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  1. K

    Aquascape choice

    Hi, I am returning to the hobby after a few years, I have kept a few tanks over the years makes of tanks, Clearsil, ? Seabrey, Juwel etc i have had community fish, African cichlids, had a tank of about 4 Oscar’s and I did have a planted Discus tank. So I’m now thinking of a Aquascape tank, which...
  2. V

    Sponge filter assistance

    I just got a sponge filter since my other filter stopped working. Even though the main filter is malfunctional, I don't want to remove it right away because I could risk crashing the cycle. So, how long after having the sponge filter in can I take out the broken filter? Another problem. The...
  3. Z

    Afragog in aquarium?

    What are the uses of afragog in an aquarium beyond having a large surface area for bacteria? I remember reading it last time and deciding to add it to my tank; however, now I can not find any information about it. Is there anyone else that uses it in their aquariums/filters?
  4. V

    So, my filter completely broke

    I was trying to reattach the suction cups, it stayed for like a minute then fell back down. In that timespan, I plugged the filter back in. There's no reaction at all. No water movement, no noise, nothing. It's dead. I'm probably going to see why sponge filters are so highly talked about and get...
  5. V

    Forgot to unplug filter during water change

    And now the usually quiet filter buzzes. Idk what I should do now. Should I get a new one? If I do it might upset the cycle. I think it still works but I'm not sure.
  6. V

    More filtration needed?

    When my fish would die in the past, I would always find them in the filter intake. Now I haven't had this problem but I'm afraid my fish don't have enough oxygen. Because it's a 10-gallon filter in a 20-gallon tank. I can't replace the filter because that's where most BB is stored. I'm thinking...
  7. V

    Cleaned filter with tap water

    I already cleaned out my filter with tap water, but afterwards was told not to do that because it rids beneficial bacteria. But there's other items in the tank that can have good bacteria too right? Like the decor, plants, and gravel hasn't been messed with. What effect will this have on my...
  8. EmperorRain

    Is an FX6 enough?

    Hi all, I recently got an 180USG tank and wanted to know if an FX6 would be enough for it.
  9. I

    Filter recommendation for 5Galoon betta tank

    Hello, Ive got a 5 galoon beta tank and looking for the ideal filter for it. (I attached a photo of the aquarium). I want it to keep the aquarium clean yet be safe for the beta.. Considering the aqua clear 20 but heard it might be too much for a 5 galoon. Thanks in advance, Ido
  10. Guyb93

    Interesting proposal

    I listen to a monthly pod cast here in the Uk not sure weather it’s international but my guess would be it’s just here in the uk and it’s 3 experienced fish keepers talking about fish and tanks , And an unusual proposal got put out in this pod cast about filter cleaning , always a worrier about...
  11. S

    Filter Advice

    Hi there, I’ve just a second-hand aquarium and filter. It’s the Superfish Home 80 with the Aqua-Flow 300. As this is a second-hand tank, I’m giving everything a really good clean and I’m replacing the filter cartridge. From what I understand, the cartridge needs to be replaced every month, but...
  12. jessicarf00

    switching filter media?

    i have a hob filter which i have never changed the filter media in. i’ve been doing research and i’m wanting to switch the media to a sponge so i won’t need to buy new ones and so that my tannins won’t be filtered out. my question, however, is how? should i put the sponge in the filter, leave it...
  13. F

    Filter Intake Tube Level

    Hi!! Just wondering if anybody may be able to send over some advice regarding my new filter. The intake tube (the part inside the tank that sucks up the water) is not as far down as my old filter was. My tank is vertical, hexagon shape not square so it’s tall! It’s an aqua clear filter, I’m...
  14. Chloem07

    All advice appreciated

    Hiya, im new to the tropical fish life, i currently have a fresh water tank- although im changing to tropical shortly. I have a 100 L tank- what would the best filter be for a 100L tropical tank? Ive been looking at “FLUVAL U4 internal filter” - has anyone got this or have any feedback? Any...
  15. ellamay

    How often should I change my filter cartridge?

    I’ve had my tank up and running for about 6 weeks ish. Just put some fish and 2 shrimp in a couple of days ago. I was told on here not to change my filter cartridge yet but it’s looking very brown! I did try to clean it in the old tank water but it seems pretty hard to clean compared to other...
  16. Kat1053

    How should I go about switching to a new filter?

    So I just bought a betta but the filter that I have is quite strong and I noticed the fish is getting pushed around quite a bit (it’s one of those ones where there’s a little waterfall going into the tank) so I put a little sponge in the outflow but so the flow is slowed a bit and ran to the...