1. C

    New Tank with Blue Gouramis

    So I'm new to the hobby and I've started up a new tank 25 gallon tank. After preparing my set-up, waiting until my wood stopped floating, I decided yesterday to finally add some fish to the tank. After visiting the shop several times and watching the fish and doing my research I finally decided...
  2. Cluelessone

    Stocking 20 Gallon tank. HELP!

    I have a cycled 20gal tank (600x 320 x 400 I made the mistake of trying to give my Betta (Sushi) some friends... he didn’t play nice to say the least. He now has his own 5 gallon set up and is very happy. I have 2 Albino Cory’s - one with no eyes (Stevie Wonder) and one has 1 eye (Mike...
  3. A

    Guppy tail growing weird?

    So I have has what I believe to be a lyretail guppy for about 5 months now, and I've always noticed something wrong with his tail. His actual tail fin is perfectly fine, but his longer pieces have always looks like they have been cut. I though it was my other guppies in the tank, so I watched...
  4. E

    Uaru tankmates

    What tankmates would work best with red eye tetras and a Senegal bichir? (90 gallon aquarium) I would prefer large tankmates, either one extra large centrepiece fish or a couple large fish. Possibly larger peaceful chichlids?
  5. A


    Hi, I currently have a male betta veil tail in a 3 gallon tank and he is fairly docile and tame. I've only ever owned my betta because I took him in after having to use a betta fish in a somewhat cruel and cramped ecocolumn experiment at school. I've been wanting to upgrade him to a bigger tank...
  6. Tool13x

    Tank Stocking Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a couple suggestions on tankmates for my 55 gal setup. I currently have: 1 Bristlenose Pleco 1 Bolivian Ram 7 Rosy Barbs 6 Corydoras Melini This tank looks a little sparse, I was wondering if you think I have some room for additional fish and perhaps some...
  7. B

    Betta tank mates?

    Hi there hopefully I have gotten the correct category for my question :) I have recently purchased a 22 litre tank and was looking at getting a betta. From my research this seems like a good size, but I was wondering about tank mates. Is there any tank mates that you recommend or would a Betta...
  8. S

    Betta Tankmates???

    Can a betta live with 3 danio and 3 platy in a 120L tank? How many fish (if any) could it live with in a 120L tank? Is a 25L good for a betta on its own with a slowed filter? Thanks :)
  9. W

    Tankmates for Rainbow Shark and Hatchetfish

    I currently have a 40g (36"x18"x15") stocked with the following: 1 3.5" Rainbow Shark 3 Zebra Danios 4 Common Hatchetfish The Rainbow Shark I have had for about a year and a half and he is very calm. I used to have an Angel (re-homed due to aggression) and the RBS only ever showed aggression...
  10. S

    Problem: Betta Is Gobbling Up Tankmates Food!

    I recently started a planted 10gallon aquarium for my Betta and am using corner filters to reduce flow for his fins. He seemed to be pacing around and lonely, so I decided to get him tankmates. I ultimately decided on a school of ten White Cloud Minnows, who luckily have seen no aggression from...
  11. Waterfins

    Can Two Green Terrors Be Housed Together?

    I have done research on this fish and found out they're aggressive, I was wondering if two could be housed together in a large aquarium or if they would fight to the death and I just shouldn't bother. I have also been really interested in getting a Green Terror or a Jack Dempsey and I'm...
  12. KansasPrincess724

    Hello! Any Fellow Oscar Fans Out There?

    Hello! This'll be my first post on this forum, I'm looking forward to being a part of the community! :)     Now, I am not new to the fish hobby (I know quite a bit, but I'll admit I've got PLENTY of room to grow), but I am new to Oscar fish keeping. I have a little Oscar fish who is the size of...
  13. Dandx13

    Research Paper On Stocking My Tank? Help!?

    I am currently writing as research paper on stocking my 125 gallon tank. I would like to add 5 angelfish to this tank plus some other fish. The dimensions are 48" x 24" x 24" so this would be perfect for angels. I have plenty of caves and driftwood with some plants (definitely not heavily...
  14. AeonMapa

    Gluttonous Severum!

    So I have a single 3" long red severum in my community tank with rams and tetras and a few other fish. He's great, never bullies anyone, chills out the whole day and loves to say hello when I come home. There is however one problem. This guys just loves loves loves to eat. It doesn't help that...
  15. Dmbandstef

    What Else Can Go In My Tank?

    What else if anything can go in my 55 gallon aquarium? Right now I have: 1 blue acara 1 rainbow shark 8 black skirt tetras 4 green corydoras I have an aquaclear 70 HOB as well as a homemade internal filter likely rated for around 10 gallons give or take. I was thinking of maybe an opaline, gold...
  16. Seeker

    Dwarf Cichlids And Friends :)

    Hello cichlid fans,   I made a fairly general "help me compile a stocking list" thread over in the Tropical Discussion forums a few days ago; to summarise, I like characterful individual fish while the OH wants a fairly traditional community.  We're looking at getting a Trigon 190 for the living...
  17. sawickib

    Tire Track Eel, Elephant Nose Tankmates

    Can anyone tell me some good tankmates with a tire track eel and 6 elephant nose fish? I have a fine substrate bottom as well. Thanks!
  18. J

    Red Tail Black Shark Tankmates For 63 Gallon Tank

    I'm new to keeping fish but doing as much research as possible before getting my first tank. I am starting on quite a large one, 240 litre in the UK, which is just about 63 US Gallons, and really want a Red Tail Black Shark. What tankmates are most advisable?   I'd prefer not to have to worry...
  19. J

    New Tank Project - Advice?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, so please excuse me if I have reposted this question or posted in the wrong forum! I have recently purchased a 370L tank (approx. 100 gallons) and I'd like to set it up as a tropical tank. I currently have another tropical tank (70L) with a single Black...
  20. Fiji

    New 55 Gallon Questions

    Hello I am currently setting up a freshwater 55 gallon fish tank that's been laying around in my garage for a while. I have some questions about the compatibility of the fish I would like to put in it. 1 angelfish 4-5 boesemani rainbowfish 4-5 Cory catfish 1 dojo loach 1 blue gourami I also...