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Honey Gourami with Eppiplatus clown killi?

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Oct 20, 2020
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Heya all, currently in my 7Gal I have a honey gourami juvenile, I am not keeping it here as I'm holding onto it for a friend, it seems to be doing just fine for now, however I would like to stock the tank with a few Clown Killi fish soon, are they ok with a honey male for a month? Both species are rather peaceful and small.

If the gourami turns aggressive I have a 5Gal with only shrimp I can put the killis in for now, but I would rather not have to swap them from tank to tank a bunch, of course if they don't match I will just wait with getting the killi's, but for a future tank I would love to have the two species in one tank permanently, so I just thought I should ask if they would mesh well, thanks!
Personally I prefer to keep killifish in their own tank so nobody bullies them. If the gourami is nice and not a mean fish, then the clown killis should be ok. However, you will need to watch them for the first few days because some gouramis can get agro, especially in small tanks.
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