So, my filter completely broke


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Jul 8, 2022
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I was trying to reattach the suction cups, it stayed for like a minute then fell back down. In that timespan, I plugged the filter back in. There's no reaction at all. No water movement, no noise, nothing. It's dead. I'm probably going to see why sponge filters are so highly talked about and get one next. What am I supposed to do until I can get a new filter?
Reduce feeding, siphon as needed for any leftover food and fish waste, and if you're going to be without a filter for an extended period of time (over a week) you'll have to test the water more often and change as needed, maybe even daily changes; to ensure the parameters stay good.
My hob needs me to smack the intake tube (I smack the bottom, aiming upward) to restart after I unplug it. It seems dead, but starts right up after a couple smacks. Checking the impeller is also a good idea.
Firstly expose the impeller and pock it with a pencil while it's plugged it and it should fix it

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