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Looks every bit like an AquaOne 320, I had one of these, very nice tank! Only really suitable for a Betta, shrimp and/or a few small fish
came as a complete set with an AquaOne 101F filter which I changed for the larger 102F.
It would help if we knew the brand.
But generally speaking kits come with anything cheap and breakable so it wont last very long. Also looks acrylic which will scratch easily and the colored top is to bright.
Sorry for being so.negative, I dont mean it I promise! It just looks cheap IMO 
My mum has one with a few Endlers and cherry shrimps. It's quite a nice little tank, but I do agree with Kirky that the filter is pretty underpowered and you might want to upgrade that.
I nearly bought this for my daughter but ended up getting her the Roma 90 as it was a more practical size for fish. (also from P@H) Better filter and lighting too.

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