1. M

    Filter too strong!

    I recently got my first fish, 6 cardinal tetras. However one of them actually got sucked into the filter and unfortunately passed away, and they had been swimming mostly at the bottom of the tank which I thought was due to not being comfortable in the new environment yet but when I turned off...
  2. Barry Tetra

    How to prevent sand from getting into my filter?

    I have a problem with sand right now, so how to protect my filter and the impeller? @seangee what kind of filter are you using for your tank?
  3. Circus

    Large Tank Remodel & Questions

    So I have some general questions about fixing up an old tank I recently acquired. 1st question. It looks like the previous owner took out the central support, leaving the tank with the risk of bowing. I have been doing some reading and it looks like I can actually order a custom from for it...
  4. Aquarist2020

    Are canister filters worth it

    I’m thinking of getting one but is it worth. I do have constant nitrate problems. I’m a beginner ( 8 months in ). Is it worth all the work. If I’m gonna get one it’s gonna be the sun sun canister filter
  5. F

    betta getting sucked in by filter

    hi there yesterday i bought a male betta fish to go in my 5.5 gallon tank - he seemed happy enough yesterday but today i came home to him stuck next to the filter. He was fine as soon as I turned the filter off but his fine look slightly tattered and i’m nervous to turn it back on. My first...
  6. Jan Cavalieri

    Problem with the Aquaclear 70 not snapping into position - any secret trick?

    I have nothing but Aquaclear filers 20, 50's and 70's - regardless of the filter I always fight snapping in that U tube so that it's level and the lid can fit on flat - if that doesn't happen the tube won't cover the impeller and the filter won't work. A few lucky times they've just snapped...
  7. H

    How to change filter cartridge

    So. Filters, right? I have a couple of questions regarding them. It's been about a month now of me unsuccessfully attempting to cycle my new 10 gallon tank, and I've had my filter running the entire time. It's an Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filter, and of course has the appropriate media...
  8. K

    Fluval filter for tropical fish?!?!

    Hi guys. It’s just a query really, we have a 160L tank for our tropical fish & currently have a fluval u3 filter in place. We have 24 small tropical fish in there at the mo. We were thinking of swapping it for a fluval u4 filter, although we’re worried it may be too strong for our guppies. Any...
  9. E

    Big ol' filter queries!

    Hi all, I have a few filter quandaries and could really use some advice. I currently have 2 Juwel tanks (120L and 110L) and use the eccoflow 500 filters that came with it. I also set up the spongers as shown in their instructions. Both filters have started stalling a bit, one a lot more than...
  10. Meg0000

    Aquatech 5-15 filter won't start (fixed)

    Hi, my filter won't start, I don't know what to do. It's a very old filter but I hope there is something I could do to fix the problem. It's on my 10 gallon with my paradise fish
  11. S

    Will this work?

    I want to swap my internal filter and heater for a DIY all in hood set up. I want to put stick insects above the tank to. My tank is under the roof line but I think my design will work, aesthetically. Do you think I'll be able to put the heater and filter material in the pyramid above the tank...
  12. Narideth

    Sponge Filters

    Hey guys, I've only recently gotten into sponge filters and I'm still learning about them. I have them in a 2, 3 and 10 gallon tank, and I've been going through and cleaning them all out, but for some reason... the 3 gallon's sponge was almost pristinely clean. These have been working for a...
  13. S

    I need a new filter for my 90Litre (24 gallon) aquarium

    As I use sand, the amount of fish waste left on top looks awful. My filter is doing nothing about it. It came with the tank when I bought it. Will attach photos I just need some ideas of what filter I could use that would continuously suck up waste from the bottom, not leaving it there. I’ve...
  14. Meg0000

    2 filter?

    I have one c4 fluval filter and my water doesn't seem to get perfectly clear on my 50 gallon (4f) tank. I have 1 marina s20 filter and one other c4 fluval filter so I was wondering if I should have one of the 2 filter in extra on my tank ( one at each opposite side) so that there is more...
  15. W

    Filter making noise

    Hi, So I have just recently upgraded to the QubiQ 30 LED tank which has an inbuilt filter system. I planned on cycling the tank for a week before introducing my betta to its new home. However, once I filled the tank up with water and plugged in the filter it started making a rather annoying...
  16. Filip

    Cleaning Post-Disease Aquarium/Filter

    Hello! I recently had a fungus infestation in my 20-gallon tank, and it sadly killed all my fish because I was having ammonia problems at the same time, and the combination was too deadly for the little guys:( Anyway, I want to get back at it, and I want to make sure that I get rid of ALL...
  17. Quin

    Filter being noisy twice in 24 hours

    My filter is for 5 gallons or less and suctions to the inside of my tank, with intake covered by panty hose (for my betta) and an output that usually has a gentle flow. It is usually pretty quiet, with an acceptable amount of flow. Yesterday after a water change my filter began to make a...
  18. francisabch12

    I think my Betta has fin rot. Can you please help me identify?

    I think my Betta is having fin rot problems but I am not sure if it's fin rot. Can anyone please help me recognise the fin rot. So I can start the treatment. If you guys have any treatment ideas please suggest. P.S. : I can't get any medicines due to Covid 19 lockdown. I have "Rid-All Anti Ich"...
  19. C

    Filter Question

    Hi, I have a 105L tank, long. The filter on it is a 1000EF all pond solutions one that, according to the website has a flow rate of 1000 litres per hour. I was just wondering if this is too strong? The flow coming out of it is pretty hefty but it has been running for a good couple of months...
  20. Barry Tetra

    How to wash a filter? Canister, HOB and internal filter

    Do I have to get it all out and wash it all (thats what i do) or just wash the sponge inside the filter?