1. outofwater

    Lone dwarf gourami tank upgrade

    A couple of days ago I picked up 2 tanks: 15 and 30g. Working on the 15g to move Mr blurami from his current digs (10g) Both tanks came with lights, one filter, and covers. So far I've cleaned and scrubbed the small tank and the filter. Upgraded the light to LED (hood had old incandescent...
  2. outofwater

    Done with neon tetras, can you recommend other tankmates?

    So, I've got a 29g tank, already running for 4 months. Couple of months ago I bought a dozen neon tetras and within 2 days 5 died. Columnaris, NTD, or too much stress, never found out for sure. Fast forward to yesterday. I've had a planted and cycled "quarantine" tank running for 3 weeks now...
  3. Mollyforever

    20 G tank overstocked? Or more?

    Howdy everyone! So I am cycling a 20g tank so that i could move my 5 shortfin mollies (1:4 male and female ratio) Would it be a dumb idea to get a couple more smaller fish like endlers in the new tank? Or crabs? The water parameters for the current 10G molly tank is pH 8.2 KH 130 GH 230 ish No...
  4. S

    Cichlid tank bottom feeders?

    Hello! I have a 125 gallon cichlid tank with a green terror, golden severum, blood parrot, jewel, convict, and a terror/acara hybrid (surviving baby). I’m looking for some bottom feeders to help clean up the tank a little bit, substrate, rocks, and glass. We’ve tried three plecos so far and none...
  5. KatNor21

    Bettas and Gourami as Tankmates

    Has anyone mixed a male betta with honey gourami? If so, how did it go? How big was the tank? How many and what sexes were your gouramis? Any aggression? Curious to hear others' experiences.
  6. T

    Betta planted community tank setup

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread so please move/delete if necessary. I'm wanting to keep a male betta in a 3ft/33 gallon tank. I want to do a planted tank with sand substrate. And I also want tank mates. I was thinking of having one snowball pleco and about 10-15 mountain...
  7. Circus

    29 Gallon W/DCL & Otos

    Ph 7.4 Hardness 100-110 ppm Dimensions 30"×12"×18" Here in a few months I will have my last 2 empty tanks running and my fish shuffled around. This will let me move my Dwarf Chain Loaches into my 29 gallon and out of the 20 gallon. I am looking for tankmates for the DCLs (there will be 7 of...
  8. bettafrog

    Tankmates for betta

    Are there any other animals I can add to a 5 gal without overcrowding it? I've got snails and live plants right now, and planning to get a betta for it soon. Could I add ghost/cherry shrimp or would that be too much? Any other recommendations?
  9. W.R

    Honey Gourami with Eppiplatus clown killi?

    Heya all, currently in my 7Gal I have a honey gourami juvenile, I am not keeping it here as I'm holding onto it for a friend, it seems to be doing just fine for now, however I would like to stock the tank with a few Clown Killi fish soon, are they ok with a honey male for a month? Both species...
  10. R

    Tankmates in tall 40g: Black Tetra and Julii Cories

    Hi All, Pretty new to the fish hobby. Got my hands on a tall 40g tank that I've had running for the last few months and has been running really well (hope I didn't jinx it). Details: Sand substrate Live plants and non live tall plants (fake driftwood as well) Pretty high water flow coming...
  11. maddi7777

    Gourami tank mates??

    I currently have an extremely skittish dwarf gourami in a 10 gallon tank. I was wondering if there was any tank mates that could go with him? I heard maybe ghost shrimp? However, I have heard before that dwarf gouramis should have at least a 20 gallon tank. If that is truly the case, I will not...
  12. C

    New Tank with Blue Gouramis

    So I'm new to the hobby and I've started up a new tank 25 gallon tank. After preparing my set-up, waiting until my wood stopped floating, I decided yesterday to finally add some fish to the tank. After visiting the shop several times and watching the fish and doing my research I finally decided...
  13. Cluelessone

    Stocking 20 Gallon tank. HELP!

    I have a cycled 20gal tank (600x 320 x 400 I made the mistake of trying to give my Betta (Sushi) some friends... he didn’t play nice to say the least. He now has his own 5 gallon set up and is very happy. I have 2 Albino Cory’s - one with no eyes (Stevie Wonder) and one has 1 eye (Mike...
  14. A

    Guppy tail growing weird?

    So I have has what I believe to be a lyretail guppy for about 5 months now, and I've always noticed something wrong with his tail. His actual tail fin is perfectly fine, but his longer pieces have always looks like they have been cut. I though it was my other guppies in the tank, so I watched...
  15. E

    Uaru tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  16. A


    Hi, I currently have a male betta veil tail in a 3 gallon tank and he is fairly docile and tame. I've only ever owned my betta because I took him in after having to use a betta fish in a somewhat cruel and cramped ecocolumn experiment at school. I've been wanting to upgrade him to a bigger tank...
  17. Tool13x

    Tank Stocking Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a couple suggestions on tankmates for my 55 gal setup. I currently have: 1 Bristlenose Pleco 1 Bolivian Ram 7 Rosy Barbs 6 Corydoras Melini This tank looks a little sparse, I was wondering if you think I have some room for additional fish and perhaps some...
  18. B

    Betta tank mates?

    Hi there hopefully I have gotten the correct category for my question :) I have recently purchased a 22 litre tank and was looking at getting a betta. From my research this seems like a good size, but I was wondering about tank mates. Is there any tank mates that you recommend or would a Betta...
  19. S

    Betta Tankmates???

    Can a betta live with 3 danio and 3 platy in a 120L tank? How many fish (if any) could it live with in a 120L tank? Is a 25L good for a betta on its own with a slowed filter? Thanks :)
  20. W

    Tankmates for Rainbow Shark and Hatchetfish

    I currently have a 40g (36"x18"x15") stocked with the following: 1 3.5" Rainbow Shark 3 Zebra Danios 4 Common Hatchetfish The Rainbow Shark I have had for about a year and a half and he is very calm. I used to have an Angel (re-homed due to aggression) and the RBS only ever showed aggression...