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Jan 29, 2023
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I am returning to the hobby after a few years, I have kept a few tanks over the years makes of tanks, Clearsil, ? Seabrey, Juwel etc i have had community fish, African cichlids, had a tank of about 4 Oscar’s and I did have a planted Discus tank.
So I’m now thinking of a Aquascape tank, which really excites me as the scapes I have seen through various online channels look great, The support and information for the hobby is so big now compared to when I was in the hobby, regarding online content.
so I have had 5ft tanks, but to convince the wife I am looking at a 60p or 90 maybe a DD pro tank, I like the oases scaperline tank but being only 6mm Compaired to 8mm for the Aquascape tank, I like the idea of the low iron tanks as they look so good, the ADA tanks and goods are like the snap on tools to the mechanic, their stuff looks so stylish but at a huge cost.
so any advice on the 60 v the 90 would be good also I always used the Eheim filters, but I have been looking at the thermo oases filter 600 or do you think that would be overkill.
many thanks

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