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  1. V

    So, my filter completely broke

    I was trying to reattach the suction cups, it stayed for like a minute then fell back down. In that timespan, I plugged the filter back in. There's no reaction at all. No water movement, no noise, nothing. It's dead. I'm probably going to see why sponge filters are so highly talked about and get...
  2. V

    More filtration needed?

    When my fish would die in the past, I would always find them in the filter intake. Now I haven't had this problem but I'm afraid my fish don't have enough oxygen. Because it's a 10-gallon filter in a 20-gallon tank. I can't replace the filter because that's where most BB is stored. I'm thinking...
  3. B

    What is this on my filter sock???

    Hi I have recently set up a Tropical aquarium, which includes a sump with filter sock filtration and after 3 months of having a successful tank I noticed this little alien on the outside of my filter sock. Does anyone have any idea what it is, I cannot seem to find anything on the internet. It...
  4. Xious

    150g Filtration

    Alright rookie questions but i'm used to smaller tanks. Please be gentle. So I have a 150g tank with 2 Oscars and 1 Pleco. For filtration I'm running a large sponge and a 75g rated HOB filter. With that i'm gravel vacuuming every 2 days. So my mechanical filtration is awful and the gravel is...
  5. Rockfella

    My extreme DIY journey from rookie to almost pro. Low Iron glass aquarium/sump. Anoxic Filtration System. Dr. Kevin Novak.

    OK. This madness started in mid April 2021 after an old school friend of mine gave me her small aquarium as she was fed up cleaning it regularly and burying dead fish. It was a 28 liter small tank. It had everything so I added Seachem Matrix (popular biomedia) and bought 5 small Danios from my...
  6. E

    Converting a Biorb Tank to a Different Filter/Substrate

    Hi, I have an 8 gallon Biorb Flow tank. I've had it for about a year and a half. I love the tank but I hate the filtration system, and the biorb ceramic substrate is tearing up my current Betta's fins (he likes to sleep on the bottom). So I'm wanting to change up the filtration system and...
  7. Linkandnavi

    Positioning an Internal Power Filter Horizontally

    Evening all, Does anyone know whether there would be any issue with positioning an internal power filter horizontally? I cannot in theory think of why it would be an issue. A filter such as the Aquael Mini Pat. A small pump pulls water through a sponge, which then passes through a small...
  8. M

    Converting a 30L Biorb Life

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum here, go easy ;) Yes I made the same silly mistake a lot of people do and got myself a 30L Biorb. It's a Biorb Life though, so not quite as bad as the orb ones, or so I hear. I have one Betta and 5 Nerite snails. In some respects all seems to be going well, Sashimi...
  9. H

    I need advice about my predator tank filtration :)

    Hey Peeps, I have a 375 Gallon Tank with currently: 9 big goldfish 1 baby silver arowana 3 baby motoro stingrays 6 medium discus All living happily ^^ I have a 5x2x1 sump for this tank with overkill amounts of bio balls, marine pure and purigen. However, the water is always hazy. It is not...
  10. tgwthf

    marine filter to tropical?

    Hello!, i'm new to the whole fish thin and recently was purchased a large 250L Aquarium ((was second hand)) that had everything with it, however, it was used as a marine tank and it has a large Aqua One Aquis 1200 external canister filter with it with all the media in there already but i was...
  11. hudsona85

    Sump Questions

    Hello all!   I recently just bought a 90 gallon aquarium with a over flow system, stand, 2 different canopies, canister filter, and a 20 gallon acrylic sump tank. I am very new to using a sump tank for filtration and have no idea where to start. I am up for the challenge and just needed some...
  12. fropuf

    New Danio Tank Help

    Hi.   My brother wants some fish, and he already has selected the fish he want's: 5 danios (Glofish) I am going to have a 33 gallon for him soon to use, and it has a filter, heater, everything. I need to know how much maintenance this species will need, as well as how well they can deal with...
  13. E

    Been A Few Weeks Things Have Settled Down

    hell again  well it has been awhile since i have posted and alot has happened. soooo where to start all my fish are settled in and enjoying life in the tank. i added some serpae tetras and another store called them black skirt tetras so idk???? that is one question. sitting watching these fish...
  14. T

    Hybrid Filtration To Avoid Gravel Vacuum

    I've just started a new 10 gallon freshwater tank and I've been performing the gravel vacuuming of bottom as prescribed. The vacuum is necessary because the sediment and waste isn't pulled in by the filter on the back of the tank before it settles along the bottom. Has anyone ever come up with a...
  15. mrstwalker

    Carbon Infused Filter Pads - Opinions/thoughts?

    I was browsing amazon for some carbon pellets , and came across carbon infused filter pads that come in a large sheet and you cut to fit your filters. I was wondering if any of you have tried these and if it really works? If so that would be great because it would save me a ton of time rather...
  16. rossclan151

    Ick Issues

    I am new to this forum and have an ICK emergency.  I have a newer 30 gallon fish tank (3 months) that I did an ammonia fishless cycle on.  I have tested the water every week since it was cycled and we are good to go.  I also challenged the tank with ammonia to make sure it was ready before...
  17. G

    Do You Have This Tank?

    if anyone has this tank please comment and quote this post telling me what u have in the tank and what the filtration is thanks guppyguy1234.
  18. Valentini

    New Filter. Oxygen Problems? Dying Livestock

    I had an over hanging filter for my 55g tank, but it was pretty loud so my dad bought a fluval. I asked him to grab a powerhead too, but he used to raise freshwater fish and therefore disliked them and didn't buy one. I set up the fluval-rinsed it all well-and started it. I noticed that it was...
  19. ashcole1989

    Opinions On Additives To Your Tank

    Hey guys I'm looking for some advice, personal experience and also your opinions. So recently I've been having a few issues with cloudy water, smoke like and a pale white in colour. After some research and sound advice from a very trusted LFS (Who advised AGAINST a sale!) It appears to be a...
  20. Julianmiles123

    Discus Questions

    I been reading a lot about keeping discus but the one thing I don't get is the filtration, right now I have a 45 gallon bow still cycling I'm thinking about getting some discus but I read somewhere that u need certain kinds of filter I don't know if this is true or not I have a fluval c4 is...