Honey Gourami Not Eating!


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Dec 9, 2020
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United States
Ammonia 0
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Nitrate <10
pH 7.3
gH 200 ppm
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29gal, moderately planted, gravel bottom with 15 cardinal tetras, multiple cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and three honey gourami (2 red). I do a 25% water change every week, water temp is 76F.

A week ago I got two red honey gourami from my lfs. One was obviously male but the other appeared to be female despite the top fin appearing male. They had a large dark swollen spot on their chest (looked like a gravid spot I think) that disappeared within a few days of moving in. The first two days they displayed normal acclimation behavior, including stress, minus fighting which usually happens when I first introduce new gourami (I believe this is standard sorting of the pecking order but I could be wrong). However after that period, the possible female one started acting strangely, isolating from other fish, staying still for long periods of time, not eating, not reacting to my prescense, and doing constant gulping motions with their mouth.

I have tried coaxing her out with garlic, including pieces of cloves and garlic-soaked water, but neither got her to eat. I have even put the food directly in front of her when she was away from other fish and she still won't eat. At this rate she will probably die, so I wanted some advice as this is beyond the usual new fish doldrums. While we're at it, I would also appreciate if someone could sex them properly. Thanks!


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