1. dsch132

    New Aquascape Ideas

    Hello again everyone! I've been working on a new project- a five gallon cube that will eventually house a betta and possibly a mystery snail. This tank will be maintained primarily by my girlfriend as her introduction to the hobby. Originally, we were going to keep it pretty basic with minimal...
  2. ember04

    Nano Old ball fish

    I have always been attracted to the more unusual fish in the hobby, I can only have nano tank due to the size of my house but would still love an old ball fish tank. I have a spare 16-gallon aquarium and through it would be the perfect old ball tank. i like lots of old ball fish but the more...
  3. W.R

    Honey Gourami with Eppiplatus clown killi?

    Heya all, currently in my 7Gal I have a honey gourami juvenile, I am not keeping it here as I'm holding onto it for a friend, it seems to be doing just fine for now, however I would like to stock the tank with a few Clown Killi fish soon, are they ok with a honey male for a month? Both species...
  4. Narideth

    Sponge Filters

    Hey guys, I've only recently gotten into sponge filters and I'm still learning about them. I have them in a 2, 3 and 10 gallon tank, and I've been going through and cleaning them all out, but for some reason... the 3 gallon's sponge was almost pristinely clean. These have been working for a...
  5. O

    Help! My anemone is swollen!

    Hello all. I recently purchased a Nano tank. I have 2 ocellaris clownfish, a royal dottyback, one Banggai cardinal and a yellow angelfish. (The yellow angelfish was brought to my tank only 3 days ago) I noticed around 2 days ago that my anemone had suddenly shrunk (It was never that big but...
  6. S

    New Nano Tank

    Hello again, I have been cycling a nano tank for about a month and I am getting ready to stock my tank. I planted my plants, and just need a final fish to balance it all out. I was thinking of filling my 6.8 Gal tank with some cherry shrimp, blueberry shrimp, and some Mosquito Rasbora, but from...
  7. fishperson100

    Walstad Method

    Have any of you every tried the Walstad method? I was thinking about setting up some nano aquariums with shrimp and snails using this method, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it. Link explaining it -
  8. ukdamon

    Fluval Edge 23L

    Hello, I love the look of the Fluval Edge, but I understand it can be a pain to maintain due to accessing the inside of it. Do any of you have a Fluval Edge for your shrimp and how do you get on with it? Obviously I would add a pre-filter sponge to protect the babies.
  9. ukdamon

    New Nano Shrimp Tank Setup

    Hello I presently have a community freshwater aquarium doing really well. I want to get a small nano aquarium for shrimp. I would like some advice. Do I cycle the new nano tank from scratch, or can I had material,water or media from my current tank to help with the cycle process? Damon
  10. D

    My journey into the nano world

    Hi all. New face to the forum but a long time fish keeper with a big interest in tropical set ups. I usually keep larger tanks, but recently have had a sudden fascination with smaller nano set ups and the beauty of some of the fish that people have been keeping in them. Fast forward to now...
  11. alvintayyw

    Planted tank - need help with plant ID

    Hi all, May i know what are the plants i have growing in my tank? I know i have dwarf hair grass that i am trying to carpet... Thank you!
  12. fishperson100

    10 gallon marine aquarium?

    Hey everybody! So, I have thought of starting a saltwater aquarium, and I have a 10 gallon tank. Are you guys able to tell me what equipment I need, as well as stocking and maintenance? I know my options for stocking are limited, as it is a 10 gallon. Thanks for your help!
  13. thrujenseyes

    remineralizing distilled water or keeping what I have to suit shrimp

    I've decided to rehome my endlers, as I can get the PH where they like it but never the hardness. Shrimp seem to do well in my water...when the endlers aren't terrorizing them...which they have been lately... So, this weekend I'm driving them to a new home and will concentrate on my shrimp and...
  14. I

    Planning a tank with seahorses!!!(dwarf probably)

    Hello everyone. I have a plan for a dwarf sea horse tank but I just want other people's thoughts on this to make sure it's good! So, I would want a fluval Evo, 5 gallons. I would probably have 12-16 dwarf seahorses as I read you can have 4 per gallon and I want to go easy since I'm just starting...
  15. L

    Filter Suggestions for an 11G (42L) Cube

    Hello! I am in the process of starting up an 11 gallon rimless cube (planted). I am having a very hard time figuring out what to do about filtration and am leaning towards a canister filter (if there is one small enough?). Having a hard time finding good information with google searches. Can...
  16. cooledwhip

    I Want To Start A Nano Reef Sometime This Summer...

    Hey guys I have a lot of freshwater tanks but this summer I wanted to set up a saltwater tank. I have some live rock/dry coral or something that my dad got from florida a long time ago. It's a pretty big piece, and I think it would fit nicely in a 10 gallon. I have never had a saltwater tank...
  17. RRaquariums

    10 Gallon Nano Reef

    I recently had to downsize my 220 gallon tank dew to moving later this year but I couldn't really give it all up lol. So I've kept a few corals and set up a little 10 gallon nano tank with a hang on back refugium. Since I can't post pics on this site from my iPad for some reason I'll post...
  18. cooledwhip

    Nano Saltwater Reef Tank?

    I was just wondering if it would be doable to create a small nano saltwater reef tank. I was thinking something as small as 5 gallons and have a low tech setup with an anenome and maybe some small saltwater fish. Is it possible? I have a freshwater planted tank right now and want to move on to...
  19. AquaPit

    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    Finally! It's ready! I have been contemplating on setting up a shrimp tank for a few months back and now it has become a reality! I'm gonna be so addicted to this tank for sure! Even though it is just a cute, mini tank.. Hahaa! Info: 10litre(3 US Gal) Gex HOB Filter Cooling Fan 10xRed Rili...
  20. thrujenseyes

    Hi, My Name Is Jen And I'm A Fishaholic

    Just saying hi and introducing myself.   My name is Jen and I just purchased a little fluval edge 6 gallon with a couple live plants and a nice piece of driftwood.   A cute little assassin snail must have stowed away in a plant because he's the sole inhabiter of my little aquarium.   I'm cycling...