1. Barry Tetra

    Filter media and Beneficial bacteria myth

    Hi everyone. I’ve watching lots of video on youtube (most of them were sponsored) And most people says that sponges does not contain any nitrifying bacteria and you should have biological media inside the filter instead, is this true? or was it just a gimmick that make you buy 1kg of pumice for...
  2. C

    Amount of water flow (GPH) for Danios?

    Hello all, I have a 10-gallon tank with danios and live plants (which only three one-inch bristlenose cories). What is the Maximum Recommended Minimum amount of water flow? I've looked the question up on the internet and most sites say that it depends on the fish species. I've also heard...
  3. C

    Recommended Filtration Media

    I have a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium that I am plan on keeping a few guppies and a couple of plants in. The filter I have is the Tetra Whisper IQ. I was wondering what the best media for mechanical and biological filtration would be in my situation. Most of what I've read has said that...
  4. S

    Need Filtration and Substrate Advice 75 Gallon Planted Tank

    1- I am going back and forth between HOB, Submersed, or Cannister filter. Can somebody explain to me why whether it is worth it or not to invest in a canister filter over a Fluval C Power Series (HOB)? I understand that canister filters can be customizable but could they cause too much hassle...
  5. S

    Reducing Air Pump Power/Flow

    Hi There I have a 20 litre nano tank which came with an Aqua One Air Pump, as the tank has a built in filter compartment at the back. Now, previously I had a Betta fish in this tank and even though I had the pump on the lowest setting, it was truly blasting out. I DIY'ed a solution by...
  6. L

    Positioning an Internal Power Filter Horizontally

    Evening all, Does anyone know whether there would be any issue with positioning an internal power filter horizontally? I cannot in theory think of why it would be an issue. A filter such as the Aquael Mini Pat. A small pump pulls water through a sponge, which then passes through a small...
  7. ellamay

    Wood shrimp stuck in filter. Please help!

    My shrimp have moved into my filter. I thought they were hiding because they shed the day after I got them last week but I’ve just found them in here and I can’t get them out. What should I do?? I read online to leave them alone after they molt because they need to harden up but I’m worried...
  8. ellamay

    How often should I change my filter cartridge?

    I’ve had my tank up and running for about 6 weeks ish. Just put some fish and 2 shrimp in a couple of days ago. I was told on here not to change my filter cartridge yet but it’s looking very brown! I did try to clean it in the old tank water but it seems pretty hard to clean compared to other...
  9. Falconwithaboxon


    So I'm looking to put a new filter on my 45-gallon aquarium(currently has a Tetra Whisper 60iq) and I had a few questions. 1. What might be some good ones? This one is a bit loud, which is weird given its name lol 2. Could I put it on my 29-gallon tank? Or would it be too much? 3. How is your...
  10. L

    Reducing output hose size on external filter

    Morning, I'm currently in the process of setting up a new 450 litre tank. Having read very good things, I ordered an Aqual-el Ultramax 2000 external filter and also an Aqual-el flow inline heater. The heater only works on hose of a 16mm internal diameter. The website I bought the Ultramax 2000...
  11. L

    Moving plastic "media" from cycled internal filter to uncycled external filter

    Hi guys, Hopefully "Cycling" is the right forum as I'm hoping to prevent a new cycle. I have a fully cycled 20 gallon tank running at the moment and the first fish are in there. However, it's running an internal filter that came with the tank and I hate everything about it - it takes up a heap...
  12. V

    Changing betta filter

    Sorry i don't know if this is the right place for this but i want to change my bettas filter from one which hangs off the back to a sponge filter since i think my current one is too strong. I just want to know how i should go about this without shocking him too much ?
  13. GobyMaster11276

    Pond filter recommendations

    Hi all, The impeller of my (admittedly not amazing) pond filter went during routine maintenance yesterday and I am in need of a replacement. Since I cannot remember the model or brand of my current one (having bought it years ago secondhand), I am looking for something new to help keep the...
  14. Guyb93

    Filter has slowed down

    Seemingly over night my filter has slowed by around 50% which isn’t great and I rely on my filter for oxygen and have no air stone , my water disturbance now is bad about 3/4 of it being dead It’s an fx4 filter my tank is 500l so at half flow it’s turning my tank around 3x ph , I need full flow...
  15. Circus

    Old Filter

    I just traded one of 29 gallon set up (everything except fish and decorations) for a 55 gallon acrylic tank and a few boxes of "fish stuff". I am ecstatic just for the tank. I ordered a stand which will get here next week. In one of the boxes are three old filters, all hobs. The first was...
  16. G

    Introducing New African Dwarf Frogs?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice. For backstory, for 7 years now, I have had 2 ADF and a zebra nerite snail living in a 5 gallon tank with no filter. I realize that I definitely should have a filter, but I was very young when I first set up the tank, and by the time I learned enough to know that they...
  17. E

    sun sun filters

    does anyone have any experience with the sunsun 602b or 603b filters? are they any good? heard mixed reviews. ember04
  18. Ellie Potts

    Best filter

    So it finally happen, my c-360 MarineLand canister filter quit after 10 years of use in a few different tanks. I now need a replacement for my 55 gallon tank. The obvious option is to order the updated version of that canister filter off of MarineLands website for ~$120 or something, but before...
  19. Mr Tomato

    Filter blockage theory.

    Hi .. Over the years I noticed sponge filters suffer from reduced flowage due to the usual. But none were impacted as much as those tanks containing bog wood or driftwood. Thought I'd look into it. Extracting some Tanin ladened scrapings from the four week old sponge .. I found under the...
  20. M

    Filter too strong!

    I recently got my first fish, 6 cardinal tetras. However one of them actually got sucked into the filter and unfortunately passed away, and they had been swimming mostly at the bottom of the tank which I thought was due to not being comfortable in the new environment yet but when I turned off...