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  1. R

    Help! My honey gourami’s are turning black?

    So I got my “honey gourami’s” a few weeks ago and since I have had them they have gotten darker, with almost a black colour on them. I have been trying to find out what might be wrong with them and I’ve came across a few posts saying that they might actually be thick lipped gourami’s? Can anyone...
  2. B


    So i bought 2 gourami a few days ago. 1 male and 1 female. They have been doing fine together. The male gets just a bit aggressive when food is put in but otherwise they are fine together. Someone owner surrendered a male gourami at the fish store i go to. Some people online say 2 female for...
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Stocking 15 Gallons Tank

    Hello, So, i have a 15 gallon tank that is now stocked with 3 Honey Gouramis and 1 Dwarf Gourami. I want to add some more tank mates for them, any idea? I've been thinking to add 10 schooling fish perhaps Maculata Rasbora or Ember Tetra or Buenos Aires Tetra and 4 to 6 Corydoras. Any...
  4. W.R

    Honey Gourami with Eppiplatus clown killi?

    Heya all, currently in my 7Gal I have a honey gourami juvenile, I am not keeping it here as I'm holding onto it for a friend, it seems to be doing just fine for now, however I would like to stock the tank with a few Clown Killi fish soon, are they ok with a honey male for a month? Both species...
  5. Y

    Is my Gourami male or female? Is it bloated or Pregnant?

    Hello, I have two Gouramis. One of them seems too have bloated/pregnant. Can’t differentiate between male and female nor if it’s pregnant or bloated. It is staying at on position, not moving and staying at the top part of the tank. Can someone help please? Should I quarantine it?
  6. C

    HELP!! My blue dwarf gourami looks like he has dirt all over him and his fins

    hi there! One of my blue dwarf gouramis is looking VERY weird. He literally looks like some one just threw dirt all over him and his fins. I shared some pictures of him in this post as well. His fins are also very odd right now and kind of look like fin rot but fin rot doesn't have any side...
  7. M

    Gourami breeding

    Hi everyone, I need advice's from you regarding the gourami fries care, I have bred 3 sets of gourami fries and all of them died,please help on this to save the kids for my next breeding.I am breeding blue gouramies,using 2*1 feet box,with 15cm level water after bred i am losing fries after 1...
  8. 3

    What do i get!!!

    I`m new to the whole tropical fish thing and i cant find the information i want so i thought i would come here. So i got a new tank 2ft About 44l 10 Gallons. And i don`t no which fish will get along together, I Originally was going to get two Blue powder dwarf Gouramis (But apparently they...

    HELP!!! Gourami with tail problem!!!

    Hello everybody in this forum, This is my first post in this forum, I'm relatively new to this hobby, I mean, I have had a 29 gal tank before without a problem but due to other activities I had to give it away, now I'm back to it with a small 20 gal high tank, inside there are 6 zebra danios, 1...
  10. S

    Urgent help on my dwarf gourami

    i have two dwarf..a red female and a blue male. I got the blue male today and looks like the red female is nipping and making the male restless. Any advise. Below pictures of my fishes. Please help.
  11. S


    Hi fish folk! I’m now setting up my 200 litre aquarium. And I’m very much looking forward to getting two different pairs of gouramis. Firstly; I’m wanting to get some ‘peaceful or more docile gouramis’ perhaps a couple of honey gouramis and opalines? Would this be ok? And secondly; I have 3...
  12. Tidma

    2 Male gouramis in 10 gallon tank

    Hello all! I'm a relatively new tank hobbiest and recently got two dwarf male neon gouramis and the slightly larger one immediately started picking on the smaller. My question is will they settle down and pick their own territories or should I take one of them back(probably the aggressive one)...
  13. S

    Gourami Community Problem?

    Hi Everyone -   I'm just getting back into the hobby after years away. I was at the store today and decided to bring home 2 blue gouramis and 2 pearl gouramis to add to a 30 gallon tank that is otherwise inhabited by Kuhli loaches.   The store attendant assured me the gouramis would get along...