I was growing up. I wanted to breed guppies and I acquired a lot of items for free or cheap off buy and sell pages. I have a 25 gallon tank, 5.5 gallon tank, small filter, large filter, two heaters and aquarium accessories. I...
  2. Barry Tetra

    The best filter for pleco tank

    Hello, my 55 gallons tank have 3 common pleco, 1 L001 pleco, 2 black ghost knifefish ,chinese algae eater, 2 burmese border loach , 1 clown knifefish and clown loach What filter should i use? Even the power filter cant handle that much poop in the tank. NO Substrate
  3. Tttay89

    My friend accidentally had his filter AND heater off for two weeks!!! HELP

    Right... My friend is getting rid of his fish and tank and moved It into his kitchen two weeks ago. I assumed he filled it up again when he moved it down...however... I went there yesterday to rehome some of his fish. And I was shocked to see it only half full with no water pumping through the...
  4. F

    biogravel media in filter

    Hi everyone, So I've done a lot of research on filters and the media they come with especially for JUWELs. The consensus being the filter sponges are all in the wrong order and the nitrate one does nothing. So I'm going to rearrange them properly (when I get one) and use biogravel in fishnet...
  5. HalfTailedOwner

    Will a water change and replacing filter uncycle the tank?

    My 10 gallon tank is cycled as of 2 months ago. I have been using the same filter pad for the same amount of time, and I have always rinsed it off with used tank water as advised to prevent what would un-cycle the tank. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I rinsed the filter pad the...
  6. fishperson100

    GPH for Aquarium?

    Hey guys, so I have a 10 gallon aquarium right now. It has two goldfish and two bronze corydoras in it (for keep algae off the substrate). I was thinking about upgrading the filter since it is for a 10 gallon, but goldfish are messy, and one of them is 6 in long. What would you suggest for...
  7. C

    Baby betta with other fish?

    Okay so I have a little female baby betta right now, she’s really cool you know she’s in a 1.5 gallon with some fake plants, a heater, no filter since it was all a bit too strong for her. But we do frequent water changes. Anyway I usually have a bunch of corys in my adult male betta tank. I have...
  8. E

    Platy got stuck in filter

    Hi all, I have a query about my new Platy. Somehow, he managed to get into the filter. Cue major panic trying to find him. As we were taking out the filter sponges as a last resort that's where we find him. My partner said when she found him he kinda popped out and there was a cracking sound...
  9. TheRainbowRoseExperience

    Three months in.

    Hello to all reading this thread, I am a novice to both forum posting and aquariums. I did look after a fish tank for a short time 20 years ago but that was pretty simple, feeding & maintenance. Wanting a pair of Betta fish for his birthday this year, we went to our local aquarium supplier...
  10. R

    Do I need to filter my tank water?

    Tap water in the fish tank to keep my two catfishes. Do I need to filter the water with filter paper? What filter paper should I use if I need it?
  11. C

    Filtration Pads

    I have an easy crystal filter box 600 from tetra that came with my tank. The care instructions aay the pad should he taken out and changed every four weeks and that bacteria grows on something else inside the filter called a biological grid I know that a lot of people say not to change roads...
  12. B

    Betta fish fins splitting

    Hi all, I just got a betta (my first fish) two weeks ago and noticed his fins have started to split. He lives in a 3.5gal filtered tank ( no heater yet, but I plan on getting one in the future - any amazon recommendations would be appreciated). I’ve used bettafix over the last week but have not...
  13. A

    Saltwater Filter Suggestions

    I just ordered a 90 gallon tank with 30 gallon sumped tank below. This will be my first saltwater attempt. I am looking for suggestions on filters to use. I have only done freshwater and I know it is completely different so any product advice (or general advice) would be greatly appreciated...
  14. yardsales

    Hi, I'd like to update my filter.

    Hey guys. I was wanting to upgrade my filter because I feel like it would be a great benefit for my fish. Currently, I have a Golden Gourami, a Flame Gourami, a Rose Barb, and 2 guppies. I currently have a TopFin 20-gallon hexagon tank...
  15. Jan Cavalieri

    I think I broke my filter - what do I do now

    SKIP THIS PART UNLESS YOU LIKE SOB STORIES. I need to get this fixed or get one ordered ASAP - I'm homebound, especially when the weather is too hot or too cold - yesterday I actually collapsed on the ground trying to get to my doctor's appointment. Idiots didn't even have an available...
  16. B

    Algae explosion from filter

    Hi all, I'm a first-time poster here. I had a small 20 gallon tank with a handful of fish several years ago, but am just now getting into the hobby with both feet. This weekend, I purchased a used 75 gallon system locally. Everything is in excellent condition, except the previous owner had...
  17. H

    Turning Off Filter for Old Betta

    Hi guys! I am very sad because my 4 year old betta is starting to slow down and spends all his time resting at the bottom of the tank.(water parameters are good, he’s been slowing down for a while now) In order to breathe, he has to rush to the top and then goes immediately back down. I feel bad...
  18. K

    Searching for a filter for 29 gallon

    I plan on purchasing a 29 gallon tank tomorrow and need help on picking a filter for my tank! I’ve heard a lot about the marine land filters but I’m not sure which filters are the best for a 29 gallon. I plan to have around 15 ish fish in this tank. Thank you.
  19. L

    Debris in the water

    Hi, I've had trouble with floating debris in the water since day 1 many years ago. I even got a new filter, an Eheim Classic 2260, which is more than enough for my 540l/120gallon. I've tried fixing the flow in the aquarium, putting in wavemakers and putting in a ton of filter watt. Someone...
  20. W

    My betta may be dying. I need help.

    I have a sweet little half-moon female bettaI've only had around for maybe a month and a half now. Last night she got sucked into the filter intake (it didn't have a cap and I didn't notice it was defective) and she came out pretty strong once I unplugged it, bent up a bit and missing scales...