honey gourami

  1. Y

    Help! Honey Gourami missing?

    Hello! I purchased 3 male Honey Gouramis yesterday. They all seemed 100% fine yesterday, no agression in the tank (Theyre in the tank with 2 Khuli Loaches and 6 Neon Tetras, 6 glowlight tetras, and a Zebra Nerite Snail). All swimming normally. Fed them last night and this morning one is...
  2. puppyfoxcat

    20 gal long stocking

    I already have 4 kuhli loaches in my 20 gal long tank and I’m going to get at least two more. The tank is moderately planted but I’m going put together more plants this weekend. I would love to add some more fish to the tank, and here’s my idea for when it’s completely stocked: -6 kuhli loaches...
  3. HevvyC

    New 20 Gallon Starter Tank - Advice? :)

    Hey guys, I've just bought a 100L/ 20 gallon tank and I'm waiting to pick it up at the moment. Very excited! It comes with 2 internal filters (both Aquael 700) and a heater which is great. I was looking into keeping some honey gouramis, platies, neon tetras and maybe some leopard cory's? Nice...
  4. A

    Urgent! Is this a Thicklip or a Honey Gourami?

    I have 4 gouramis that I ordered from Live Aquaria. They were listed as Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna). Did i get Thicklip Gouramis shipped to me instead? This one pictured is about 1.5 inches in length. I have an Aquamaxx 22 long (36in*12in*12in) and it will not be enough for thicklips I think. I...
  5. Annemarie


    Hello! I’m finally getting around to getting the actual fish tank (36 gallon bow front) because I decided to take more time to think about everything. I’ve finallt confirmed stocking and everything I need. But before I actually get stuff, I want to be prepared to quarantine. I’ll be getting the...
  6. F

    What type of honey gourami is this?

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to fish keeping and have had a burning question for a while now. In the picture I've been wondering what type of honey gourami it is because it's a nice brown colour and looks like a female so would be nice to keep with a male so if anybody knows I would...
  7. F

    Which fish should I buy?

    Hello, I would like to ask if someone could recommend if I should buy a honey gourami or a Betta which I plan on having in a 105 litre tank with corydoras and possibly ember tetras. Thank you
  8. Jimbob1223

    Honey Gourami Lossing Scales

    Recently I have noticed that my honey gourami hase started loosing scales on one side of his body. this has been going on for a moth or so now and to start with, I thought it would heal, but that is not happening:( . The gourami lost an eye shortly before the scale problem due to a tank mate not...
  9. D

    Betta and honey gourami?

    I have a Betta that is currently living in a 2 gallon bowl. I was wondering if I could move him to my bigger tank (20 gallon) that holds a pair of honey gourami’s. Are they compatible?
  10. Vengified

    Honey Gourami Sex (gourami noob)

    As title says, I can't tell the sex of my Honey Gourami. I have found conflicting information about coloration, markings, and fins, so I'm not positive. I know most LFS only get males, due to their vibrant colors, but when choosing mine, before I knew any method of sexing, I chose this one...
  11. S


    Hi fish folk! I’m now setting up my 200 litre aquarium. And I’m very much looking forward to getting two different pairs of gouramis. Firstly; I’m wanting to get some ‘peaceful or more docile gouramis’ perhaps a couple of honey gouramis and opalines? Would this be ok? And secondly; I have 3...
  12. Jaymis

    Is my Honey Gourami okay?

    This past sunday I got a female (i believe she's a female, at least!) Honey Gourami from my local pet store and put her into my 10 gallon tank, which i'll put a picture of at the end of this post. Since then, i've noticed she spends a lot of time resting on the substrate at the bottom of her...
  13. Nmjreads

    Friend for my Gourami

    Hello, I recently got into keeping larger then 1 gallon fish tanks, (never kept more then 1 fish at a time) I currently have 3 tanks, a 1.5 gallon, one 10 gallon and one 30. Long story short I had to put a goldfish in the same tank as a honey Gourami. There were no other options at the time even...
  14. C

    Help with stocking

    Hi, I'm wanting to keep... 2 honey gouriamis, 6 neon tetras, 4 guppies, 6 harlequin rasboras And possibly some wood shrimp Would these guys be compatible? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. F

    Female Honey Gourami Ate All The Eggs!

    Hello,   A few days ago we noticed our honey gourami trying to build his nest of bubbles. But he appeared to be having a bit of trouble, probably 'cause our filter and air stones were agitating the water surface too much. Yesterday morning we managed to reduce the surface agitation, and this...
  16. TallTree01

    Honey Gouramis

    after I rehomed my pearl gourami from my biorb 105, ( 105 liters/ 28 gallon ) I began the hunt for a new centerpiece type fish. My pearl gourami was a stunner so I was looking for another gourami type fish. Many people suggested honey gouramis. I googled and didn't find much info. I have several...